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  1. 78-46 vs Loonie ha. 71-49 vs Mata. 70-33 vs Nily.
  2. LOL it's mostly because when someone I know kills me, I hunt them down if I can
  3. I got the best of Loonie, Mata, Bar, almost all the famous names haha. Lob12. Both Nily's hahaha Didn't even check my dawnp and roybatty accounts yet
  4. Next step is to put personal historical weapon stats in again. I might even resub if you did that ha
  5. Ha, killed rebel357 145 times LOL
  6. I've done it before, they can do it.
  7. LOL made up, eh? You literally said you were gonna play Allied BUT... lol Hilarious. He's gotta carry that cross haha
  8. LOL always looking for an excuse to not play allied. Just don't and skip the drama.
  9. Really? What have I said has been nerfed? Ever? Axis panzer roof armor has been ubered. Yeah, I guess the exact opposite of nerfing. Try playing both sides for an extended period of time. Get a perspective.
  10. Anyone who talks like this guy about constantly nerfed equipment for his side should be ignored out of hand.
  11. Well when I'm unhappy with a product, I don't buy the product. It's as simple as that, especially when concerns fall on deaf ears.
  12. Then make it free to play for 2 weeks, maximum. If a person can't tell he wants to play the game after that, he's already gone.
  13. Sorry, not liking what direction this game is going, once again. Had a glimmer of hope, that's gone. I'll check back every now and then and see what's going on.
  14. Pretty much nailed it.
  15. We had a relatively stable map where towns were taken, then CRS caved and changed cap timers, and Allies started losing 30 towns a day again. Mind boggling.