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  1. Is this fixed yet?
  2. You should definitely buy a Mac.
  3. Too bad these guys don't exist anymore. They were a good cannon fodder squad.
  4. I have a Pentium D with a Radeon 9600 card and I get 125 fps. You probably need to download more RAM.
  5. I remember my first time using a computer too.
  6. You guys are still around? I would have thought the inbreeding would have snuffed you out years ago!
  7. Just spying, griefing, you know, all the stuff 2nd accts are good for. Really just towing, ammo delivery and covering my pzs with infy. I used to fly JU52s with it as well but I gave that up in the past several months. 1-5 fps will make it very hard. I did get up to 8 in a smaller town. Anyone know how to convince the wife that I need a 4th computer?
  8. I run my 2nd account on a G4 Dual 1.25ghtz, 1.75gb RAM, Radeon 9800 Mac. In 1.30 I am getting 1-5 fps in towns. Is this the best I can hope for now? The last driver update I see for the graphics card is from 2005, so I am sure I already have it. Is it time to let go of the G4?
  9. Ah the Rust Puppies. So fearsome. So terrifying! And they always seem to try to pee on your leg . . . Hondo17: And of course, where the pack runs . . .
  10. I have taken your 1000th post. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I bet there are a bunch of you that wanted it! But it's MINE! MINE!!!!!!! >
  11. My Windows rig is having an issue lately where the CPU will generate 100% usage when doing almost nothing. Maybe I open IE, 100% usage. Maybe I just launch Teamspeak. 100% usage. I have to do a hard reboot to fix it. Norton scans it clean for anything bad. Any ideas? Windows XP Home 2GB PC6400 RAM 250GB HD (barely anything on it) C2Duo 2.66Ghtz 8800GTS 712MB Vid Card Also, anyone know a video hosting site that will let me upload a 12 minute 50mb video? Youtube tops out at 10mins . . .
  12. "The Iron Wolves . . . when you just don't feel good enough to join a 1337 squad!" You will never be free of me!