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  1. XOOM! I forget when I first started and I lost access to my original account..... I last played last year before throwing a hissy-fit....disappointed I was too slow (and stupid) to get my pic on one of the ATGs the story of my life. I have always been Windhund, until Windhund died and I have always fought for the Axis side in campaigns.... Waiting for game to download....will be interesting to see what's changed. EDIT: Looks good, got CTH twice before reloading and getting in-game third chance. Gonna give it a go on the weekend when I can play prime-time. !S
  2. I will go e1 so hopefully another Ace can get an E4 This should be fun! *2b if possible. -S *Edit
  3. DE Infantry please, If there are not enough UK Commandos on game day, I will happily be one. -S!
  4. Yay! It's working now! Thanks! -S!
  5. Happened to me too, said something about DXsetup.exe not existing then continued to install patch. Now when I open the game, it loads alright, I login alright....but when I go to play it tries to download another patch, poops itself and loads the site linked above. -S! EDIT: Offline play loads alright......if that helps.
  6. Killed 1 British Freighter first wave and 3 hits on a DD. Second wave 2 hits Fairmille and 2 hits DD. Third wave 3 hits on a DD. I survived PH3!! Only died in a suicidal run third wave. Didnt even get a single ping first wave and had to limp home after taking heavy fire on the second wave. Was an awesome fun time!!
  7. Japanese Strike Forces Stationed at Brussels Dive Bombers (Stuka) Group 1 Commander - Imbrutus In this group with my fellow squad mates please.....