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  1. F'in awesome, m8. Thanks! Edit: Was just on the training server to test something, could not PM my tow account cross sides.
  2. That you got a kill without even logging in!! HAX!!! LIES!
  3. It's not really doing anything lol.
  4. If you were ever guilty of this, I would cancel my subscription and lose all faith in humanity.
  5. I just want them to play better. Makes for a better game. No one likes it when some green tag drives his tank next to your expertly placed ATG, then proceeds to leave his engine on and fire at the invisible birds until we both get killed LOL
  6. Because most of the time it's a few infantry capping the spawn, not supported by armor or even ATGs, which means you get camped pretty quickly. That, and the people we have playing are a shadow of the old playerbase, skill and game smarts-wise, lol.
  7. If you are new, read this. If you are vet that plays like a new guy, read this lol: So you've spawned into the game world. Probably as infantry first, hopefully at an action filled battle at a forward spawn point. Things to not do: Don't stand there shooting into the air to test your weapon, don't throw smoke at your team mates, don't wander around aimlessly. Things to do: Get some cover first. Even inside the spawn point is good. Bring up your map and orientate yourself. Find the town you are attacking on the map, find the depot's capture point (CP) you are supposed to try to capture. Once you've found that, there's several options. You can try to solo capture it, which is not recommended, since solo captures take a lot longer. You can wait for team mates to help you, which is the best way since it will be much faster, or you can pick a spot to defend the FMS (the thing you just spawned from). Defending the FMS is good, since hardly anyone does it, and within a few minutes the enemy will come to you since they want to destroy it. If you want to defend the FMS, there are several things you can do: Use infantry, since enemy infantry will the the major threat to destroy it. Use an anti-tank gun, since enemy tanks will seek to camp it. Use an AA gun, since enemy bombers are also capable to destroying your FMS, but less likely. Which ever you choose, move away from the FMS. Defending it point blank will just get you killed by the enemy coming to kill you. If AA (anti air) or ATG (anti tank), move at least 200m behind (away from town usually) and pick something that gives you clear lines of fire around the FMS but also gives you some cover/concealment. If you pick infantry, you can stay closer, since enemy infantry (EI) will be harder to spot than a tank/plane. If you happen to spawn at one of your FBs (forward base/fire base), you have to figure out what you want to do: Attack the objective or defend the FB. Defending the FB can be boring, since you don't know if the enemy will come to destroy it or not. Again, you can use infantry or tanks or AA/AT guns. Same thought process applies: Don't sit right at the spawns to defend them, move away to a better spot. Especially if you are using AA guns, NEVER EVER set up in front of the vehicle spawn, the enemy bombs that with alarming regularity, and you will just die. If you spawn a tank and want to get to town to attack, do yourself a favor and don't use the road. It's a death trap usually, and you'll end up dead and on fire. If you must use the road, make sure someone else is in front of you so they die first LOL. Also, the BEST thing you can do is communicate with your team. Either through ingame chat, or voice comms. Ask for help, call out enemies when you see OR hear them, mark them on the map, etc. Help your team, don't be a detriment by wandering around deaf and blind and dying lol.
  8. I shall tow my bofors to watch your [censored]. Cutie pie.
  9. Mannnnnnnnnnnnn, I got deese cheezeburgers!!
  10. Good to hear, thanks
  11. @XOOM any word?
  12. Exactly. No one is saying get rid of tanks, just cut the numbers back some. Right now, it's ridiculous.
  13. Yup. For infantry, put a top down view of your corpse. Basically, for anything, really. Top down view. Death skulls need to go, on the map and the floating ones. This is supposed to be WW2, there was no GPS. I know you have to have certain things for gameplay sake, but this one really sucks.
  14. Too many tanks for too few players. No matter how many tanks get killed, there are always more. Same for planes.
  15. Either way is OK, if they're lost, then it is what it is. An answer, either way, would be nice. The "stats will be up SOON" on the stats page needs to go,