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  1. Use Wordpad or notepad to edit the cfml file, changing it to a word doc will mess it up I think...
  2. Get this error everytime I start it up....but I seem(at least so far) to be able to play the game....
  3. Scroll to the top of the page and you will see right below where it says Welcome their is a link you can click on called private messages.
  4. Do you have SSE2(or what is exactly called) disabled in settings and the netcode setting in the ingame options? I have both those off and vista work 64 bit works for me. I recall reading some post a long time ago reccomending that.
  5. Nice, should have posted in the hanger
  6. Requesting some training to get me back to speed after a couple of months with no flying(not very experienced flier to begin with:D). GMT + 1 7-23 is usually when I am on. S!
  7. Where do I sign up for such a squad. lol. So bump from me as well.
  8. Recently got a CH fighterstick, Throttle and Pedals. Everything went well using the CH software. Disabled a couple of HIDs to get the 3 aforementioned products working. However, as soon as I attempt to use the toe brakes of the pedals while taking off in a plane it cause it to spin out on the ground. I have tried without the toe brakes of the pedals, instead using x and c and it works without a hitch. Any ideas as to how I can fix it so I can actually use the toebrake on the pedals?