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  1. Its an ok idea i would say can we go back to full tiered equipment instead of 6 tiers do 3....i think that would shorten the wait for the sexy stuff while leveling up...take the last 10-12 maps and come up with an average estimate of how long they have lasted and try to split it in 3....so if an average map is 21 days then tier up every 7 days...hash out competitive tiers move up 3h to combat matty...I haven’t played with an m10 in what feels like forever and i love that dam gun
  2. Best in the business of squadplay ....we brings da ruckus to da ladies!!!
  3. Buy this man a lap dance from mosizlak congrats
  4. Yea he has the curse of lob12
  5. I been away i was genuinely curious....carry on with the crs eats axis players babies stuff
  6. Any m1’s in yet?
  7. Summer is the slow season
  8. Dandare are disappointed in you son
  9. Hush noob your just a bit player in the overall war...now go grab a stug so i can shoot you in the driver port and make you rage
  10. Career stats i own them...its why i am called by them la flama blanca
  11. The spaniards practice the matrix lambada while balancing books on their heads at home
  12. Honestly i think you guys are getting a little carried away with the brit/french gear disparity in early tiers i luv the S35/47mm/smg and prefer french for offense but its an interesting read....i hate mr matty/thompson is meh/2lber is sexah but mid tiers is loaded up with slow [censored] churchs and flankers like cru2 but we do get the 6lber which is dead sexah...us gear is pure whackness excluding the BAR and ofcourse late tier equip with firefly/achilles combo is fap material so how can ya blame a brotha for sweating it yo
  13. They always come back, except when they dont and even then, they come back
  14. When axis are rolling they attack french gear...there is a flipside to your argument in regards to “borked” spawnlists...the frenchies could be beefed up if brits are in any way reduced or nerfed
  15. French gear in certain tiers is not upto the task of our brit counterparts....flip side to this is last few axis wins were largely made in the south against frenchies
  16. Doesnt this strategy prevent overstock options with diff countries front and reserve?
  17. I will buy nily a new blow up doll of his hero dandare
  18. When was this map?
  19. Go bend the knee to Walmart kragner
  20. I heard with currency values peaking in thailand that can get you a mansion with a yacht
  21. This sounds ghey....count me in
  22. This guy reminds me of someone but it cant be him
  23. Happy to keep supporting the game since 2003
  24. Didnt realize allies dont get m10s till last tier?
  25. Ok cuz I thought you said santa wasnt real and that bs dont fly here because i getting a rangers jersey from him this year with the name Kakko on it....santa always delivers !