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  1. I have to cansel my attending. I have already two other places I should be that night. :/
  2. I fly Aichi D3A.
  3. I'll try to be online again in this re-match. I have pre christmas party that evening, but maybe I leave the party earlier.
  4. I was defending 1a on high ground north side. I got my first kills from 3rd wave of bombers (Tsulchca and Duke2). Attack 4 got my bridge down and skillful pilot escaped without bad damage. I got relocated to west Piesport then just in time before last attacks. Greni was easiest kill flying blenheim low and slow toward me. I got also 2nd kill of Duke2's DB-7.
  5. bofors gun for me
  6. I was on holiday in Spain last spring and in Barcelona found this: Is this real submarine? It would be great if someone has information of it. Additional pictures:
  7. Those multi-second pauses are the most annoying thing that new versions of WWIIonline have brought. I think he meant tree sliders full left. Trees use then much more simple model. In fact full left setting was quite bad. Trees tend to flicker between the two models very disturbingly close to you. I tried something like 15 % from left side and that was better. Then there is maybe 10 meters radius where trees have complex model. Game is still playable with these 3 year old computers. I can also fly succesfully.
  8. I just tested 800 x 600 x 16. Texts were blurry. Might have reduced stutters, but it looked so awful. I switch back to 1024 x 768.
  9. I'm playing with this: GF4 4200ti 64 MB AMD XP 2000 1 GB ram I can play, but stutters don't make it easy. Hard to lead targets as AA. Also changing positions in tank is much slower and game forgets your key presses. Last spring I could play just fine, but there has been some improvements in game graphics after that.