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  1. Server is all messed up, game is doing a lot of goofy stuff. Server needs reset, people can't spawn in, invisible ei, invisible frus, map glitches, chat bug, constant ctds, and those are just a few.
  2. C'mon guys, server is horrible
  3. Server is horribly bugged, it needs reset. Fru's are invisible, chat is bugged, so no .reports, inf lag is bad, and ei are invisible. Please reset the server
  4. lol figured out how to get into the beta, and it went down.
  5. Is the beta server coming back up today? We are planning a squad night tonight on the beta server to help you guys.
  6. When will the beta server be up?
  7. Getting the connection to host re-established message, but this time I can't even do a .report. Restarting game.
  8. Yeah it has been back, a few days ago Doc had to restart the server to fix it
  9. Ok same issue again, getting the same messages. I have changed brigades, personas, restarted my game, restarted my computer, and still can not get into the game.
  10. tried rebooting and changing personas already.
  11. Infantry are starting to put their arms straight out to their sides and float up a bit off the ground. This was happening a lot a few months ago, then it stopped. Seems to be starting again.
  12. You have got to be kidding, of all the bugs in the game THIS is in your top 3?
  13. Yeah just need a way to get a rat to come and rectify any situations like this. Game is broken bad enough, we don't need people taking advantage of it.
  14. Until the game is fixed, we need a better way to report invisible ei and fru's. Today in Habay, an ei was invisible, I think in the stairs, and was killing us trying to get in. I know it happens to both sides, so this is not a whine,we need a way to have a gm respond quickly to take this advantage away. It gets very aggravating dying to someone who is not playing fairly, and yes you know you are invisible when you kill several enemy and they never shoot back in such a small, open area.
  15. Yes it is, it happens every time I change something on my key mapper.