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  1. i had to uninstall and reinstall the full version and i have had no problems since, but limited play.
  2. please tell me you have found a solution?!! I just returned from a trip and same thing...get to where i should spawn in and then desktop
  3. down in chas, SC...sad..out of civ 5 with dx 11 and numerous other games and gaming consoles i keep looking at 89 attempts at logging in. Why? for a game that is ok with gfx.? annoying bugs, tards that dont offer a bofor a ride in the middle of nowhere.....OH ya its cuz i can drop 500 lb. eggs on **** grey ants.while skimming rooftops at 300 mph blasting ei with cannon fire in the belltower. Dammit... hurry rats..please. lol just looked...can get in but both servers offline. =-((