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  1. Short memories here the map back in February-april was only moving in lowpop for weeks at a time with an occasional town cap here and there in euro and us tzs because offense minded players get frustrated with the sheer amount of players who are sitting at light ews do’s and were not helping or even participating on setting and sustaining ao’s/fbs....it was ugly and i dont think its a good idea to get back to more defense and less fog of war

  2. If sustainability was commonplace in regards to real zoc’s then i wouldnt mind a change to ews but with people rushing to defense at the slightest hint of ews the game will be come stale and boring with light ews on the aos while both sides wait for the other to get lucky on a spawn cap or do a good para mission which is definitely not common....if we cant set an ms within 1k without defense getting a headstart then your just feeding the camp monster

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  3. In close quarters combat outside of the cps you must keep moving so the other guy cant hit ya center mass...inside cps pick a spot and control the means of egress and entry's...the rest becomes easy tbh i think everyone who runs upstairs might as well just nade themselves because they have little to no chance of survivability up there against players who know what they are doing....i always aim low and fire up from the legs and that seems to do that trick

  4. 25 minutes ago, ian77 said:

    I know the new trial players are being encouraged to try out all the toys, in the hope that they will take out a subscription, but when there are only 4 tigers in a full spawn list and 2 of them are rolled out by green tags who then ask, "how do I go faster" or "how do I fire the gun" it doesnt help the already  struggling axis team.....

    I treat every tiger like its gonna be dm79 in it so i am happy to blast away if they show their tail feathers...for awhile it seemed every tiger was dandare who i am more then happy to shoot but now he wants to play with nerf tubes and i am sad

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  5. This campaign we are approaching 30,000 kills more then doubling any other squad in game...2nd place has over 12,000 and we have around same amount of players as most squads but we are VERY active for the allied side win or lose....we strongly encourage using voice comms on discord as our primary means of calling out targets/threats setting up attacks or defense....find out why bus0 molests clowns....find out why rans only drinks exclusively  Lipton tea.....find out why dfire lag warps thru walls and shoots people in the peepee.....find out why canukplf is not allowed anywhere near schools or public parks.....find out why gridiron has 11 toes....find out why matamor wears the same new york rangers underwear everyday.....come join us

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  6. 40 minutes ago, Mosizlak said:

    I can kill any allied tank with the pak36. Matilda is very tough, but you can do it. 

    I can kill every axis tank except the tiger with the mle34.  Those are the smallest ATGs in both armies, and they kill everything but 1 tank. 2lber can kill every axis tank. 

    57mm and pak38 and the 6lber can wreck every tank, so I have no idea what you're on about.  

    All of those guns can be towed by regular trucks. 


    New grumpy axis guy filling in for the others that are mia(or maybe just same guy diff tag?)....baby 88 does damage nowadays but please be my guest and dont use it

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  7. Lowpop rules the game its a never ending issue and its effects last into other tzs for sure....i have seen huge momentum shifting type rolls in euro tz have zero effects on lowpop but a big cutoff type of roll in lowpop is devastating to all tzs and gamepop....i hope a solution is found that can fix that tz and not hurt gameplay in other tzs with whatever fix is necessary 

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  8. 6 hours ago, kareca said:

    You had a good position, you killed my stug inside AB and my sapper, but then I hit you and jimatank.
    I eliminated several tanks that camper the AB and with a good team work we saved the city (we only had the S AB).
    But I wasn't angry. It's part of the game. I also stay in ABs ..
    Good fight.
    You are a good player.
    I like that


    Actually i got 3 tigers and 6 stugs from my spot but whos counting....if more boots where south instead of playing the wasteful sniper game i would have doubled that number and we could have pushed but allied in euro tz want to play the solo rambo hero game and not get the important stuff done

  9. 10 minutes ago, tatonka said:

    My XP machine I used to play on with just one account would have lag very bad when multi players are around .  One time at Sedan ,years ago, the axis had the AB shut down and had just the bunker to get .  I ran in the bunker and all the ei acted like I wasn't even there. I shot all 5 and complained to the player base . Everyone said it was over anyway , don't worry about it etc .  To me I robbed them of there Alamo .  :(   Now with my new  win 10 PC  , I always have high FPS, and I notice the 250 crews lags more than before . 

    I still have xp ffs but the game runs very smooth for me ping fps whateves is usually between 19-28 always in the green....got auto despawned once in the last 2 months...only reason i can think i might lag more is because i moved from queens ny in the middle of the biggest city in the world to Mooresville nc where there are substantially less people and my internet isnt as strong as it used to be

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  10. 2 hours ago, sgthenning said:

    French got the char and its just as hard to kill as a matti

    Chars are the new r35s pretty useless in todays game with all the sappers/atgs/tank busters and harsh language....chars in the old days were beastmode but now the doorknocker kills it 

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