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  1. Hi, I have an issue with my fps. In big towns I got about 30-40, Liege fight for about 10 mins only 20 fps. Settings all on low (smoke and gun fire active) My System: I5 4x 3,2 ghz 8GB Ram Radeon 7800 HD installed on SSD (tested on normal HDD before with same result) I dont know what I can do. With my system it have to run smooth with min 60 fps or?
  2. Welcome to a nice game. As I started in 2008 my first campaign run over 87 days
  3. Devs have to decide. First of all the have to bring it up again
  4. yeah but Axis couldn't defend anymore. Put Eupen Axis . Whole Squad get out of game, allies got easy way to cap
  5. I fixed it, the today windows 10 update KB3140743 causes the problem. after removing it it, BGE startet without trouble.
  6. Hi guys, I have trouble starting BGE since today. After loading game, I cannot close window for choosing Persona. If I click on OK nothing happens. Do you know this problem?
  7. Spend a little amount.
  8. Congratulations allies. Well done.
  9. looking forward to see you again on campaign 122
  10. The game needs a tool like Arma 3 mod "task force Radio" With channels for Mission or Squads etc
  11. I'm using Teamspeak. I'm on PLD Teamspeak and if I'm alone I join axis Teamspeak.
  12. Yep or you push a mail out when you think it will take about one our to start. E.g estimated campaign start in one hour.
  13. I think the game should send email notification before a new campaign starts. E.g one hour before map reset to all players or at least for HC players. So that some hc players are online at start of campaign, not like this map. No hc online on axis side. Xoom had to move divisions for axis to start.
  14. Yeah Daun was a good example. Allies overruned the town with tanks and infantry. Got it contested. As I spawn as axis player, the situation was poor. I thought we lost the city. But we stayed together and forced the allies out. Was a great fight. Tilburg today the same we hold it as we stay together, communication is the word. Saturday we started an AO on Arendonk the PLD squad together with Whips. But we tried all to get players in town. Communication of both squads was ok, the community communication can be much better. So let's try it next map and practice this map. Let's show them what the axis can do