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  1. I like the (new) spawn list. forces me to drive a vehicle that i would have not otherwise:)
  2. i got my shovel !
  3. Where the Allies will Surrender in Campaign 161 !
  4. All! How do I post a simple pic that I have on my hard drive?
  5. Like I said Bring Back The Night!
  6. Thats what I'm taking about! Cheaters will always be here sadly. Let get to what made this Game Great! Bring Back The Night!
  7. Xoom! Bring Back The Night!
  8. To make my point clear I fight Exactly at Night (now) as during the day because there is no real difference to Night Combat!
  9. I never did that. Some would sure. Thats not the piont. Bring Back The Night!
  10. I started with a subscription in 2003 (under a different handle) (beta tester in 1999). So Night was Black as it should be and obviously lighting by the moon, it was SO Immersive! I would sometimes lie low down during the Night and sometimes attack because of the Night Cover of Darkness! It was So Immersive! So RaTs! can you bring back the NighT as it was?! New people to this Great Game have never seen it like it was. Lets get back to was this Great Game! Get back to Total Immersion!
  11. Game is down atm but I'm looking forward to it:)
  12. good flying!