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  1. Everyone in AEF has over 100 kills on that wackjob loonie lol
  2. LGR!! the rest is uncivilized
  3. According to these stats i pretty much own all the spaniards in this game...they should make statues of me and call it Jsilec la flama blanca or diablo de queens
  4. Delems has to go back axis or i go axis to tie him its close like 46 v 48
  5. 14 v 21 against mo...this sounds like bs i am a killer noone gets the drop on me
  6. Wowzer i have 190 kills om poor dandare...177 raydr....166 slipkfor250.....mata has slight lead on me 68 v 53
  7. I am SHOCKED ....all his advice in allied forums over the last 2 months and now we finally listen to his awesomeness and he not around to receive his accolades...take a bow kindergartener
  8. I was stats the first week and then my real life got busy but i will return for stats again
  9. Canuk is the no bush guy ffs...they mix up the haxxuzations
  10. that jsilic guy is pure beastmode
  11. I thought rans was your wife?
  12. Thanks Sorella i forgot to add we are the #1 capture squad ingame as well by a pretty wide margin so we ENCOURAGE controlled aggression or organized chaos along with constant comms with some laughs mostly at Bus0’s expense
  13. AEF domination continues we 4 days into new map and we at 3300 kills out of the 18000 total for the whole allied side so we alone account for 20% of all allied kills....recent additions gretnine/weejockey/groundpounder/dfire have jumped onboard the mass murder train....next closest squad on both sides have around 1200 kills so we triple any squad in kills