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  1. The number of US tank crew killed in combat in the European theater will completely shock you... It was less than 1000. That's including tank crew killed outside of their tanks as well. So, if you wanted to survive WW2 as a US soldier, you wanted to be in a tank.
  2. Good luck getting Axis tankers LOL
  3. We're not all crazy. Something changed. We all don't notice a change at the same time, without talking to each other. Nily has sapped a thousand tanks, I have too, never have they ever had the chance to despawn. Now they do.
  4. You never had time to despawn before it exploded, now you do. How is that possible without a change? I ALWAYS remembered it being 8 seconds. Always, because even if you hit despawn at soon as you heard it, you never had to time to beat it exploding. Now you do. How is that the same?
  5. I counted 12 seconds when I just tested it. Used a stopwatch, 10 seconds. Still longer than it used to be.
  6. I'm thinking it's a bug, because this is too stupid to be a deliberate change.
  7. Why was the detonation timer on the HEAT/HE satchel charges changed? Used to be 8 seconds. Now they are 12 seconds. You place a HEAT satchel on an enemy tank, he hears it, and he has 2 seconds to hit the despawn before the timer counts down and explodes, and almost all tankers that are not complete knobs are doing it now. Is this an intended change? Or a mistake? Would like a clarification.
  8. Glad to see it happens to you guys as
  9. Yeah, and when you cant get a 4 hour AO changed that doesnt have any FBs, what now?
  10. AO's need to be automatically removed after 1 hour of no EWS. Then the system can place an AO at random. Might make the few HC that refuse to change dead AOs a bit butthurt, but that's life. Right now, log in, 2 dead AOs. 1 2 hours long, 2nd is 4 hours long. No FBs to them, on total defense. No answer from any of the HC online for a request to change AOs. Sitting at the map doing .own on our few FBs. Spawning in at Wiltz when EI EWS goes off to kill a camper (4 other people did the same thing at the same time, which leads me to believe they were also sitting at the map looking to do something other than defend). It's the last thing that HC is responsible for, AOs, and half the time they refuse to do that lol. Automate the entire thing, let the HCs do what they used to do before flags and AOs: Organize attacks.
  11. I like PPOs. I like the addition to the game, but this was utterly ridiculous lol
  12. Some dork put so many PPOs between OUR depot and OUR CP that we couldn't get to it cleanly. EI were wiping us out as we bumbled thru this guy's crap. Just awful. Then, probably the same guy, clogged up our own AB in a different town so bad you had to take 7 different routes to the bunker. I couldnt roll my bofors behind the vehicle spawn. I started spawning an engineer to clear the garbage out of the AB. If people wanna do that, go play Minecraft.
  13. There has got to be a limit to them somehow. We have people ingame clogging up entire areas with PPOs. Now we're getting more?
  14. More often than not, those idiots hamper their allies. Blocking roads out of town so you can't get an opel or tank out. The best is when those bozos F up an FB defense by making cover for the enemy engineers to sneak in. It's crazy, you have long fields of fire, open area for the enemy to cross, and those dolts MAKE COVER FOR THE ENEMY and think it's helping us. Go play Minecraft.
  15. I would have used this time to make better ATG/AA fortifications. The ones we have are just for ATGs, and for only the small/medium guns. Can't really get the late tier ones in. AA has nothing, no protection from anything, and the one thing they gave AA, the bofor's shield, actually reduces it's combat effectiveness.