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  1. Yep pretty much....create fun and watch the numbers grow is how i always looked at it....the side that is attacking as a group and not turtled up individually sniping from windows will usually win even though a good sniping mission can be a hell of alot of fun
  2. Ce and Oj in the same thread?...very gay
  3. Ageed
  4. thats some bs fix it now
  5. Not bad ideas and can i suggest if dm grabs a stug then we get shermans on steroids to combat him 😜
  6. Dont be jealous i gonna make alot of $ with that pic
  7. if u include a pic of you in a speedo i am in....matter of fact forget the card bring on the banana hammock and sign it to me.....maybe write a message like ....."to jsilec enjoy the scratch and sniff speedo pic"....regards baR
  8. Oh dam theres a tag i havnt seen in yearzzzz
  9. Bump with proof of our dominanace....number 1 by ALOT
  10. Sorry to hear this guys condolences to his family may he RIP
  11. Shermaggedeon is real
  12. I like the idea am curious how this will play out
  13. Best squad ingame we dominate the game most kills and high k/d ratio for about 3 straight years.....we #1 in map movers stat for all squads both sides which means we cap and kill the most by far....we are loaded with the most talented players in the game and spend 95% of our time ingame on teamspeak and attacking.....we utilize channel 33 ingame to work with other great allied squads so if your new or returning vet and looking for organized comms and controlled chaos look no further then AEF...we recently changed our forums to a facebook group page but you must be a confirmed member to be added....look for us ingame we play all tzs but mostly euro and us timezones https://www.facebook.com/groups/1664025367210275/
  14. RIP keysie she joined our AEF facebook group a few months ago this is sad....she has been a staple for the allied side for many years....gone but not forgotten S!
  15. Is that my new hooker name?