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  1. I checked lol zero rat replys and barely any if all community replys . I just know some harbor folks play differnt games and such and has tips and tricks so I figured I'd just outright ask... Seems the cthl issue is revolved around the player pop for me.. around midnight I cthled more often then I did around 2 am in the morning on till 4 am. So maybe its a rat issue with the player servers.
  2. Getting that CTHL madness agian... I've tried differnt computers... and I still get it. I've tried lowest minimal settings... stilll cant do anything.... My vista comp has an nvida card.. and running at minamal settings with "run in administator mode.." and set compatability to windows xp... its performance is 1000 times worse then my laptop. My cthl issues is usually with either 1-2 other people spawned to no people spawned in the area at all... low population.. and in remote locations.. Its not "prolonged play" issues because I have to actually be playing to have that happen... also it seems that the issue effects the side that I am playing on dedicated for the map.. like I am punished for choosing a side to stay on... IE last map I was playing mostly allied... and cthled often... yet spawn axis and cthled less.. this map I am playing mostly axis... and beginning to debate if it is true on if I played allied it will not cthl as often. I've done virus scans... registry scans... I've tryed playing from "use best connection.. to various servers in the settings.." Defragmented the computer, scan disk on it. Even as far as going into Task Manager to remove unessary programs. THeres only 2 things I can think of that are the issues... one is ISP but nothing I can do there.. and there are nights I can go hours no cthl... and other nights i'll cthl 5 times in a row just trying to go somewhere... or simply something at crs that is making it mess up with some sort of packet loss issues... Please any help would be apreated as I would like to play the game you know... I mean other then once in a blue moon when it desides to run smoothly.
  3. If all else I've been suffering bad packet loss myself and reduced the screensize to 800x600 in game.. seemed to of made the cthls and packet loss "less" of a hassle.
  4. Its cool cawyn lol, I was the only fighter up there it was kinda a "der moment" My sympothy mostly goes to kill11... the poor bugger tried to kill jammyman 6 times and failed.
  5. it was differnt and I still dont see how the allies do it... I killed a bofors though and could never find matt but we made it past gaven before jammyman was finally stopped. Allied crew: DD: Jammyman TTs: Subrat17 / Tzulscha Pilot: Kenki
  6. =()= umm I suck at TT bombing but I will try to attend so just leave me as a floater.
  7. *growl* my parents want me to practice towing a trailor this weekend so I am gonna miss it, god that sucks. Anyway its a big iff if I show or not because of that.
  8. had a blast... My opel got bombed once and almost bombed two other times. Also I chased ole jammy around a bit in his ratcam.. (I actually got some screens of the ratcam!!!!) It was fun being an opel driving around the battlefield more then shooting at the bofors lol. Also I would like to thank all the ground crews who kept the bofors resupplyed because with out them the event would of been sucky. Some of the axis team thought some of the bombers were "above" the limit so hopefully the video comferms or denys it. I only say maybe 2-3 "pushing it" but no one really breaking our 2000km rule. Video questions: Why did ya edit out our f/o downtime when we were shootenatch and me trying to knife ya cam after the event and them chasing me with bofors up the hill lol. =()= also rofl the footage of my opel drive across the bridge was random.
  9. Sorry for double post: Talked to Greni and he told me to put it in the "bugs thread on the forum" Anyway Greni told me to test the command line /graduate true , and it had worked for them. So problem half solved ?-?.
  10. A few free trials asked me to post this for them, 2 mac users and anouther one they said was a mac user from a squad. In the chat section of the titorial when it comes to type "hello" in area chat the game is not reconizing that they did it. However they were typeing "hello" multiple times even giving it time to respond. I had been witnessing it wile doing my titorial. The bug happened wile inside training server. I was doing mine as the same time as thiers but had no problems (windows xp).
  11. I dont know it was doing that bad yesturday and the day before. I mean it hasnt normally done that but I've ctd 5 times in a row once when I just spawned on the training server as well.
  12. Well thats up to the intrest of it, however it has a little of everything execpt aircraft (due to the terrible weather). Supply limits would be hard to enforce due to the full training server having limitless supply however, like I said would take a bit to get stuff setup. One of the other problems would be that the area was heavly forested at the time however in the game umm..... hardly any trees so we would have to come up with some sort of way around that as well. =^-^= lots of thinking involve here. Anyway the other problem is this how to set up a fair "time limit" condition along with the supplys, with out it ending in a tank zurg (due in part to the high tree concentration and germans not having access to a lot of the panzers.)
  13. Now that would be cool =()= torpido bombers ftw.
  14. Yep AI for twp will be shut down.. I think personally the bofors are a bit "over doing it.. I mean maybe "half the ships" but if you really think about it if I blow icetwps ship, hes multicrewed (of course).. That means I have to deal with two bofors instead of just one ship. Icetwp can call me stupid for my method of thinking all he wants to but I am just saying how I feel. I was in support of the "two life" rule but ok you if we stuka blow at least 12 ships.. and they all are multicrewed thats 24 bofors we have to deal with. changing your ratio to 1/1.stuff instead of icetwps ratio of 3/1 which he was enjoying. I wish icetwp would of lost all his huff and puff and would just explained it in that way. Yes Ok there should be more AA fire when stukas of the first and second wave attack. I agree, however... I am saying at this phase and stage of it if theres not more then 22 (88/4 = 22) stuka pilots assigned per flight phase, and were kia then you need to adjust your lives given to stuka pilots to compensate. How you have it set up where each individual pilot is set per wing (instead) sort of making it unfair incase of lack of stuka pilots. I dont see many pilots making an RTB in the first flight for sure as icetwp said I agree with his argument, the first flights real purpose would just be to check out how the setup is, wheres the main targets , recon. I disagree that there should be enemy aircraft, that is ROYALLY agisnt what happened.. pearl harbor hardly any pilots got airborne or were in the aircraft carriors that were a way aways from pearl. Seeing EA on the 4th wing I can agree to (simulates that communication finally made it to the carriors and some assistance arrived.) My problem is your looking at the RTB point of this, and honestly with a flak trap that frciken big maybe 1-2 pilots will rtb out of the whole affair unless we get bigger numbers... also most stukas will probley also spend thier time strafing the fmbs so we can get more kills so you have to put that into account. Anyway I think that was covering "most" of icetwps arguements and a fue of mine. It wasnt politics he was thinking... it was that you had overlooked a bit of it.
  15. Well I can change the date, we can check the maps , and go from there. But Like I said I know for sure it wont be ran on the date I set, we dont have it set up at all lol. Definatly need jammy and them to help us figure this out. Anyway I cant edit my first post: But Date atm is Un known: We gott work some kinks into it.