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  1. Ships sink a lot faster compared to last Pearl Harbor event. One bomb can sink you within a short time.
  2. Very good idea. I'd bet a crapload of people would show up.
  3. (formerly)Office of Strategic Stoners.
  4. I would go for it if it was 50vs50 and only like 2 LMG. Of course most people would want to be the defenders...
  5. Straggler stukas that kept coming around killed the wave's power. The stukas could have used a little more coordination. But, during the waves it was hectic and fun
  6. USS Pennsylvannia Couple hits, not listing or sinking/ticking. Lost position 5, that's all. 2 kills.
  7. Or use the special Events channel in allied TS
  8. Yeah, the fleet needs TS comms...
  9. rdsky is MC with me on the USS Penn.
  10. My gunner can't do the event so I need a gunner for the USS Penn.
  11. dightonf might MC with me, he's gotta confirm it.