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About Me

As my friend's pa once said, as we were riding the range (not kidding), "There ain't a horse that can't be rode and there ain't a man that can't be throw'd". In between research, teaching and service undertakings in the Hallowed Halls of Academia (I am an "elite" professor, whatever that means, lol) ........I attempt to have fun playing this whacky game to relieve the stress, amongst other things such as taking care of my family, plunging into the wilderness and sometimes sliding down the sides of mountains on my AWESOME ARBOR snowboard. 

During my life I have worked on the railway, in warehouses, on farms, in orchards, putting stuff together, taking stuff apart, growing stuff and harvesting stuff. I've shingled roofs, installed plumbing, fixed cars and shovelled mink sh_t. I've milked cows and herded cattle. I've climbed mountains, canoed wild rivers and kayaked the ocean. 

I've got more damned university degrees than any sane person should have but a raft of experience to go along with it. Science is my calling but people are my focus.

I have travelled the world visiting too many churches, mosques and temples as they often seem the only attraction offered. I stood on the spot where gladiators fought and died and where the Russians stormed the Reichstag.

I have climbed the pyramids of Egypt, road camels in the desert, sailed the fjords of New Zealand, plunged through the rainforest of the Daintree, dove the Great Barrier Reef, dove off cliffs in Thailand, climbed Machu Pichu, and surfed in Muri Wai. 

Coffee is the only true God aside from my wife. Kids will leave you poor but make you happy and there is no such thing as retirement. 

If you read this far you are a very patience person who deserves some easy target in game. That would be me. See you there.