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  1. Yup, you can't drive off half the playerbase with cockeyed tiers.
  2. Amen. Historical accuracy when it doesn't interfere with game balance. Balance is hard enough to achieve, but when you try and force historical timelines into the formula, it's almost impossible. It's a game. Games need to be balanced and fun.
  3. Hang in there Doc. We all love ya, even when we are fighting in the forums with ya lol.
  4. He's just whining as the map moves west lol.
  5. My Matty CS got exploded by a pak36 the other day lol.
  6. Huh? This stuff hit me on the blind side, I never saw anyone asking for this stuff LOL
  7. LIES
  8. Did you forget to add the panhard? I dont see it anywhere on that list @OHM
  9. No, I never, ever suggested it, take your bias glasses off. Where did I even mention the 232? Or that's it's equal to the pan? I'll be waiting for you to find that for me... I merely stated that the panny will penetrate the 3f frontally.
  10. Losing the binos for sappers and RPATs is the best idea I've ever heard in regards to that rambo nonsense.
  11. Panny will hole the 3f frontally. Not from medium range, but it will kill you frontally.
  12. Tier0 lasts too long as it is, I'm sick of using that stuff, for the most part, after playing this game since 2003 lol
  13. The 88 shines when the axis have OP. Then you can sit 1.5k from town in relative safety, because the Allies don't have the manpower to be out 1,5k from town hunting you. If the Allies are even or OP, good luck with the 88. You'll get hunted down by everything that can hear you. For every noteworthy 88 sortie I've had, I've had about 10 that did nothing but pad other people's stats.
  14. Exactly, the ground players love it, but they wouldn't love it if it actually affected THEIR gameplay.
  15. Been saying this forever... How many subs did we lose because it was sunny all the time vs how many did we lose because of the weather? LOL