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  1. Revisionist history at it's finest, Cap.
  2. Yup, sometimes it's so boring ingame that I sit there and chat on side channel. LOL
  3. Pretty much.
  4. Almost to the goal in a day, good show, people. Hope Doc gets through this.
  5. Pretty much, and I'm an axis player mostly these days. Complete cluster-F.
  6. It's not semantics. BAR isn't an LMG. It's an automatic rifle/semi auto. MG34/42 isnt' an MMG. They're LMGs. FG42 isn't an LMG, it's an automatic rifle like the BAR. That's not splitting hairs/semantics.
  7. FG42 isnt an LMG. MG34 and 42 aren't MMGs. BAR isn't an LMG.
  8. Call it whatever you want, but having less autos in the spawn list is ridiculous. Consider your player numbers when they have to use a bolt action rifle in close combat when the target looks like he's running through a disco strobe light.
  9. I dont play this game to use single shot rifles in close combat, which is a complete disaster, No answer on the SMG numbers as is? Got it... Cancelled both subs, I don't subscribe to use rifles which I can use for free lol.
  10. sheer lunacy. More bolt action rifles? In a game where the targets warp more than the Enterprise? All I can do is laugh... BEF infantry brigades get 57 SMGs. French get 40? What's up with that? How many do german infantry brigades get?
  11. Order #23 from the Ruling Council will obliterate the hate and anger in the forums.
  12. Can we put that plunging fire nonsense myth to rest already?
  13. I blow everyone, no awards.
  14. Nily blows. Ian blows.