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  1. The discussion ended last year lol
  2. Stop, you're giving me wood.
  3. No way, half the spitfires I hit with 1 40mm fly away, not even an exaggeration.
  4. People always tell me "you have to run classes on the training server" and I reply "how do you teach experience?" LOL It's just practice. Only thing I tell them is not to set up near the vehicle spawns and not to fire too early
  5. 95% of the time I spawn an AA gun at an FB I have green tags shooting my bofors. Ban them? Big deal, create a new free email and new free account. FF will not work in this game.
  6. Maybe post this in the bugs forum too, this way someone will definitely get it to Hatch.
  7. Welcome back, m8.
  8. Yeah, really lol. Whats the difference between a regular tank camping an infantry spawn point and a mobile AA gun? Nothing, you're still dead. I'd rather have the SPAA camping me because I could probably get a kill shot on it with a sniper, where as good luck with that when a real tank is camping you.
  9. Absolutely, don't get me wrong, I love the fact that we're getting SPAA, any type is welcomed. Hopefully they can start releasing new vehicles every 4 months or so now. I think the most needed things are the multi barreled SPAA and then some new bombers. A heavier bomber for Allies and a faster bomber for the Axis. People will cry "NAVY", but until the navy game gets something more to do than playing in the Zees for about a day, it's a waste of resources.
  10. lol necro post. Anyway, if you fix bombs you have to have better AA, and I'm not talking about the SPAA we're getting. You need to have multi barreled stuff. Bofors are fine for some people, but the majority of people can't hit anything with it. You give people multi barreled AA, even towed stuff, and they will be able to hit stuff with it because it will have a much higher rate of fire and will be throwing out many more rounds. You give the axis quad 20mm AA and the allies quad 50 cals and you will stop the lawn mowing.
  11. I can't seem to replicate it, it happens so randomly and often that I can't pin down anything. Glad to see you guys are on it, though.
  12. What's the rest of your system? My game loads in less than a minute.
  13. Are the Rats even aware this bug exists? I can make vids lol
  14. That's pretty much a joke...can drive around giving intel LOL. Some people will claim they are disadvantaged at every turn...woe is me woe is me lol.