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  1. been a while Get well soon Doc! It warms my heart to see this community you built, and familiar names still going strong! (sup Mo! )
  2. wondering the same thing
  3. this may not help but often the sounds seem completely reversed (i.e. if a shot comes from in front of me, sounds like behind, if an opel is driving by to my left, sounds like he's in front of me to my right) i mean the sounds are really borked right now - the game is unplayable for me
  4. so i was just walking in liege when i had my first autodespawn in years... my connection was working fine, but once i autodespawned my mouse dissapeared. I could still hover the invisible cursor over buttons, just couldn't see the cursor itself.
  5. this sound issue is really annoying. has any progress been made as to figuring out whats causing it?
  6. 900m moving (took quite a few shots tho). he dropped dead behind a little bush... so you cant see it very well and this one is 1000m stationary from about a week ago all but the last one at AFs. nice, flat open ground ftw these are my favorites because if you're quick, you can switch to binocs and actually watch the bullet hit the target.
  7. 600m on stationary targets with a sniper lol these are from the last couple days... all LMG single shot burst 700m moving 800m stationary (there were a bunch of these... but i didnt bother to take SS)
  8. allied inf... and is there a link for the event?
  9. it runs really well...i would say better than osx.
  10. radial clutter is off... everything is off and no im not using vista. question: why is ww2ol using up ~520 MB of RAM and 1.38 GB of virtual memory?
  11. im SO ****ing tired of these CTD's man... what again is the cause of them? memory leak?! and i thought the memory stamp of the game was reduced with the last patch... why does the game keep farking crashing out on me!? im never running anything else but the game... my settings are for best performance... and it's almost never my internet connection cutting out so WTF is the culprit!? it wouldnt be so annoying if it werent for the fact that these damn CTD's come in 2's... if i reload the game right after... it'll crash again halfway thru the loading bar.. and then i gotta do it a THIRD time to get it to work.
  12. my netcode 2 is disabled and it still doesn't work
  13. same problem here... crash a couple seconds after hitting enter world
  14. downloading now... ill post mine up in a bit.