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  1. Smart [censored]? Pound sand. Done with you.
  2. 99% of the towns are not like Liege. Let's throw the entire idea on the fire because of a few big towns LOL. Makes sense to me...
  3. I hear ya, just something to think about.
  4. There's no way to have system post automatic missions on DO's? Would seem to solve a lot of problems. Have 1 mission from the AB and 1 mission from the depots automatically posted as soon as a town is targeted with an AO.
  5. Figured it's such a short vid I'd put it here instead of a new topic.
  6. Bump. Can anyone still see the pictures? I think they're being held hostage by Photobucket LOL
  7. Good to know, B2. As you know, WE R STATZ
  8. Now that we have historical enemy contact, I was wondering if getting historical unit stats back. Are they even saved? Have they been compiling every campaign?
  9. I'd Hero up again for that LOL
  10. I heard the first shot and typed "EI" and the driver just kept driving into you lol. I bailed and got a shot off, got a kill credit but died. Always amazes me that people stay on a truck under fire, just jump off, you might die, but you might not and be able to fire back haha
  11. I'd like missions to be auto generated on DO's. Defense mission up from the AB and every depot as soon as the AO is placed. I would think that would make it tons easier for new people to find some action. Then, people can create their own as well, just like before.
  12. He can fly!
  13. One of my favorite things to do, kill tanks:
  14. I got dm79 with an mle37 lol