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  1. And I can see it being abused by vets using new accounts near their ATGs or tanks. They'll learn without it, we all did.
  2. It was nice even though a few times our panzer group got to the town just as the bunker was capped lol.
  3. If the population becomes too high I just quit playing infantry in towns. It's a joke. I see stuff 5x worse than that video. I'll be in a CP, laying down on the top floor then be dead. Death cam shows an EI standing right in front of me even though the CP capture bar never started moving and I never saw him or heard any footsteps. Time to relocate to the FB or outside town because if I were to stay in town during these circumstances I'd just unsub.
  4. Yup, what one player can do with a piece of equipment is meaningless. You have to look at them all.
  5. Same here. Put me in that group.
  6. That's a valid point. On the flip side the people joining would have never seen the iconic equipment like Tigers and Shermans. I doubt VERY few Steam players would know what an S-35 is, or an R-35 is. I dont think that tier0 equipment would have remotely the player retention. Just my opinion, but I think that the new players see the higher tiered stuff, the stuff they know, they would wanna rank up to use it more.
  7. bahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhaha
  8. Awful, isn't it? These guys get off on blowing up AI, capping empty towns and avoiding the fight. Another reason it was a disaster to keep this ridiculous flag system.
  9. Ignore him, he thinks everyone wants to run around with a rifle and nothing else to spawn.
  10. 3rd shot. In reality it's not too hard these days the way you can see bullet impacts. First shot was short about 50m, saw the puff. Second shot was long, no puff. Pretty easy to adjust to the kill shot, especially when the target didn't move and was silhouetted like that. A better sniper would have got him with the 2nd shot.
  11. Been there and done that a million times lol. People see the map and if their side is winning, they log in. If not, they don't.
  12. There's a line between total historical accuracy and a fun game. Go too far over that line to historical accuracy and you'll please about 19 people and have no game left. As far as the LMGs go, I don't care either way. Change it or leave it, doesn't bother me. I just have a problem with people cherry picking the stuff that they don't like while ignoring the other glaring inaccuracies. Those same people using the grease gun in tier0 and the BEF garand in tier1, happily ignoring the fact that it's not even remotely historically accurate. Both sides are getting it's gravy yet both sides want the other side's taken away lol.
  13. Let's do full historical accuracy and see where that gets us. French tanks with 1 man turrets? Let's black out the gunner's sight while he reloads. Can't look down the sight while reloading, can you? Take away chat and voice comms from people using tanks with no radios...No more garand for the BEF. No more grease gun in tier0. No more super stunt plane db7/havocs absorbing damage like they were b-52s. ATGs pushing around in the field carrying 40+ rounds with them. I'll trade LMGs firing while jogging for all that. Sounds like a barrel of fun, doesn't it?
  14. That dude needs to watch this and learn: