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  1. So I got my hands on an original game disc, and running an emulated system that matches the recommended specs, I have gotten the game to run. It's really funny. So far I have played around with the keymapper a bit and run around offline. I got a stuka airborne for about 3 sec. I know the game is not supposed to work (at least without that infamous 70MB patch!). But OMG what a terrible game! LOL. The biggest problem I'm having: How the hell do I despawn? Basic screenshot:
  2. Have we gotten to the point yet where Win7 gives better performance than XP? I've been clinging to XP because of compatibility with games, but I feel like there's a lot of more modern enhancements I may be missing. Note: I only use Windows for gaming, so I have no reason to upgrade other than gaming performance. If it's still buggy and causes problems, it's not worth it.
  3. The tangible product is the better experience of using one' date=' not the fact that you have a cute little apple shape on the back of your computer. If you honestly don't like Macs better, then congrats you can save money by buying a PC. I'm assuming if the OP is considering getting a Mac at all it's because he thinks it will be an overall better computing experience when he's [i']not playing the game. Unfortunately I don't spend 24 hrs a day playing WWIIOL, if I did I would just have a PC, but since I do spend almost every other waking hour using a computer for other things, I prefer to invest in getting myself the machine that will give me the most comfortable and enjoyable experience, which also happens to be a pretty good Windows machine when it needs to be. To me that's worth the extra cost, if there is any.
  4. Yeah you did a good job faking him out, he was like, "there's no ei in there". But I knew you were in there and I wanted revenge!
  5. Oh' date=' you were that guy! You started it! I was really pissed about dying to you, cause I saw you after I got your LMG friend, but I missed you and you made it to the berm, and then I missed you again and you got me. Then when I came back my squaddies still hadn't found you and I went back to the same spot and saw you in my binocs, still sitting in that berm. I was like, "You guys, he's right there!" And I was trying to direct one squaddie who was closer to you, "No, the berm in front of you! To your left!, not that one, go back to your right..." He eventually found the right berm and [i']still couldn't find you. Until finally I just ran over there and killed you myself! And my first point-blank clipped-into-each-other shot missed. You almost got me again!
  6. If you are buying a desktop computer just for the game, you will be better off buying or building a PC -- more upgrade options down the road. If you are buying it primarily to do other things like work or personal stuff and it will also be used for the game, or if you're looking for a laptop, I recommend a Mac. However, if you get a Mac, I recommend playing the game in Windows. I find the Windows client less buggy, and you have greater compatibility with things like joysticks, TrackIR, fancy mice with lots of extra buttons, a true Teamspeak client, etc. For a long time my Macbook Pro played the game in Windows with twice the FPS of my gaming rig (which had been built about 2 years earlier, but still). Now my MBP is over 2 years old and I still get around 30FPS in a big battle.
  7. Bump! Squad night tonight, come say hi!
  8. LOL you can have it if you want. I'm happy being a para grunt.
  9. I used to do the S-video to TV tuner method. It worked, but was less than ideal. The TV tuner I used was not capable of receiving 1920x1200, so it didn't capture the whole screen and the quality was very degraded. The one nice thing about the 2nd computer method (aside from not slowing down your system with Fraps) is that by simultaneously running an audio out to the other computer, you can capture full game audio with TS without creating the feedback that happens when you try to talk on TS while recording sound with Fraps. AFAIK there's still not really a fix for that. I've heard that you can do it when you have two sound cards, but every attempt I've ever made to enable both my sound cards at once has thoroughly hosed my system. If I could think of a way to get pixel perfect video out to another computer, that would be a much better alternative to Fraps.
  10. Updated drivers for my 9800GTX, so far so good. Running XP.
  11. I think I might actually be able to play in this one! Sign me up as an Axis paratroop. I might like to play a JU52, but I can't promise work won't come up at the last minute so I don't want to leave everyone stranded. And... "13 tanks" is code for "by May, TEII will be finished and we'll have Dinant fortress back," right?
  12. Aw man, I'll have a job by then. Maybe I'll bring a mouse to work and see if I can get in for a few rounds on my lunch break.
  13. Thanks for your bump, Malize, and thanks for taking our team portrait after the event!
  14. Thanks for the event Malize. It was a lot of fun. Can you post the pictures?
  15. 1775th kindly encourages you to BRING IT ON!!!!
  16. #1 - my DeathAdder has the same problem. #4 button works but not #5. But I just map the #5 button in the Razer software to be a macro for whatever function I want to set it for (for some reason setting it as a keystroke doesn't work).
  17. I don't mind if it's the castle, I would just like to know in advance what the terrain is going to be, as we intend to do some strategizing before the event.
  18. Well what I found was that when I attempted to load it on my current comp it wouldn't start. I figured maybe it just didn't know what to do with all the power. So I created an emulated system that matched the recommended system specs: 256MB RAM, 32MB VRAM, and it worked. I suppose I could have bumped the specs up a bit, but at that point I was just trying to see if it would work at all. The slowness could also be that it's running on XP instead of Win98 or ME as it would have been, and that system is more underpowered for XP. Maybe I'll try to increase the specs a little.I wish I could get my hands on the version you have. It's fun to see what an absolute pile of crap the shipped version was, but given that it takes hours just to get from offline to the interesting part of the map, I could use one that works a little better. I've gotten spoiled very quickly by the recent ability to spawn in anywhere in the game world offline. And I didn't consider the implications of a map that doesn't zoom or scroll. But I made out OK by having the current game map up on my other computer and matching up tile patterns to figure out where I was. Mainly I just wish there was a way to spawn into a town.
  19. Yeah I plan to. Taking screens was kind of hard because the method I was using was kind of cumbersome and with an improperly-trimmed plane and lots of lag, getting close enough to something interesting to take a picture and going through the process of taking it, would have no doubt caused me to crash. If there's a screenshot key in the game I haven't found it yet. I currently have the game running in the background with an inf bound NNW from Offline, which is probably a really stupid idea. I'm willing to keep it going several days to see where he ends up (probably falling through the earth somewhere:rolleyes:).
  20. Ah, yes, of course! How intuitive! So today I got a stuka off the ground and flew it from Offline to the actual game area. I was just trying to see if I could get a plane to fly, I didn't really intend to go all the way there -- otherwise I wouldn't have taken a Stuka, and I would have mapped my trim controls. I flew up the river to Montherme, Revin, Haybes, Vireaux, then past Flavion and across to Dinant. The lag got really bad as soon as I got near the developed part of the game world. I suspected it might have to do with the hard forests, as they were having a lot of rendering problems. Dinant was a complete slide show, so I decided to get away from that area before I crashed. Then I thought I'd take a look at Charleroi so I doubled back and found that it doesn't exist (there's one of those cross-shaped tiles where it should be). Philipville wasn't on the map, but I noticed when flying over that the town is there. I flew over on my way to check out Andenne and Huy, eventually with the intention of picking a nice easy spot to attempt to land so I could investigate a town up close. All of a sudden as I passed over P-ville my engine cut out and a second later I was dead in midair. Pixel of death? I was rather disappointed. It took FOREVER, but with a faster plane and proper trim it wouldn't be so bad. I don't suppose the game has autopilot? They keymapper is all borked so I can't even see what all the controls are. I'm still trying to figure out how many days (weeks?) it would take to walk an inf there.
  21. I just noticed this event is less than a week away now. Any more details or formal sign-ups?
  22. Cool video. It's nice to see some of the action at the other parts of town firsthand. The objectives were so spread out I could only see my own team on the map and had to rely on the team leaders and players to get a picture of what was going on elsewhere. And I remember that Havoc in the final shot very well. I wondered where he went spewing smoke like that! Thanks for taking the time to upload it!
  23. My AAR: I was the commander of Axis forces. My plan was to protect only the North Rail bridges #1 & 2, and the Wittlich bridge. The rail bridges were defended by Team 1 (transported by Tuefel) which departed from the east FB and climbed the hill overlooking the bridges from the north, and Team 3, led by Fiambre, which operated out of the W FB and set up on the low hills and river valley south of the bridges. I was the HT for team 2, which surrounded the Wittlich bridge. We had two bofors on the flat open terrain north of the bridge, and eventually 4 bofors on the high cliff to the south. Getting them up there without flipping or clipping the bofors into the earth was the hardest part of the event, I think. As somebody said, we lost far more bofors to traffic accidents than to enemy fire. Thankfully, with the many delays there were always opportunities for those unfortunate players to respawn. The first pass of the bombers, before the AOs were up, saw our flak getting several kills and damages. Of course without the AOs it's hard to tell exactly how the bombers did. The North Rail Bridges were the first to fall, and I ordered the guns and trucks guarding them to relocate to the town area, as we waited for the final assault on Wittlich bridge. I had my HT in position on the cliff, ready to grab the four bofors quickly and relocate them to town as soon as the bridge fell. On the next pass of the bombers, the bridge did fall, and we immediately loaded up and raced down the back of the cliff and down the road to the East Bridge. The plan was to cross the bridge with all the guns so that if it went down no guns would be trapped on the east side. When we began crossing the bridge I guess maybe I was going too fast or something, because my HT clipped into the bridge and exploded, killing all four bofors on it! After this we gathered at the AB, and resumed setting up on the east bridge for our last stand, as JAMMYMAN counted down the minutes till the end of the event. Mook2 bravely set up smack in the middle of the bridge, and I parked my truck across the opening of the bridge, hoping to catch a low-flying bomb before it hit the bridge. I did catch some bombs, but unfortunately there were more of them, and the bridge fell with Mook on it. When the event was called a draw, we still had one bridge clinging to life, so I consider it a success! Thanks to everybody for a fun event!