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  1. Got a 54 kill mission the other day when in fact it was like 9pzs and a few ei
  2. Its lethal i have not fired it yet but i am sure i could do some damage with that thing
  3. Saw it twice today once on each side
  4. There will be tears
  5. Such a predictable comment from you
  6. Neva!!
  7. I watched him do it dozens of times i know he does different angles because the penetration on it seems to be wonky according to him and alot of the tb pilots(i suck at flying)...i seen his big butt kill multiple tigers on same sortie its why we make fun of him and tell him to go get his jet ski...we actually have a gif for bus0 we posted a few times Just put your bofors up he hates that we have to hear about it on discord
  8. At least you guys could finish this map off soon since the rest of the tzs have pretty much thrown in the towel on organizing much activity outside of fb busts and defense....BORING thanks again lowpop
  9. What benefit would that have?...at least the kamikaze bombers dropped their payload as they poosay kamikazed but tankbusters i dont see any benefits
  10. I remember the stuka tankbuster being ingame during the dreaded tiger tier....why still no m10s or are we supposed to have some sort of formal presentation to the rats or maybe hire delems to “advocate” for it?
  11. I believe 169 allies came back from losing twep bruss and maubege....lowpop turned the tide in that map if I remember correctly
  12. Slow the pixels down = less warping or lag ninja side to side dash...some guys as they are shot at can stop on a dime and do some weird backwards moonwalk thing lift their rifle and hit with accuracy then continue with their sprinting all in a nanosecond....saw some dude do it the other day it was like i was a child playing tackle football with marshawn lynch and i didnt even recognize the guys name...really weird stuff been happening with infantry movement
  13. If shooting lil grey pixels counts as “realism” then i am keeping it real yo....oh and sky fairies needs to chill i see alot of new air stuff has come in and ju88s and hi level bombing...pfft its gonna be raining bombs soon enough ffs