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  1. How many tiers of fighters do we have now? How many tiers of fight bombers? And we're stuck with the same old AA that we started with 15 years+ ago LOL. CRS doesn't want the pilots to fear the ground, so they don't add anything for us, and dont say SPAA LOL, it's the same gun for the Allies or worse for the Germans...
  2. Makes ya wonder, eh @stankyus
  3. The times I've been on when the pop has been on the lower side, the OP side is unstoppable even with a long cap timer. We just zerg back into the CP with no delay. Gives the underpopped side no chance to recap. Everyone dislikes SD, but cap timers without SD in low pop is a mess. PS: 30 seconds isn't long at all and it worked way better than unlimited SD. It gave the underpopped side at least a chance to recap.
  4. The vets that are F2P mostly play their side that they used to play. I can't see hardcore Allied/Axis guys who are shuffled to the other side to even play. I just don't think the answer is putting F2P on the underpopped side.
  5. The only problem with this is that most F2P players are useless in what needs to be done...guarding CPs, ABs, Fb busts, etc. Just adds cannon fodder to the already underpopped side.
  6. I'd be wary calling BS on the pak36...a few maps ago I got a churchill7 leaking gas with a hit to the flank at 100m lol. I'd be willing to test with anyone if they want, but I can do it myself. Let me know.
  7. Awesome, thanks for the answer.
  8. I'll quit if they put that timeline stuff in.
  9. I logged out last night and tier2 was at 93%. Just logged in looking forward to tier3 and RDP was at 91% lol. What gives?
  10. Nope, it's the E-4 with a bomb.
  11. @XOOM ^^ something to consider to clear up any confusion
  12. From here:
  13. It was, because if you shot them in the head you didnt even get a damage. I started shooting them low, in the butt and legs and it worked 100x better.
  14. Thanks.
  15. Comes from years of experience...