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  1. Actually made a huge difference for me. Not sure I follow your logic above, the game actually runs on a single core. If you have single core, dual core, or quad doesn't make a difference but how fast a single core clocks does. This game has always been very CPU intensive in my experience no matter how much RAM or GPU power I've thrown at it, the single biggest difference I've experienced was from overclocking.... My system: RAM : 6GB (Game relies on single thread w/ max 2GB of memory) CPU : i7 920 overclocked to 4.0Ghz HDD : 2 160GB Intel X-25 SSDs in RAID0 GPU : Nvidia 280GTX Of the above the CPU overclock made the single biggest difference in FPS game performance. The SSDs only on load time. On your comment regarding CTDs -- If you're CTD'ing because of an overclock it's because you have an unstable overclock. I rarely if ever have CTDs in the game - I've been running at 4.0Ghz stable for over a year. P-
  2. Game Settings: * Logitech G35 * Hardware * 128 Sounds Yes, full surround sound for me - I've tried a lot of different headsets, these by-far have been the best for this game. P-
  3. Go to your motherboard manufacturers website and see if they're are any tools or dicussions going on about your particular motherboard and overclocking it. Or google it. Overclocking is board dependent and CPU dependent. For my system I have an EVGA X58 board with an i7 920 Quad @ 4.0Ghz, the overclock helps a lot in FPS. I'm still trying to figure out the best parameters for 1.31 though. P-
  4. Great set of headphones, love my pair - just be gentle with them as they are known to be a bit fragile where the ear pieces connect to the head band. I think they are awesome though and really do help with pin-pointing audio. I think they give the closest to 7.1 as possible. My setup: * For WWII Online settings mine are set for "Logitech G35 (2- Logitech G35 Headset)" G35s * I have Surround Sound "on" (It's the switch on the headset itself) * I turned microphone in the G35 panel all the way up * I have Bass at the 4th tick mark * I have Treble between the 3rd and 4th tick mark Sound Panel: * Microphone 100% Just a minor note... create a profile for the G keys, I don't use them BUT if you don't create a profile and select an app you don't have (I know this sounds funny), when you take the headset on/off your going to inadvertantly hit one of the G buttons, which is going to start up iTunes. Kinda of a pain they don't have a 'do nothing' option....
  5. Thanks, found a minor bug. Thought these matched the same as perl regex, but it appears the \w which should be alphanumeric isn't matching correctly. So here are some updated regex: Line 0:Callsign:.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Branch.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Rank:.*?"right">{.*?}< Line 1:Captures:.*?"right">{.*?}<.*Kills.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Deaths:.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Kill/Death:.*?"right">{.*?}< Line 2:VICTIMS<.*?vices">.*?{\w|\d.*?}\n.*?right">.*?{\w.*?}\n.*?KILLERS<.*?vices">.*?{\w.*?}\n.*?right">.*?{\w.*?}\nIf I notice any other tweaks I'll post them here. it's fun because you could really grab any data, even rdp and caps from wiretap. P-
  6. Hey, this is awesome!! Didn't know it existed. Here are some of my mods, since writing regex is something I've done to do squad based stat collection. A) Use the font: "Small Fonts" Size: 6 Line: 0 URL : http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/service.jsp?pid=275544 (replace w/ your own page URL) Match: Callsign:.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Branch.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Rank:.*?"right">{.*?}< Output: $0 ($1: $2) This will give you: Piercer (Army: Lt Col) Line 1: Url: http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/service.jsp?pid=275544 Match: Captures:.*?"right">{.*?}<.*Kills.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Deaths:.