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  1. New grumpy axis guy filling in for the others that are mia(or maybe just same guy diff tag?)....baby 88 does damage nowadays but please be my guest and dont use it
  2. Should absolutely still be that
  3. Catfive loved the city cps so much its been 10 years we been breaking his balls about it
  4. Pretty sure new tier structure starts at tier 1 which will now have pz3hs at map start
  5. Its jsilecownsme123
  6. Lowpop rules the game its a never ending issue and its effects last into other tzs for sure....i have seen huge momentum shifting type rolls in euro tz have zero effects on lowpop but a big cutoff type of roll in lowpop is devastating to all tzs and gamepop....i hope a solution is found that can fix that tz and not hurt gameplay in other tzs with whatever fix is necessary
  7. Rans just wants ahc to bounce maubege af already ffs
  8. Actually i got 3 tigers and 6 stugs from my spot but whos counting....if more boots where south instead of playing the wasteful sniper game i would have doubled that number and we could have pushed but allied in euro tz want to play the solo rambo hero game and not get the important stuff done
  9. I still have xp ffs but the game runs very smooth for me ping fps whateves is usually between 19-28 always in the green....got auto despawned once in the last 2 months...only reason i can think i might lag more is because i moved from queens ny in the middle of the biggest city in the world to Mooresville nc where there are substantially less people and my internet isnt as strong as it used to be
  10. Chars are the new r35s pretty useless in todays game with all the sappers/atgs/tank busters and harsh language....chars in the old days were beastmode but now the doorknocker kills it
  11. Haha i love this...mata you are the dot report king you have de throned BAR congrats
  12. Honestly you would be suprised how well the 4g blends in with the foliage nowadays and i would still prefer m10 in an earlier tier since the “realism” is being phased out i hope....french list needs the m10 to compete
  13. Yes and axis get tigers/camos while we have baby shermans....give us the tank destroyer over the noob tubes any day
  14. Your rage spawning at the sab in mons today was alot of fun to watch haha
  15. Oh boy here we go