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  1. It'll do fine. Go look up the whacky lafflies stats this'll laugh. (they were way better the last map that lasted over 7 days lol)
  2. I was moving around a lot. Plus it was raining which makes the pan totally silent lol. Ridiculous.
  3. Nov 04 01:07 mushinga (Opel) Nov 04 01:14 medic911b (Pz II C) Nov 04 01:19 itsbrad (Pz III F) Nov 04 01:22 mokilla (Opel) Nov 04 01:27 r00kie (DE Engineer) Nov 04 01:30 r00kie (DE Engineer) Nov 04 01:30 heilmittel (DE Sniper) Nov 04 01:31 r00kie (DE Engineer) Nov 04 01:33 wolviedk (Pz IV D) Nov 04 01:33 r00kie (DE Engineer) Nov 04 01:34 itsbrad (Pz III F) Nov 04 01:37 godblesseu (Opel) Nov 04 01:39 godblesseu (Opel) Nov 04 01:54 wolviedk (Pz IV D) Imagine if the Germans had something like this haha
  4. I'll camp it from the front. I've no qualms about doing that, what else are you supposed to do? Let them have a free pass into your town or FB? At least from the front they have a chance to throw smoke and do SOMETHING other than adding to the pile of corpses. Since Steam release, the only time I'll camp it directly on the spawn point is when we have an engie coming to take the FMS down.
  5. Fix? Get rid of the brigade system and put in town supply. I know you can't do it right now, but it's the biggest fix I can think of that would help the game. Feature? Extend the visual distance for most units. Right now you can't see enemy infantry from farther from 700m when you are a tank/ATG/AA gun. Same for planes bombing which brings the slow level bombers like the blen and 111 down too low and makes them too exposed to enemy AA. Maybe this counts as a fix as well lol. 2nd feature: AI supply convoys. Maybe train convoys...truck convoys...? Not at a predetermined time, but maybe at random to make people scout and put a bit of time in. It'll ramp up the air war.
  6. You're almost unbearable to read these days. Go look up how many B1's have been killed by pak36 and come tell me again how easy it is. Your bias is probably the worst in the game, or tied with csm308.
  7. It's definitely not fixed. Blown up pans with ATR recently and not got credit when I know I was the only one who shot at him.
  8. It's hard enough to do what I did but then to not get any points/credit? Cmon. Fix this mess already.
  9. He'll most likely get to the hull MG in part 2 when he does the inside of the tank. He's pretty thorough.
  10. They don't want to scare away the lawn mower arcade players with having effective ground to air defenses.
  11. Good luck, they can't even get the bastardized self propelled flak out the door and those are just mashed together existing models lol
  12. What? Since when does RDP bombing slow down the tiers? It slows down supply...Unless you guys changed something and didn't tell anyone...Ghosts of DOC coming back?