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  1. I still think this might be related to the -0.2% creep, but that does not seem to be related to the lost airspeed.
  2. I think instead of making soldiers crawl into fetal position (which sounds like a great reason to say f this and unsub), you could simply increase the weapon sway. Many games already do this.
  3. Stolen, I'm sure. I'm notifying fish&game.
  4. How do you think they will make them? You cannot make capital letters out of thin air!
  5. Wait, it does mean that I could shoot down spitfires in my h81!!
  6. If the rate of player decrease that is commonly believed to be true was true, this game'd have about negative 10k daily players by now By the way, the reasons not to display player numbers are for instance the fear of a threshold phenomena, where people don't log in unless there are at least 50 people on, leading to nobody ever logging in. Such thing can be very damaging and self-reinforcing.
  7. It's a can of worms (can of Wormz'?) a mile wide.
  8. Could be both better or worse. I suppose you know but in case someone doesn't: simulation/motion sickness is caused by the disconnect between your sensory inputs. So you see yourself running around in a game, but your other senses and other part of your vision says you are sitting in a chair. Your brain decides you've probably eaten something really unhealthy that's causing it and tries to make you puke it out.
  9. I think vehicles are fine because the objects that move are further from you. If it isn't very strong, you can normally get used to it. Doing something like playing for only 30 minutes every day for a few weeks should alleviate the symptoms. Personally I did feel some simulation sickness when I was getting used to trackIR, but it went fully away. Likewise I feel seasickness when I go sailing into rough weather after a long time, but after a few days the problems go away.
  10. Isn't it because your new monitor is larger than the old one?
  11. Jeg liker nordland.
  12. So if I get shot down by you I know it's really your daughter! *runs*
  13. I just noticed that! So the data is not lost, that's great! I had my worries...
  14. Well historical stats From pilots' perspective the most interesting stats were historical (over all campaigns) k/d ratio of unit vs. unit, and player vs. player. Neither of them can be dug out now, unless I really missed something.
  15. Talk to the admins to enable it if you want it. Sadly stats seem permanently broken, otherwise you'd see on which of the two lists my name usually resides