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  1. Most of the pilot gaming community does not know about this game. Name another game where pilot kills really matter? and it is not a match. Where the person you bombed may have been driving their tank for 10 minutes to reach the town. Where you shoot down an enemy plane and that is one of the last planes they have in the area giving you total control of the bombers for a while. Where pilot skill is very important compared to many other arcade type games. If done right there will be as game planes in the air as units on the ground due to the type of players. Just my thoughts.
  2. Or were expectations super high like you would have twenty thousand people downloading the game. My expectations are met, but I don't make money from the game. I always see this as a niche game that was made before games started to be dumbed down for the masses. Hell the tutorial will kill off some of the instant gratification seekers, but those people would have never subscribed or played for long anyway, so you are not missing anything there. I would remove the whole chat part of the tutorial though (f3) because tons of people are getting stuck on that. I even got stuck on that. I've seen less trolling ([censored] stuff) than I thought I would see with steam players. I think this game is bringing and should focus on bringing pilot simulation players from steam. Ive noticed a huge increase in air fighting and this should continue and be focused on. It's a very strong point of this game and this game could actually be an air only game if it wanted, but would not make it as an infantry only game....that is how strong the air is in this game. Im glad welcome back soldier is here. Once it is over ill probably start as steam only as I like playing games through steam.
  3. It then says not responding when i love my mouse outside of the box and the I have to close it down
  4. actually it says unable to login to patch sever
  5. I used to love this game but my computer stopped being able to play it a long time ago. If I was CRS, I would rename it and get a million dollars from something like Crowdsource or some website where people just give you money. Similar to how an MMO call Camelot unchained did. They just put the idea up and raised a few million dollars and didn't give away anything...just a free few million dollars for nothing