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  1. It's not only about free. It's also about being a _much_better_software_. If you adopt it, it can be a large benefit to your squad and a even larger benefit to your HC.
  2. Let me say this again. While it's obvious that there are installation issues (I didn't have any so I don't know what they are), Discord is amazing for squads and community. Notice that with a click of a button, you can create your own squad server. You let in whoever you want, you create text channels just like on a squad forum, you can access it from your phone when taking a dump, get notifications when someone replies, and you can even use it instead of teamspeak. And the best thing? If you leave that squad server, you are still connected and people can talk to you. Honestly, in long term, it's a god-send.
  3. Susan: User settings > Games > Display currently running game as status message
  4. Note that discord is a de-facto standard voice communication software, haven't I believe overtaken all others in numbers. New players are more likely to have discord set-up than anything else.
  5. ^^ That number is now 80, less than 50 minutes after I posted that.
  6. Note that if you have problems with push to talk and/or overlay in game, it might be because your game is running as an administrator and discord is not. In that case discord does not have permissions to do it and needs to be run as administrator as well.
  7. Irish, you say "no in-game benefit" to almost every feature. That might be true, but the game survives because people come back to play it and are integrated into a community. Discord is great for that. I am not a great gamer and I am currently subscribed to three discord channels- LOT, my squad's, and WWIIOL. That means that when I am connected to discord (which is 24/7, because I also use the phone app), I can talk to these people, no matter whether they are currently subscribed to ww2online or not. Had we had discord 15 years go, you would now be able to simply PM anyone that has played wwiionline even if they have moved on to a sequence of 5 different games. Discord is great for the community. Look at the discord channel now. There are 70 people online that you can PM, 11 of them are playing the game.
  8. Turned out to be possible in the end, eh?
  9. Rifle reports are so much more natural and obvious things. If possible, keep them for rank 5 and below. Even assuming you had a radio, it would be problematic reporting your death over it.
  10. Yes please. I don't believe they are helping anyone.
  11. What do you think they would do? Air-placed FRUs?
  12. Perhaps a speed comparison of existing airplanes will make your life fighting the p38 and spit IX easier: As another hint, you can outroll the p38 no matter what you fly and you can outturn the Spit IX if you fly a 109f4, watch your airspeed (don't go too fast) and you'll always outturn him. To make matters easier, Spitfire pilots tend to turn and turn, rather than run, making for easy kills.
  13. Can we have this please? Perhaps start looking at code that sets convergence and do a parallel change to that one..
  14. And automatic tissue box dispensers!