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  1. Nothing wrong with that, but what gets me is that when I'm capping the spawn, and 3 people are wasting their time capping the city CP. The city CP gets capped, and the 1st thing EI do is check the spawnable...and kill me when I had it to 85%, when it could have been capped. When someone is capping the spawn, and you're capping the city CP, you're screwing up the attack. (you in general, not YOU dre)
  2. I hear what you're saying, but look at it from a different point of view: Does tier0/1 help get/retain new players? Look at it from a new players it fun for them? Do they wanna use s35s and h39s and bolt action rifles? Or shermans and tigers and automatic weapons?
  3. I like that, but it would let shrewd players camp the vehicle spawns with high powered ATGs in later tiers. I think it's worth a try. Can always change it back after we see what happens.
  4. Has it outlived it's usefulness? Is it time to can it completely? I think it has. I think we need to start in tier2, at least. New people, I think, have no desire to use tanks they have never even heard of.
  5. Doc isn't out of the woods yet. Send some more cash, people. He wrote the game that has given us so much enjoyment. Give a little back.
  6. No way, not even close. You can nuke a B1 with the pak36 if you have a flank shot.
  7. I also use my 2nd account for FB defense. Restricting people to 1 account is bad, especially in the state the game is in now.
  8. If I can't use 2 accounts, I'm not playing this game. If you are an AA/ATG user, you need 2 accounts. If I can't tow myself, I don't play. Simple as that.
  9. It also can't occur during tier0/1/2 again. You have to show them the new stuff that's been added, not give them 2 free weeks to use the same stuff from 15 years ago. The new BEF armor. The US army. Etc. They saw none of that. One rat said "well, thats the tier we were in and it happened to be during tier0". CHANGE IT TO A HIGHER TIER. A small handful of morons will whine, but you'll be showing the players that are coming back to look the new stuff, not decades old stuff lol. Boggles the mind.
  10. Absolutely. They talk the talk about the historical stuff, but don't walk the walk when it comes to the allies having an advantage.
  11. Yup, absolutely hate it. Even rifles can ruin your ZoC. They tried it, it failed, they removed it, they put it back in lol. Can't understand it. PS: Good show in taking the playerbase into account on this.
  12. Can only go to the well so many times before it dries out. Plus, I think that certain things that they've done recently have pissed off a bunch of people.
  13. Same thing, all my info is complete and there is no PAY NOW button.
  14. Welcome Back Soldier event with no new toys. All the same stuff from 2001-2004 lol. Not very well thought out.
  15. Start banning them, then let's see if they keep doing it.