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  1. U misspelled bewbs
  2. Bilton won the game then retired with a flock of swedish snow bunnies
  3. Thanks wish i got to play more this map but my kids are the ultimate spawn delay
  4. So allies declared victorious
  5. “Soon”
  6. Ok wasnt sure how garrison supply would work in cutoff town with an ab bounce but thanks for clearing things up it does make sense...i have noticed axis prioritize ab caps during an ao while allies are definitely waiting till the depos are all capped before ab bounce for the exact reason kilemall just posted...axis can get away with it but not all the time as i have seen even overpop they can get swarmed by mgs with spawn delay and the DREADED “enter world” bug which just adds another 8 seconds to spawn delay on almost every fing mission...this enter world bug needs to get sorted and its definitely tied to spawn delay
  7. We capped ab before all the depos in a cutoff town yesterday and supply was still being spawned at depos with no link to any adjacent towns as the town was already white flagged...probably doesnt happen too often obviously
  8. AEF is down for this when we are allied again we get our best numbers ingame and discord on sundays
  9. Pretty cool idea maybe a squad type event where each squad sees how long they can hold off the whole server from taking the bunker....an alamo scenario where enemy can respawn but defend to the last man
  10. Chickenfker?
  11. Just got 2 in kalm 1 firing blind into the veh spawn lol
  12. Trying to learn myself lol
  13. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....rofndidhxjdndndhdudmenanavagwywidnfnflk@(&$4’osidebbensjsmf&&&$@‘nnb!!!?&$!!!!!!!!!
  14. Is that the weed talking?
  15. It did happen a loooooooong time ago we had a reverse map
  16. Who exactly is us because i see alot of axis who are hungry for some winning next map....looking forward to working with those WHIPS guys
  17. We trained a few hours today on killing matildas with stugs/4ds and sappers...bottom line is its a tough piece of equipment to kill but it does have its weaknesses and we have a few options to use on it without going head to head which is a losing proposition everytime you try it....i guess we will see how it goes when we fighting them in map 167
  18. Section 5 amendment 89 in book 12 of the rats rules and regs says csm must remove his speedo and walk backwards while singing its raining men in spanish whenever an ahc officer is out of line
  19. Summer is always the least populated time i didnt play much last map so i dont know pop levels but the 2 maps before was pretty good pop....mal go back allied you have the lob12 curse
  20. Yes because we win every map....
  21. Some of us coming over for a stint and we been clogging up 250hs channel...thanks in advance
  22. As always your a great contributor to these boards please dont ever change