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  1. That dude needs to watch this and learn:
  2. RIP, brother.
  3. Hotmail (now mail) worked.
  4. Will try hotmail next ha. Thanks. Hotmail (now called mail lol) worked. Thanks, Merlin.
  5. Tried AOL. Gmail. Yahoo. lol
  6. Makes no difference when a lot of them won't be able to play because they don't receive the account activation email lol. I've tried about 6 times to make a free account in the past 4 weeks, using different email providers and have yet to receive a single activation email. If they don't sort out that mess do you really think people will jump through hoops trying to contact the Rats via email or tickets?
  7. No, roughly 15 hours from now.
  8. AB camping is usually the end result of a failed defense. I don't have a problem with it. If the enemy gets tanks into position to camp your AB spawns, the battle is usually over anyway. As for the invulnerability think, blah. Rats tried it about 8(?) years ago, they made you invisible on spawning in for 15 seconds. What a total cluster-F that was lol. EI popping up in front of you mowing you down, etc. Think that lasted all of a day. If your FMS is camped, take it down. If you can't because the ML is a dolt, don't spawn. If it's new guys getting mowed down, they'll learn not to spawn into a camped spawn point pretty quickly. There's only so much coddling you can do in a PvP game.
  9. I've never had an issue towing it. It is a chore moving around once you get into position, but nothing that makes it not worth using. I see people blasting away at stugGs with 6lbers at range and getting wiped out. Use a 17lber and cut it up like butter. Especially now that the morris can set a MSP there's no reason not to use it. USE IT! That's the thing I'm trying to say
  10. I've never flipped one, ever. M5, almost every time lol, but never a 17lber, even at full speed.
  11. That's the question. Why ? It's the best ATG in the game. It can take out anything the Axis have, even the tiger frontally, from long range. I was shocked to see only 80-something kills this entire map from the 17lber...That's a freakin travesty.
  12. I see green tags with the host squad's tab under their name wandering around lost. Doesn't seem, for the most part, the host squads are doing jack shat to help these people, so it's a moot point.
  13. Sometimes without firing a shot...That means there's hardly anyone to defend. I've been there and it sucks. Total borefest. No clue how anyone would like that sort of shoddy gameplay in a PvP game. Might as well play freakin Minecraft.
  14. Yeah, the unending supply is even more highlighted when the map becomes compressed. Kill 25 tanks? There's 50 more waiting to be spawned and then another 150 waiting to be moved in. Another reason why I vehemently disagreed with shelving the move to town supply, no matter what reason they gave. The flag/brigade system is that bad.