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  1. Hi Ahwulf, I'm glad that they are working with Mac now. However the water reflections to me look like 8 bit Nintendo graphics on my system and I am getting only 4-6 FPS for the most part as inf. About 10 FPS is as good as I get as inf at max settings. I thought I had a decent system..... Maybe not, You tell me (please). I am playing at 1920X1280 and have experimented with turning the clutter all the way down to no avail. 21.5 inch Imac (Newest Generation) Snow leopard 10.6.3 3.06 Intel core duo 4 GB of Ram NVIDIA GeForce 9400 256 Mb of Ram Thanks for the help, Parra00
  2. It will really help my performance when this is fixed. As of now i can't turn off the shaders or normal maps which are both known to not be so Mac friendly.
  3. TY!! Another bug: When in battle and viewing the map- Squaddies are showing as white as usual. Non squaddies are showing as a VERY light blue. Upon checking my settings, I see that non- squaddies are assigned the default royal blue as usual but are still displaying in this light blue color. MSP's are still displaying as the proper default blue color so i know it's not a monitor profile issue. Kinda weird.
  4. I am noticing that I cannot customize my quality settings. I can choose the High med or low settings but When i go in to fine tune I can't check the boxes. They are just stuck and can't be toggled. I am on the most recent gen 20 inch imac, Snow Leopard.
  5. Sorry Jammy lol. I'm looking forward to the next challenge. Can you sticky a round 2 to set up the next ones or have the other squads not done their round 1 yet?
  6. No Taunting in here Please. Thanks Jammyman
  7. A bit delayed Ahwulf but thank you. I think it had to do with the shaders. The new imac is getting better FPS even with a wireless connection than the older imac with a hardline connection (broadband). I figured I should get my rig set up now before the new version as i'm not so sure the older imac will work very well with 1.31.
  8. Hi guys, I just got a new imac and I have pretty much figured out how to deal with all of the bugs and issues except 1. When I spawn in night time is extremely dark and there is no shadow detail in my rifle it is almost black. I have another Imac tht is 2.5 years old and never had this problem. I have tried several different monitor profiles. I even used a spectrophotometer to calibrate my monitor. All produced the same results. Does anyone else have an imac and have solved this issue? For now I'm on the old slow imac until I get this figured out :-( Thanks in advance for any input System IMac 3.06 GHZ intel core duo Nvidia 9600 4GB of ram
  9. I have that bug as well Although I can add waypoints. My name has repeating 0's so hmmmmmm.
  10. Hi Ahwulf. logged in last night before I opened terminal and the problem was gone:) Must have been a 2 day flu LOL.
  11. Hi, Just yesterday I started getting really wierd staggered mouse movement and also very slow keyboard reaction times. You have to hold a button for much longer than usual to pull up the map or even stand from a prone postion. Moving an inf unit with the mouse produces a lag-like frame by frame effect but I am getting 30-50 FPS. I read another post and was wondering if this could be the "Mouse Jitter Bug". This all started only yesterday. Before everything was fine. maybe this has to do with the OS X update (not snow leopord) and Java update that I installed. Not really sure what to do here. The game is close to unplayable. Are there others experiencing this or am I the only one? Setup: Imac OS X version 10.5.8 Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core duo 1 GB of ram.
  12. Yes I have the CTD without the "D" occasionally as well. 4-5 of my squaddies also play on macs and it seems pretty common. I'd say if I play the game 4 days a week, that will happen 1-2 times per week along with the daily normal CTD's that happen at least once daily but sometimes more often:mad: . Command +Tabbing out of the game takes a bit longer than usual but it usually does work for me. It just takes about ten times longer for the command to register. Unfortunately it seems like these things are just part of the game and hopefully they will work on fixxing it. I know I took a year and a half off out of frustration. Now that I'm back, the overall performance, graphics, FPS, and gameplay are improved but the same bugs are still there.
  13. Thanks Ahwulf, Hopefully it gets fixed somehow soon:rolleyes:. Thanks for looking into it.
  14. I have had a few bugs and have .reported them quite a bit. unfortunately they are still there after the patch despite a full reinstall. Bug 1- Chat: I cannot chat in more than one channel at a time. If I do it displays on my end as a ditto of the previous line of chat in the chat bar. Players on the other end however receive my chats. Bug 2- Vehicles: Whenever I get on a plane as a para, truck as inf, laffly as gun etc... You cannot see the full name of the characters with you on the vehicle. Quite a drag during comms: Ex. "Is "playername" on the plane?" My reponse, "Beats Me!" Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I thought this was a common bug but I read all the threads and couldn't find anything. 20 inch Imac 2.4 GHZ intel core Dui 1gig ram ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro: OS X 10.5.6