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  1. been a while Get well soon Doc! It warms my heart to see this community you built, and familiar names still going strong! (sup Mo! )
  2. this has got to be one of the most goddamn frustrating things in this game. Having to log back in twice (or more) after your computer crashes/internet cuts out/cthl/ctd/etc. why cant we just log right back in???? this ****ing screen with all locks on all personas sucks ****ing balls
  3. How many times do you just not hear satchels place OR explode??? I was just sitting in a inf spawn at a FB that was at 50% (veh 0%). Two minutes later i check the status and the vehicle is down. didnt hear saps placed nor any explosions. two minutes later, i hear footsteps for half a second and a satchel placed right outside the inf. i run out, kill the ei and the FB goes down. That means that not only did i not hear him approach the inf spawn, but I also didn't hear him place the 3 previous satchels, NOR did i hear them explode or get any kind of concussion as a result of the saps going off. The guy put 8 saps on the FB in the time i was there and i only was able to hear the last fcking one. WTF.
  4. the locked personas is still there... it seems that if you relog too quickly after CTD (or CTHL), the personas are all locked and you have to quit again and re-relog in order to get it to work. pretty frustrating.
  5. Infantry cant really climb anything anymore... which causes quite a few problems: can't get on top of the veh spawn can't swim across rivers and get to the other side can't climb onto certain building's roofs can't climb to the top of the small churches (with those ladders that were made so you could climb up...) can't get into AI towers I could go on... is this gonna be fixed ever or do we just have to get used to it?
  6. same problem, on .40 and cant patch... .41 hasnt shown up on the website yet either. You guys still shooting for 5PM CST testing time?
  7. Ive noticed this many times, even at fb's where i'm the only one (so theres no way it's a max sound issue).. basically neither the magnetic satchel sound, nor the subsequent explosion occur (no sound, no physical explosion either). just now i was sitting in an inf spawn that was 50% damaged (checked when i spawned in)... sat there idly when all of a sudden it got blown... 4 satchels went off without me hearing or feeling a thing (no concussion effect). This seems to happen around half the time satchels are placed on a FB spawn
  8. Was this done on purpose? You used to be able to see where AI was on the map... but not anymore.
  9. According to the 1.30 readme, the new infantry rank req's are as follows: E1 rank: Rifleman (binos now available!) E2 rank: SMG E3 rank: Sapper E4 rank: LMG/ATR E5 rank: Motarman/Grenadier E6 rank: Mission Posting E7 rank: Marksman (Sniper) This does not appear to be the case ingame: - Maybe the tooltips are wrong, but when i hover my mouse over infantry supply in an AB/depot, it reads as follows: For SMG, Grenadier, LMG, ATR, Sapper, and Mortar: "The minimum rank for access to this unit is 3." For Sniper: "The minimum rank for access to this unit is 5." - Additionally, perhaps this new rank change has not taken effect in naval brigades (with respect to spawning infantry) For example i am a rank 2 in the French Navy, yet i cannot spawn an SMG. Once again, the tooltips state that you must be rank 3 (except for rifle and sniper). IF, however, i spawn a rifleman (since it's the only thing i can spawn) at a naval brigade, and switch to binocs, it does work. So what gives? Clearly, the new rank requirement redo has not taken effect.