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  1. lol LOL
  2. No, you're totally ignoring the facts they put forth and throwing in side bias. So you're fine with such a massive imbalance? Yeah, coming from an allied player I guess you are. Wahhhh! 4 in a row! Ignore the numbers and throw your arms in the air and yell to protect your advantage.
  3. Really? You can't be that stupid, can you? Real good example at being a forum mod as well. Keep showing your true colors.
  4. You finally fixed the sight magnification but now the traverse is glacial. WAY slower that any other ATG in the game. Planned or a bug? Now you can't even follow a moving target very well...
  5. Air to ground just got deadlier, while the ground guys are stuck with the same old AAA. Don't even start with the SPAA, it's the same old AAA with wheels added.
  6. Yeah, he logged in after a while. Still makes no difference, it's a constant problem.
  7. None on again, need flags moved to cover a breakthrough. LOL
  8. No words needed...
  9. He doesn't even play the game lol, just spam bombs the forums.
  10. Bottom line is that if your FMS is over run, take it down. You didn't do enough to keep that zone of control or bring enough force to keep it. I understand when you said it was one of 2 FMS to that attack, but when the enemy is zeroed in on that particular FMS, take it down. Nothing gained losing units at a camped FMS, besides which the enemy now knows the exact position of your FMS. Pretty much nothing good will come of it keeping it up. What get's me is when idiots complain the FMS is too far out. About a month ago I had a bunker rush FMS set up. I put that in the orders (along with saying VERY CLOSE). A mouth breather spawned in and said "you call this very close?".... the FMS was exactly 437m from the bunker... I usually try and set my FMS about 7-800m out and I always bring gun support. If you can't tow a gun in, as soon as it's up you should despawn your truck and spawn an ATG. I don't wanna hear how bad the pak36 is...most players drive a scout car or something fast to camp your FMS and the pak36 will wreck them. It even wrecks Shermans from the flank. Get out 3-400m from the FMS on the flank, wait for the sherman to come to camp then brew him up.
  11. Yup, I always laugh when I see someone building PPOs all around the FMS. Just a giant BOMB ME sign.
  12. Sorry for the bad editing in the 1st 2 clips, thought I cut out the fat but I missed it there.
  13. Big deal, YOU don't mind. The masses do and it shows. Cmon, tell me with a straight face the air game is better now than before all the things I listed? You can play devil's advocate til you are blue in your face but it doesn't change the fact that there are WAY less people flying now than before.
  14. No AWS. The air game was fine before it, it was thriving before it. Weather is a hindrance to A2A. It's a hindrance to CAS. It's a hindrance to BnZ, not circle jerking lawn mowers. Really? You don't know what the fishbowl effect is? How long have you been flying? I hardly fly and I have more air force kills than you on this one account LOL. I don't need a proper exit poll, just look at how many people are flying these days. It's 1/10th of what it was. If you think the air aspect of the game is healthy, you don't know what you're talking about.