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  1. Nice idea.......but. To upgrade you will only be limited to what that manufacturer (Razer) offers and subsequently charges. Both of which could be a nasty shock. A write up and discussion on the whole concept here. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2014/01/08/razer-announces-easy-to-upgrade-project-christine/
  2. Is that you Bronco69 ??
  3. Not so fast.... Happening again today Monday May 14th
  4. Hi Mate, That was beta testing for the patch for 1.34 but seeing as there is now no patch for 1.34 and it will skip to 1.35 there is no use for this anymore. Cheers
  5. Plus.. Your a name in the 13th..................... Not a number in someone's ego trip.
  6. Yeah.. The 1.33 version was in my opinion is as good as its going to get, also did not take that much time to iron out all the bugs when it was released. 1.34 has smashed everything to pieces and still being worked on. As for an official response please choose from the assortment below. 1. Soon 2. Too deep in the code to fix 3. Small company no resources 4. Your problem not ours sigh.
  7. I have the new ones and they seem to be working ok. I do get the foliage flicker (the short grass) close up which was not there before but nothing compared to what issues others are having. You might as well try them and then just rollback if you have any issues. You might get lucky.....might not.
  8. That is a microsoft program that reports the crashing, don't delete the thing whatever you do as its part of the dumping (reporting) process.
  9. when/if you are doing a fresh re-install just make sure to save the CFML file somewhere safe, this contains all the keymapping info. Just park it somewhere safe while you are downloading then when finished pop it back into the original place. Should all be ok.
  10. Used mine yesterday and no problems at all. Sorry I know you didn't want to hear that. Of the few occasions it has been a pain in the arse has been if it has become disconnected in-game (cats, dogs...a few too many beers), then it is a case of exiting and restarting the PC with the joystick back in the correct USB port, as a footnote I have never updated the drivers for this joystick as far as I can remember. Only thing I can suggest is possibly a clean re-install ?
  11. Just checked myself as well. Turns out there is no 'paid version' since the last update to 3.1 and its all the same now. Ah well...had the paid version for a while so got my moneys worth I guess.
  12. Not a bad start to have a look at this site http://battleground-europe.net/?page_id=56
  13. Might be wrong, but I am pretty sure that does not come with the paid version which I have.
  14. I have the paid version of gamebooster and must admit it does exactly what it says on the tin. Have had no problems at all with it ever since installing and have ran it through all sorts of spyware/adware tests to boot. The added bonus with gamebooster is that it gives you a degree of flexibility on what to leave on and what to switch off. Can recco it no problem at all.