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  1. Greetings everyone, I'm currently a member of Allied High Command. What is HC (High Command) in this game? Its a player ran volunteer organization that's responsible for the strategic movement of supplies and the placement of Attack Orders (AO's). High Command is needed because a Human Mind is always better than programmable artificial intelligence (SYSTEM) in making decisions that's best for the entire sides players, like what would maximize the fun and the best town to attack for whatever side at any given moment. Being in High Command is easier than I thought before I joined it. Its just a couple extra chat commands to learn, some simple rules to follow (Officer Articles of Conduct), and the opportunity to influence the outcome of a campaign on a strategic level! An important point to make is that High Command SERVES the players of the game, a High Commander cannot order ANY player that isn't in High Command around. The MAIN goal of High Command is to increase the amount of fun in the game. Period. So for any potential candidates that are interested, I just wanted to point that out. All that's required is an active subscription to the game, and be an active player on Axis or Allied side only, no side switching allowed! Here are the links for whatever sides, Axis or Allied, to the Officer Canidate School for that particular side. We've got friendly trainers that are willing to help train and educate you about the game, and help you become a full member of High Command! Just do this submission from the links below to get started on the first step to High Command: For Allied Side OCS Application:http://www.alliedhq.wwiionline.com/alliedplaynow/allied_ocs_application.php For Axis Side OCS Application: http://www.axishq.wwiionline.com/axisplaynow/axis_ocs_application.php Subscribing to this game isn't very expensive, and it helps with its development costs to ultimately help improve Battleground Europe. Just for the cost of 2 packs of cigarettes or a case of beer, you can be a full member of the game for a month with all the benefits that it implies. S! to all players. -elenrod
  2. Try pinging and to verify connectivity instead of trace route. Some routers/firewalls don't reply back to tracert packets, or ping packets for that matter. Doesn't mean a connection can't be made. I can recommend a couple things that MIGHT help, its not 100% solution, and don't hold me liable for anything. 1: Make sure that ports "27015" through "27020" are all open. This is used by the game. Make sure they are forwarded/open on your PC's windows firewall/etc and make sure its forwarded/open on your router. 2: Your TCP/IP protocol stack. Its the protocol suite of software used by your computer for internet connections. It can be tweaked/modified by changing the registry values for it. Why do this? Sometimes the default TCP/IP settings aren't good enough for gaming, OR virus/bot/trojan/malware changed the values. You can get on Regedit and do it manually, or... I personally use TCP/IP Optimizer www.speedguide.net to make the change easy. Just put your connection speed in and click on "optimal", restart your computer and its done! easy as that. 3. Your Network Card adapter settings. Go to change adapter settings on windows and go to properties. Just double check to see if IPv4 is checked, and if its all default settings for it. Might as well check IPv6 too while your at it, it can't hurt and people are making the slow switch to IPv6 also. 4. Battleground Europe itself. Use the "Best connection" setting, since it automagically chooses between the primary and secondary setting anyways for you. Adjust the amount of visible players, you might have to set it to "low" to save some bandwidth. Also try running windows compatibility and try making WW2.exe and Playonline.exe compatible with windows XP and make sure to RUN IT AS ADMINISTRATOR. This is all I can think of, I get this error sometimes to. Hope this helps. P.S. At the end of the day, it really comes down to your ISP/Internet connection and its quality. Packet loss will cause the Netcode2 error. If your using DSL, expect packet loss and dodgy quality. This is not easy to change, because not everyone can simply change their Internet Service Providers or upgrade their internet connections easily.
  3. bump da bump. schedule wise i'm usually playing timezone 3 low pop. and i'm hoping to grow lancers and build a good community for timezone 3.
  4. S! all Allied free-to-play players. (and if you're axis only player, then I S! you too, good luck have fun S! ) Allies really need more people to log on during this campaign to help us fight, especially during Australian timezone day/evening. So far, Axis have been on a roll gaining 16 towns in the last 24 hours. While Allies have only gained 2. Keep in mind, that this is day 43 of Campaign #86, and that Axis WON THE LAST CAMPAIGN. How many times does Allies have to lose before we finally win a campaign? Allies still own 41% of the map. This campaign is entirely winnable. There have been campaigns before when one side was down to a single town and was able to make a comeback to win the campaign. The winner of a campaign is decided by whoever owns the most of the map, which is around 98% to 99%. But its also decided by which side has the most dedicated/motivated players. I hope to see you all in game. Best regards, Elenrod
  5. Its a fun idea to think about. However, it'll lead to boring attrition battles I'd think. On a different note, Longest Campaign: Campaign 33, 11/10/06-02/19/07, Lasted 101 Days, Axis Win Shortest Campaign: Campaign 48, 10/29/08-11/01/08, Lasted 3 Days, Allied Win The more you know!!!
  6. Here is parasit's allied sapper, atr, and grenadier guide. source: http://battleground-europe.net/
  7. Don't break my char, my achey breaky char. Now its stuck in my head, lol.