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  1. Holiday weekend peeps traveling/busy i bet sunday brings big numbers beta or not
  2. Agreed i wanted to test some dd damage issues without having to sail 10 minutes
  3. Bump for new patch 1.36 AEF had 10 on testing the waters at ropedrop...come join the best killers and attackers in the game who ALL use discord and on comms....if u lone wolf or dont enjoy playing with organization then this is not the squd for you...new campaign coming soon so start off with the highest rated map moving squad ingame AEF....ask on side channel and a recruiter will find you any timezone
  4. Nily is such a stickler for awards and recognition....he killed my smg with a knife in a packed ab i think he deserved a medal for that alone
  5. Will there be parachuting dogs or more importantly motorcycles?
  6. woulda coulda shoulda but didn't
  7. Can we oversupply and stick 100 shermans in brussells?
  8. Give mo his aa and get out da way
  9. yowzer smoke a peace pipe I was joking ffs...hoped the titos vodka and pepsi would confirm ridiculousness
  10. Get the fook outta heeer!!...thats it i straight done paying for da freeloading freeloaders....end this welfare state and bring me some tito’s with pepsi and a cherry
  11. See free play account under your name noobcakes
  12. He is free2play rifle account so i doubt he can do any fms’s...was no accusation he was 100’s of meters outside of town with 2 other players a minute after ews as hamza dropped ao....reason he found me was hamza was setting up elsewhere and didnt want to trip ews but told me too late so i figure i would drive around for 20 seconds to draw the 1 or tops 2 ei who had just spawned in to north side while hamza set up s and se...fms set i spawn in and 3 axis ei are standing there having a smoke lol...luckily i got the drop ok all 3 after i respawned an smg but it was more luck then anything else...next 3 spawns fms was camped again and i swapped to hamzas fms which was south so i tried to bring up a ch7 to support which by the time i got there hamzas ms was camped and i got sapped 10 seconds after getting into position to support .75k from town along with the other ch7 and sherman next to me...all of this is in no way blaming anyone of anything i just showing how futile it can be for 5/6 guys to get a remotely organized ao going even against an attrited axis brigade....armor can NOT survive in this game with no population and flanks constantly exposed and inf get pushed out even when organized so timers might be scratching the surface but maybe a proximity ao with fog of war adds more opportunities for better fights...no ews till contested but longer bunker timers so defense has a shot at cleaning up
  13. Rare when that happens but alot of fun for sure
  14. More on offense vs defense i know with 1.36 open beta coming people less aggressive but allies in ustz are downright lazy mostly not even trying to get anything going on offense and sitting on do’s in big numbers to light ews....it would be impossible for any side to cap a town with what i saw last night 20+ allies in marle defending light ews while 3 didnt even know each other of pushed on ath and capped spawnable and a few cps yelling for help and about 2 or 3 players came while the rest sat in gent and marle chasing their own tail...in a nutshell thats the game we have nowadays i am sure axis have same issue or similar
  15. I agree timers are an issue also maybe ews should not go off till timers pass on ao in other words more fog of war so good players like syd arent on top of the attack before it even gets going which brings more action to the game yes and other players and noobs actually get to see the game at its finest where bullets wizzing both ways and fights happen like players capping a spawn