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  1. Look me up if u are interested in a small spec ops squad. Commando tactics are our primary mode of operation. This means guerilla tactics -- ambush, misdirection, and stealth are favored over brute force.
  2. still around... Look for Tatonka in game. He is playing both sides right now but mostly Axis. S!
  3. the 5th guards armoured brigade is in the process of looking for founding members. if you are interested please stop by and register and fill out app.
  4. S! warbird If you are interested please check us out at We are forming a new squad and have the website just about complete. If you plan on playing Allied let us know you are more than welcome and would be founding members as well. Much better if we work and start a squad together. If not, you need 5 members to form a squad and all have to be online at the same time and must be all on either Allied or Axis side. You can go to your squad tab and input the squad long and short name. And input all 5 players name and then send off to them. They all have to accept (except you if one who created) in a few minutes or will time out. Make sure that each player has auto decline turned off before sending invite or you will find yourself sending the invite out a few more times then needed. S!
  5. Join us now!
  7. New map starts today! Join Now!