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  1. The crappy performance is due to the $50 graphics card inside your $1400 refurbished computer. They did give you 2x4 core processors at least but i'll be damned if i know what a normal person is going to do with that. Most apps hardly touch dual core processors. The other problem with macs is with their proprietary components. Not only are they stupidly expensive to purchase but you MUST get them repaired by Apple which continues the trend of stupidly expensive.
  2. and thats the response from insecure people who dont like being informed that they've been bent over the counter by Apple.
  3. Buy a new PC and get windows 7. Save a shedload on hardware costs [Macs are criminally expensive for whats inside them].
  4. i said nothing about speakers, just that 5.1 headphones are a gimmick, which they are. A good set of stereo headphones is all anyone should need. The only benefit to 5.1 in this game is creating a dead center channel effect allowing you to abuse it by hearing things you arent suppose to be, eg turning your head in a plane and hearing an enemy coming up behind you from 1000 meters away. Thats hardly proper audio though.
  5. Dont bother with USB, use something through a dedicated sound card. The crackling you're hearing and emitting is interference, and over USB there can be a lot of it. Using a dedicated sound card, or even going to analog and using the onboard sound card [if it has one], should clear that up considerably. And you can install PCI cards into PCI Express slots. Also 5.1 is a waste of time. If it sounded better to you either the audio in this game is wonky or your previous headsets have been junk. 5.1 in a headset is nothing but a gimmick and cannot be bested by proper Stereo sound; unless you invest a few thousand.
  6. Uninstall the previous version and try downloading the newest full version and installing that. If this doesnt solve your problem perhaps you're having the same issue i did. when i resubbed the game server failed to recognize that my account was reactivated for login. Go to http://support.playnet.com/support/faq.psp, login to your account via the link at the top right of the page. You'll see the box on the right hand side that says "Common Questions" at the top. Click on number "11. I click "Play Now" and nothing happens." At the bottom in red you'll see "This hasn't helped, I want to submit my problem!" click that. Submit a ticket asking for confirmation that the server recognizes your accounts activation status.
  7. i usually dont play a whole lot, especially early in campaigns so excellent chance i was simply never around to see a message. Im in the forums plenty though, especially the MP .
  8. there needs to be more notice that these things are going on i would of joined in for sure. A thread in the motor pool or barracks would of been great, and if im not mistaken you even did just that for the first " Panzerschlacht " greni. Just an idea for future events. One other suggestion, get the rats to move this forum up the list man, for gods sake its literally at the bottom of the barrel far below forums that arent even used. Cant say im too pleased sappers were allowed into what was suppose to be a second attempt at an all out tank battle though. Theres already enough debate about that stupid unit, really didnt need to add it to a realism event for tankers. Thats a slap in the face in my opinion.... If i want to be in danger of getting sapped i'll spawn a tank and drive into a combat area on the live server anytime. Even though i didnt participate, thanks all the same for doing the event greni.
  9. nope, thats totally false and a common misconception. He was killed because he was on a short list, drawn up by the assassins, of candidates of men who were best suited to take the place of Hitler after he was killed. This list was discovered after the failed attempt. Rommel was killed due to Hitlers paranoia and nothing more.
  10. put me down for an M10 as well though i feel practically obligated to take an M4a3 or C7 considering the opponents. Where the hell are all the allied tankers? If teams are still lopsided i may change to the Sherman E4 provided some slots are still available. and i hope that "Churchill MK II" is a typo Greni, otherwise those poor bastards are going to have a hard time with their 2pdrs .
  11. yep that was the best part of the whole thing-starts at 32min into part 2 if anyone wants to see it. "Gotta figure his life expectansy [this is where a round enters the APC's engine block and it explodes] is goin to be pretty short" [5 guys jump out of the coasting wreck and immediatly get sprayed] Superb!
  12. You havent actually shifted into reverse, by pressing R you've basically only affected the gears you can shift into (forward or reverse no longer available depending what you've shifted to), so shift up like you would in forward after pressing R. A couple vehicles also have multiple reverse gears you can shift into. Incase you have already realized this and its something else, such as the truck magically slowing down when you try to steer via mouse, thats some sort of strange bug with conflicting binds, happens to me too so i only use keyboard binds for trucks.
  13. i backed up everything and its all on the other computer as well. As far as background programs and utilities go the computers are basically identical . I dont need help, was just making a statement. I know a lot of other people experiance what my X2 system does. It was performing far lower then it should.