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  1. I had a blast today some crazy fighting
  2. I can attest to spawn in bug happening only when spawn delay happens as allies have rarely had sd this map and i have not had spawn in bug happen once....when i was axis last map and had sd the whole map it happened constantly ....in other words PLAY ALLIED and bug is gone lol
  3. As long as only rifle/smg i am cool with more walkable frus
  4. Feels like tank numbers are high i think as we progress the sheer amount of anti armor gear is ridiculous...tankbusters are now killing more armor then ever before and the nerf tubes still out there and always seem available ....atgs from ms’s and ofcourse and other armor with lethal ranges past 2k.....cut the armor numbers but what does it matter if we dont have enough players to spawn them in ?
  5. Shiit every other tiger i seen this week has been u lol
  6. Your tiger technique is good but my kung-fu is better!....jk good shooting today
  7. AEF over 7 years old still the most active squad ingame....atm this campaign we have over 14,000 kills and 2,100 captures while 2nd place has around 5000 kills and 1100 captures.....want to join us you need to be on discord
  8. Sap a building he is in and you win
  9. I sacrificed myself for his 100k kill because i felt bad for him as the new york rangers had kicked his team out of the playoffs 2 YeeeeARz in a row....LGR!!!
  10. I like it i think the fmb is underutilized
  11. How ya feeling we need killers ingame we are hungry for blood
  12. Its a bit much i noticed it the other day
  13. City cp should have purpose imo
  14. shooting that opel made me smile especially when the panic began and all the axis engies started bailing out haha