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  1. And this falls under support.... how?
  2. Try the 82.60 Drivers... I have Vista, btw. I run the 182.60 drivers, and they work fine for me. Double check your ingame and Settings.exe setting, also. Make sure your not selecting the on-board graphics drivers (if you have one) or something else.
  3. I'm running it semi-fine (I get memory leaks). My 260 isn't having problems at all.... But I'm also on vista. See if this helps you: Open your start menu Go to CRS (Cornered Rat Software) Run Settings Make sure "Run sse2 executable" isn't checked. That worked for me (somewhat)
  4. Dear Allied Forces, I would like to congratulate you all in a splendid victory today, June 6th, 1944. The Axis fought hard and strong, but we broke through with a tremendous amount of force and teamwork, resulting in our absolute victory. I'd like to take a moment to thank all my Designated Divisional Commanding Officers. Subrat17 of the 1st Division, Seabird1 of the 4th Division, Raven4 of the 101st Airborne, Bluekill of the 82nd Airborne, Nelson of the 6th Airborne, and Awezmiz of the Deal Canadian-British Joint-Attack Corps (CAN 3rd Division, UK 3rd Division, UK 50th Division). Without these 6 men/women, I wouldn't have been able to relay orders and set up the start of Overlord, and I thank them for helping me carry out such a successful campaign. I'd also like to thank Rick1945 and SgtRose, my main intelligence officers and fellow AHC officers. Without you two, The whole thing would be left to me... and who knows what would've happened. But of course, who could forget the real fighting men who fought today for the liberation and freedom of our French allies. What can I say? No Army to attack a land mass with means 1 vs. 1000, and we all know what would happen if that were to be. I know there were some tough times capturing towns with no support, and also some errors in communcation and planning, but we eventually got through. To my fellow Axis commander,Xoomxoom, (who I killed over 30 times in Marquise) I thank you. Even though your a poorer shot than Atlantis, you still managed to somewhat fight off the allied forces with noble cause. Your Korps was much larger than my fighting force, and you managed to stall us for sometime. I hope we'll one day see eachother again. So, once again, thanks to everybody (except zehive) who fought, and S! S! OrangeL
  5. If by tomorrow nobody has signed up for it.... I will volunteer for Overlord CinC
  6. Malize, I recently figured out I can attend this event. I can either: 1) Stay as 82nd XO or... 2) Take the position of C.O of this Operation 2 is up to you. If you think somebody else will sign up that can handle it more, let them have it. But I am willing to take it. Edit: Is it possible for a Rat/GM to change the French flags to United States flags? I know you have them... Maybe even Canadian flags.... PLEASE? IT'S THE ANNIVERSARY!
  7. No! make him CO! I'm going to find out if I can actually make it. If I can, then put me down as CO of 82nd.
  8. Sign me up for 82nd or 101st XO!
  9. What can you recommend to replace them? Because, yes, they suck.
  10. Check the input from the actual joystick to the throttle. Sometimes that gets loose, leaving the lights on but the actual inputs off. Also, are you using the X-52 profiler or the game one? And turn off the compatibility mode. That just screws it up more, and may also be the problem.
  11. Fwd, why are you browsing ebay for computers?? That's the last place I'd look. For all you know, you could get one pre-loaded with a trojan. Or a box of potatoes. You should consider that Tiger Direct one... good place
  12. Finally! Now lets see if UT3 will run...
  13. They call it "Core Duo" for a reason, fwd. If you can't afford anything above the GT 6000 series (At least try to get an 8800, mk?), I recommend overclocking your CPU. And your onboard intel graphics, although that's highly unlikely.