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  1. That's because the POV camera was always in the middle of the chest, the old code wasn't nuanced enough to move the view/firing point when changing positions. Another big redesign task to change. Big fan of this change, will address a lot of gripes. SMGs are for assaulting rooms, LMGs are for suppressive fire.
  2. ANZAC strong!
  3. I'd like to setup my mouse for turret/ATG control again, but I can't find any recent guides, can someone link me to one?
  4. Looks good, I'm glad I'm on vacation for another week
  5. Movie isn't loading in Chrome
  6. Have you submitted a support ticket? Probably a faster way of getting CRS action than posting here in the forums. Go to, login and click on "Get Help"
  7. I think CRS is working on a Long list of things to make the game better, however we probably need more players, leading to more funds, leading to more coders to get that list worked on faster.
  8. Polycrewing would be awesome (ability to enter/leave vehicles and use Any spot rather than the old limited set), but yeah, more funding and additional programmers. From what I've seen of the current game, a Lot of people prefer the infantry game and would rather spawn from a FRU than get an ATG. I've seen a Lot of attacks where both sides just use infantry, even the defenders don't use armour that much.
  9. I'm glad the game is still going, happy to pony up my sub
  10. So wait until you hear the enemy approach, then move to ambush them. This allows your fellow troops to also hear the enemy approach, and makes sure the movement puts your on the same footing as your enemy, except that you probably know more about their location than they know about yours.
  11. Two screenshots, showing a missing surface at the top of a pole for the destroyed state of an MG emplacement. This may not be true for the standard emplacement, the screenshot was taken on the training server, near the paratrooper spawn point at the Antwerp AF. Not sure if it's a bug or graphics related, just in case I have an ATI Radeon HD 3400, dual DVI output running to dual screens.
  12. CTD: Same PC build. Was a rifle, just spawned into an FRU near Mulheim. I heard 232, decided to despawn and get ATR. Hid behind a berm, hit Esc, GUI said RTB (no flag target, assume was to FRU as was still close). CTD'd when I hit OK. I had been lagging when I spawned in, both at the FB and at FRUs, for 5-10 seconds. The game would load, but nothing would move on my screen and I couldn't move for 5-10 seconds. I'd been playing for about 2 hours this login session, so I'm assuming it's full memory or something. Didn't lose connection, TS2 stayed up the whole time. log file (not sure if it's any good, I'd logged back into WWIIOL after I crashed) <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> -
  13. hehe. I know MrsAetor. It's an interesting idea, perhaps after an hour the EWS should go away if the player isn't moving?
  14. I've run into a few, I'll record lat/long when I find any more.