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  1. LOL that's the most ridiculous explanation I've ever heard. Were you around the last time RDP almost wrecked the game? Well, we're back at that point.
  2. I was a hero builder YEARS. Where the game is going, I'm not following. BS RDP, losing our tow accounts, no new vehicles....Just rehashed old models. Tell me, why did we buy that new vehicle modelling software to get reskinned stuff? It's almost like believing in a televangelist.
  3. Yup. I set FMS exclusively from my F2P tow account. Watch as the FMS to AO's drops by 80% lol. We only have 2 or 3 usually to AOs...good luck with that crap.
  4. Dunno what part of "not paying for a tow account" you missed, Xoom.
  5. I won't be paying for an extra tow account, which means I won't be able to play the game I'm used to. You can't get tows to where you want, half the time you can't get tows anywhere. Won't be paying for a main account then either.
  6. Need to increase this, right now you have to basically hump the FMS, which hinders ATG and AA spawning from them. Increase the overall radius to 20m. Not game breaking by any means, and makes play better.
  7. The entire bottom part of the Tower is filled in with pixels of death lol
  8. I saw the yellow squares lol. Figured you'd give up once you saw the AWS moving too fast for a 111.
  9. I was gonna do that after the tower run, but I died lol.
  10. I just flew to some nice video. Noticed that there's a ton of room to fly beneath the Eiffel Tower. I tried and it's totally filled in with invisible tower lol, was like hitting a pixel of death.
  11. Either way is fine, I'd just prefer a tier1 start, that's all.
  12. You need to ask this question and you've been around from the start of this game? bahahaha I couldn't care less about the winning or losing of this map. I just hope they restart the new map in tier1.
  13. Gotcha. Was this posted over the weekend? If it wasn't, it should have been If it was, I apologize.