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  1. Yeah, that bug is weird. Also, if you're a builder, you see yourself as HC. When I was both a builder and HC, I saw myself as a regular soldier. Now that I have left HC and am just a builder, I see myself as a regular soldier still.
  2. I heard a call of ei in the bunker at Leuven. So I spawn in and see no enemy and hear no gunshots, and I run to the bunker. The bunker is empty, no enemy or friendlies, but I see a few friendly tags in town. I radio that the bunker is clear, and Thewench says "I just got killed in there again, no it's not." I literally said, "Um, are we in the same town? Leuven AB?" And she's like, "Yeah." There were four friendlies on my map inside the bunker, none of whom I could see. So I go back outside and see some CPs capped British, town is still deserted. Some squaddies of mine who also answered the distress call are standing around near the AB, either standing perfectly still or warping around almost like a speed hacker. At least some of them can see me. I asked again on the radio if there was, like, a battle going on in Leuven. Wench and Bobstav said yes. I still couldn't see anything except some friendlies standing around. I did not see as many people on my map as there should have been if there was a real battle going on. All were on my mission, I believe. I was afraid to go anywhere or to try to cap a table since clearly I was invisible to the ei. So I did a .report, and said I would stay spawned in for a while and stand around in case a GM wanted to come take a look at me and try to figure out what was going on. I don't know if anybody ever did. Later I was able to hear a laffly and a sherman approaching, didn't stick around to see them arrive. I also found out that on the map all the CPs were Axis, although I was seeing British flags on some. When I touched the radios they appeared German on the popup screen. I hope some of this is helpful.
  3. I haven't seen em yet, but a squaddie did.
  4. .15 Map tutorial issues: The country status of Schilde is very weird. The first time I ran the tutorial it was British-owned with a French brigade. The 2nd time it was German-owned with a French brigade. Then I noticed it actually switches ownership during the tutorial, and when it zooms in on the facilities, one time they were all British and the next time half British and half French. Typo: In the instructions that begin with "The icon next to each town's name..." Antwerp is spelled "Anterp." The contact reports section does not show an example of a contact report. I don't know if it's intentional, but it feels like a lot of text to click through without being shown what it looks like. When it finally tells you to click the map to make your own contact report, "Add Report" is not one of the options. It just says "Center On." If I do nothing and just click spacebar it moves on to say, "Good job. The report is now on the map."
  5. Just got in! Woot! Give that server hamster a big piece of cheese!
  6. Noooes! I have 2 hours to play before work, and since it's not up 24/7 that means it will probably be days before I can get on.
  7. I get the playgate app where my username and password go, then it opens my default browser to an error page that says the servers are down.EDIT: OK I tried again. What actually happens is it opens the BE homepage, and then opens another window in which the error page appears.
  8. I'm trying to log into the beta server for the first time, and I'm getting the "All Battleground Europe game servers are down" message in my browser. I have tried with all my browsers. I even set IE as my default (eek!) to see if that would help. The main beta thread says the servers are online. Am I just a noob? Help plz need beta!