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  1. It's always the guys on the overpop rolling side defending this BS, C5. Never gonna change their minds, and CRS has caved into their demands of 2 AOs no matter what lol.
  2. Good move. More flexibility is a great thing.
  3. I agree. 95% of the time the PPO maniacs hurt their own side with that nonsense. Worst is when we're defending a WIDE OPEN FB. I mean no cover for enemy engineers to hide in, they have to traverse a large area of open ground... ...then our "team mates" start building stuff lol. Perfect cover for the enemy, does nothing to help us. I start blowing them up to clear the lines of fire and get called a griefer hahahaha There's a time and place for PPOs, but when they help the enemy...well, you figure it out ha
  4. That's great news, Doc. Keep fighting. !S
  5. You guys have been pretty good at fixing the messes, so when this one creates a mess, I hope you're quick to fix it
  6. I really don't understand some of the things the new Rats do. Bringing back things that have been tried and have been shown to be bad for the game. Just boggles the mind.
  7. Rank points are basically useless when you reach a certain level. Plus, you'll only be attracting green players with this, and to be brutally honest, 99% are worthless until they learn how to play, and I don't mean firing a rifle. This isn't a real incentive, it's just a platitude. There should only be 2 AOs if the population warrants it, no matter what TZ. Period.
  8. No, 2 AOs during ultra low pop is a disaster, proven time and time again. You'll lose more people than you gain. You can't "grow into it" when the bulk of you players log in and see half the map gone because 15 people beat up on 5. "Grow into it" is a fairy tale, wishful thinking at it's worst.
  9. Agreed. Next tier, at least, for the weekend.
  10. Again, this situation was solved already, and the Rats are putting the problem right back into the game, for some insane reason.
  11. Finally got my 50 AA sorties in, number 1 with 30 kills and zero deaths
  12. CC Pete, just wondering if it was a F'up of mine lol.
  13. ...for an account to become active once its created and subscribed? Because I made a tow account, subscribed it to a starter account, and it's still not active 20 minutes later...
  14. I know, but I thought zooks would be run as teams. A firer and a loader, not the rambo abomination we have now. Realism out the window with this unit lol
  15. RPATs, the way they are modeled in this game, is a travesty.