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  1. You know I love you. Even a little homo...
  2. Yeah, cause people need lessons on how to EZ-mode the db7 LOL
  3. Stop acting like you know what I'm talking about. Were you around in 2008 and did you experience what my squad and I did? How can you comment and dismiss us out of hand when you have no idea what I'm talking about? Did you know that there was a patch between the maps I was talking about? Did you? You seem to try and sell everyone on the fact you know everything, but you don't.
  4. Absolutely, but DOC did some of that crap on purpose, otherwise why would he lie about it? I wish I still had my PM log from the old forums, bagged him on 3 different lies about the 38t alone.
  5. Yup, anyone who says different doesn't pay attention. Way back in 2008 (?) or around there, my old squad Black Hand found a nice little weakspot on the 4d. We slaughtered the 4d with ATRs that map. Next map the spot was magically gone. We asked DOC and he said nothing changed...Garbage, we KNOW when something changes like that, something so severe and drastic. Same thing happened to the 38t. It got bugged or something, was terribly resistant to the ATR in spots where it wasn't ever, immune in some spots as well. DOC tried to pass on some BS that nothing changed, then that it was a different version of the 38t (LOL) and then admitted it was bugged, over the course of a few months argument. I seriously doubt this dev team does the crappy things DOC did...but it might have been done while he was still here.
  6. That's what some people are claiming, but you were always able to kill the s35 from the flanks pretty easily with it. With the FMS spawning them like ants, it only makes sense the kill count would go up.
  7. Absolutely, we need the game to be fun, and if that means screwing with the timeline somewhat, so be it. As for the 88, your guys must have not marked me, I was on the east road out of town, literally on the road
  8. It can go both ways, thrance. Disable the chat/voice comms for most french tankers since a ton of them were missing their radios. 1 man turrets meant you loaded, sighted the gun and fired. You lose the sight picture while you reload and I'd dare to guess the rate of fire would go down. Sounds fun, doesn't it?
  9. So explain why everything else dies to 40mm very easily but the db7/spitfire series doesn't...
  10. When everything else in the game that flies dies easily to 40mm HE, except the db7/havoc and spitfire series, I don't think it's the HE at fault.
  11. Sorry, the DB7/havoc model is totally FUBAR. Everyone who uses it and fights against it knows it. Just put 4x40mm into one and it didn't even slow it down. Ask drake1. He's over an FB like a UFO bombing stuff with impunity.
  12. Except all the videos I've posted showing db7s and spits soaking up 40mm like they were sponges. You've either have to be totally inexperienced trying to shoot them down or willfully ignorant about their problems.
  13. Next map will probably be a roll in the other way. WHIPs is going Allied. So probably no tier2+ next map either.
  14. Should start next map in tier1. Should be a rule for any map that doesn't get out of tier0.
  15. It's always a soft cap on Laon that cuts the map. Not implementing town supply is their biggest failure.