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  1. Good to hear, Doc.
  2. ...since we can't play, let's watch.
  3. I miss that opel sound.
  4. I posted 7 pages of bewbs for my 20,000th post. Got banned, then some joker, when I was near 25k, took 10k posts off my post count LOL. So no 25k bewbage.
  5. Only if it's camped and green tags are spawning in. Otherwise, I never will delete someone else's FMS.
  6. ...playing the same, doing everything the same...not doing anything different... ...and noticing that I'm not hunted down nearly the same as I used to. Kill something with the 88, an EI or EA would be on me in about 2 Actually live a lot longer now... Lesson? Don't become infamous.
  7. Difference in opinion, then, cause I enjoy it. I don't get "pissed off". I like paying them back if I know them. Seriously, who cares how people have fun in the game as long as they aren't cheating/breaking the ToS. If all I log in for is to take Sedan again for the 399th time, that's sad.
  8. Killing the person who killed you is a grudge? Not in my book. If someone in a nice spot killed me, odds are he's gonna kill the next guy that comes along, mark or chat not withstanding. Killing that guy often saves other units. Besides, it feels good lol.
  9. Eh, not really. The only thing it protects you from is machine gun fire. They get a hit on the shield with an AP round and you're dead, they used to need a direct hit to kill the 88's gunner. The spall shreds you. Plus, you're easier to spot at range with that giant square shield. Bofors, it's worse. You can't shoot at planes coming from the right to the left because the shield blocks your view, and again, it only protects you vs tier0 planes. Cannons and 50 cal go right thru it and it doesn't seem to protect at all from bombs. Pretty useless in my experience, and with the bofors, it makes the weapon perform worse.
  10. Yeah, thanks @XOOM for that awsome dox.
  11. Knew you'd make it, Doc. The Universe isn't done with you yet. !S
  12. Yeah, but as soon as the Allies go into their rut, the exact same thing I said happens to their side. I've seen it since AOs were put into the game lol.
  13. Yeah, but you really shouldnt be flying alone anyway. Best way to get dead, trust me, I fly my ju87-G2 alone alot and die alot to EA lol
  14. That's exactly why those changes were made, because of the lack of HC. HC should be setting up attacks, setting up defenses, leading and rallying the players. All too often I see HC saying nothing, not even a peep, and when they do it's 3 seconds before an AO drops guaranteeing we can't set up a proper attack. PS: Auto AOs mostly suck because they're chosen at random, never where it will actually help. That's what we need HC on for, at least until they make AOs EWS based. Frankly, the entire 'volunteers who run the game' was a horrendous idea.
  15. I liked the h87, just have to be very careful managing your energy. It turns into a brick very fast if you're not paying attention.
  16. Hawk H81A-2 14 13 1.08 Spitfire Mk Ia 51 35 1.46 Dunno, the E4 seems to do OK.
  17. Exactly, take anything you can get.
  18. This is what I'm thinking. I'd rather have a vet downgrade and keep playing/paying instead of quitting outright. They need to rethink this one.
  19. I'll buy you a month. NOT LIES!
  20. The amount of vets who claim they hate the game yet still play under a free to play account is comical. Make it a 1 week free to play, that's all. Pretty sure CRS will make more money in the long run, cause those C-words who claim they hate the game who use F2P accounts will resub...
  21. Told ya it had to go...
  22. PS: If the vets are truly on hard times, we should set up a fund for them. I'd donate 10 bucks a month for 2 starter account subs for vets who can't afford to sub right now.
  23. That's probably the only way to go right now. I've always said, if people can't figure out if they want to sub after 2 free weeks, they aren't going to, and the rest of them are just vets trying to prove some lame point. I'm with @bmw here, get rid of it.
  24. Rebel is my personal beotch, though LOL.
  25. 71-49. 108-58 vs @stankyus