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  1. I am on vacation for 10 days in nyc to go hang with family and a few ny rangers probably starting Saturday.....by the time i get back the kitty will be waddling around so that should be interesting...oh and kgarander is getting his buttless chaps dusted off and has formulated more allied morale reducing plans....when the going gets tough the kgarnder goes mia
  2. Wtf i didnt know any of that lol....gret and mata are beasts luckily we have wegue to pick up the slack
  3. Thats just ghey.....i bet you wear tighty whiteys and call your dog bill
  4. You can always get drunk and have a naked hula hoop competition with the mirror....thats takes up about 71.5 hours for me
  5. Your king fu is slightly better then mine.....very slightly
  6. It appears everyone has killed stanky alot...including his 7 lil kids
  7. I once found an ei swimming from england way the [censored] out as an axis dd....was shocked and the best part was he wasnt on auto swim he was manned....i dropped the the boats for him to get on but he just kept on swimming so i carried on....then the next guy shot him up lol i think it was death432 or someone from the old 105th gang....this is the old days so that swim must have taken forever and he was only halfway to the coast lol....is that what u mean?
  8. Pulfer we make fun of you in secure forums
  9. In all fairness the kills from rans could have been as allied....he is mr team killer after all
  10. Awesome to all recipients for their hard work
  11. Right to the allied vs axis stuff dre....the morris was already nerfed offroad by quite a bit which i am fine with...this is about offense vs defense....trucks engine noise makes pinpointing it Very easy which is also another reason to leave ews as is....returning to boring ww1online is hopefully not in the plans personally i think offense should be given even more advantages but there seems to be a decent amount of back and forth with a good defense able to push an attack out without having to change things
  12. This was a welcome change and it makes attacking less of a chore and more fun as there is a chance at fog of war....i was on both ends of these changes and i am onboard with low ews and closer ms’s...sorry but defense has enough advantage ingame atm
  13. Oh man can u imagine the steam weirdos mixing in with us
  14. That always been the case or is this something new?...i know they screwed up some forums when they updated last week
  15. We need targets to draw the enemy out of their shells...you can do auto walk to ao and we trail behind and shoot the grey things that shoot u...new tactic
  16. Delems shot me in my butt after i capped genk depo in hassellt yesterday i think he should be awarded for his not missing
  17. Wasssup playa where ya at?...got a solid AEF crew playing pop in and see
  18. Please guys this is a squad recruitment thread ffs lol...take it to Ot where the men wear thongs and the ladies wear mustaches
  19. With great stats comes great responsibility
  20. Ghey
  21. AEF dominated kills and caps for the past campaign by wide margin...also our squad as a whole had over 2.0 k/d ratio which was 2nd place but thats because 1st place had 6 active members and we have over 35....if your a returning vet who enjoys playing allied and uses comms/squadplay while on discord then we can be a home for you....we also encourage vets from axis side to join us who are interested in playing allied for a map or 2....new players who are willing to listen and learn and get on discord are also welcome to join as ling as they play exclusively allied for a map and NOT swap sides....we are the best there is at the moment and we are VERY active so come join the fun
  22. I been using every trick in the book like bribery (gretnine) flattery (pulfer) and guilt (wegue)....my next trick is to get bar back with douchebaggery but i not sure how that will go
  23. You mini88 loving stug monkey champion...congrats
  24. I don’t understand the sensitivity to loudmouth idiots ingame....just .ignore and play as you please