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  1. Honestly you would be suprised how well the 4g blends in with the foliage nowadays and i would still prefer m10 in an earlier tier since the “realism” is being phased out i hope....french list needs the m10 to compete
  2. Yes and axis get tigers/camos while we have baby shermans....give us the tank destroyer over the noob tubes any day
  3. Your rage spawning at the sab in mons today was alot of fun to watch haha
  4. Oh boy here we go
  5. Would be nice to have a few M10s earlier then the last tier
  6. I have seen and chatted with jwrona ingame for past few weeks and he has been nothing but helpful and respectful....this seems like an odd situation but if it happened then settle up with the player instead of leaving the game ffs....leave because sgthenning cries like a baby on side chat or sorellas ridiculous gifs but dont leave because some one called ya a noob
  7. Thought they actually did 1 last week for the first time in awhile?...might be wrong but never hurts for more
  8. -Regular walled 1ab towns we fight over alot schilde ciney turnhout bouillion tienan st truiden haybes flavion Lier ————————- -pentagon bunkers open 1ab leuven diest roermomds kalmthout wavre waterloo bertrix? Been awhile forgot ramet Walsorden Aalst
  9. notice how the actual guys doing the damage in lowpop get so defensive its like they KNOW they are the problem and dont want to admit it....ok carry on great game we have here
  10. Dont want this to start circling the drain in lowpop nastiness so overall solutions are important
  11. Come up with a solution better then “i will unsub” is a good start
  12. Lowpop solutions would be welcone i am sure....i am getting ALOT of squaddies logging off for long periods of time because of this chronic lowpop problem and some might not be coming back without it being addressed....you know where i stand if you been watching these forums the last 3 years
  13. Alot of the combined arms aspect of the game has dropped off because the numbers are not there for the current model which requires boots defending or attacking a cp and everything else ingame is all in support of that aspect....not really sure what the fix is for that but as far as numbers i think ftp might need a return and more frequent WBS promotions
  14. E2 just checked in on ww2 Facebook group page i told him u were asking about him he said he remembers you so go say hello
  15. Good choice thanks for the info tman
  16. Today seemed odd with sd/cap timers definitely felt different from recent fights ,was something changed?...genuinely curious
  17. Bs you have firemen calendars hanging in your closet....probably have some weird fetish with bunker gear you sick son of a b
  18. Even if a town is trapped and the ab is bounced any depos left that have not been capped by the attacker will have garrison supply to spawn we found that out the last allied win in a big city town that was cutoff and white flagged....took an extra 20 minutes to finish but the brigade that was in town was sent to training on ab bounce
  19. I saw zippy putting in some serious bunker work with his thompson today at tienan dude should be playing with a ground squad hint hint
  20. Stugmonkey doesn’t stugmonkey anymore?
  21. And starting it on a tuesday which fet like a throwaway day why not start it on a Friday or Saturday?
  22. My career kd is 88 vs 46 with kgartner....i dominate him in the forums and in this game that games with the forums...i am awesome because i troll the trolls that everyone hates so in reality i am THE forum guard....if the forum had a cp i would be in it killing off hordes of these soggy mutants who pretend their 5th chin is just a temporary thing....now go back to sniffing pottheads speedos and wishing your lowpop crowd was a gaggle of asian trannys who think your just the uber
  23. Wassup canart
  24. U mean p9butter or whatever name he is now