*?"right">{.*?}<.*?Kill/Death:.*?"right">{.*?}< Output: K: $1 / D: $2 / KD $3 / Caps: $0 This will give you: K: 1,249 / D: 838 / KD 1.49 / Caps: 45 Line 2: Url: http://csr.wwiionline.com/scripts/services/persona/service.jsp?pid=275544 Match: VICTIMS<.*?vices">.*?{\w.*?}\n.*?right">.*?{\w.*?}\n.*?KILLERS<.*?vices">.*?{\w.*?}\n.*?right">.*?{\w.*?}\n Output: LV:$0 ($1)\nLK:$2 ($3) This will give you: LV:Sgt Maj Smokesta (Bedford) LK:Lt Col Chkicker (Crusader II) The only recommendation I have for the original regex is how you grabbed the KD - It's not internationalized. I noticed this in stat collection that sometimes CSR puts out the 1,49 (Europe) vs. 1.49 (US) so the best way is to ignore the '.' or ',' and just grab what's between the html brackets in entirety. The orginal regex is seeking the '.' Hope that helps! Piercer
  7. I skipped Vista because of all the bad performance reviews it received. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate a few weeks back, it's definitely as good or better performance than my XP machine -- Some small things to get used to but I think overall it's going to be a winner. I also read a lot of reviews prior to installing and hands-down the performance is much better. I run WWII in 'Windows Vista SP2' mode, and I run it 'as administrator' -- haven't had any major issues yet. Am just waiting on my 2 Intel 160GB SSD HD's to run in RAID0 to finish my machine. This is my current config: - Motherboard: EVGA X58 Confidential 761-A1 (S61A) - i7 920 D0 / 3901A257 @ 4.1Ghz (1.38v) - Corsair XMS3 6GB C8 (8-8-8-24 1.64v) - EVGA GTX280 @ Stock Settings - Enermax 750w PSU - PA120.3 w/ Apogee GTZ [CPU Loop Only] - 2x 300GB Velociraptors w/ ARECA Board in RAID-0 - X-Fi Extreme Gamer - Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Antec 900 Case - Samsung 244T 24" Widescreen (1920x1200) - Samsung DVD-RW Lightscribe SATA P-
  8. Yes, this should work with those who don't have bluetooth as well. What I've been doing for sometime: * Get everything loaded (except game) and setup. * Click on the launch game icon -- when the login window comes up, * Unplug my USB keyboard * OK and let game launch and load * When the persona select screen comes up, plug keyboard back in. Everything seems to work fine from then on out. P-
  10. Cool people, lots of fun, and kick-butt website and stat pages ;-) www.91ststurmbattlion.com P-
  11. Try clearing your CMOS by doing the following. First, if you're overclocking, write down all your settings from the BIOS -- Good idea to do this even if you're not overclocking in case the CMOS reset clears settings you put in manually. 1) Unplug the power cord in the back 2) Take out the CMOS battery 3) Remove RAM sticks (some folks recommend this, I'm not sure why) 4) Move the CMOS jumper to CLEAR settings 5) Leave it in this 'clear' mode for about 15 minutes or so 6) Replace CMOS jumper 7) Replace Battery 8) Plug back in your RAM 9) Plug in the power cord 10) REBOOT You'll probably need to go into the BIOS and set somethings back. For some folks on some boards the CMOS can get corrupt if there is a system crash. This can mess sometimes with RAM settings and make a board appear like it's completely hosed and the RAM dead. I've resurrected a few systems by doing this, at times, I can swear it makes no sense, but it's worked like a charm quite a few times. P-
  12. The most important setting int he CP is turning "Threaded Optimization" to Off instead of Auto. P-
  13. Yep, same problems.... I get sound drop offs, but the wierdest thing in 1.27 is now I'm getting directional sounds that are way off. Not all the time, intermittently...like an H39 I was trying to sneak up on, I could hear the engine to the left of me, but deffinately it was about 100m in front of me. For awhile I thought there were 2 tanks -- but then realized there was just the 1. It seems in 1.27 I'm noticing more 'clicks' and missing sounds and 3d errors. Oh yea, forgot: X-Fi Xtreme Gamer 128 Sounds ( I just dropped it to 32 the other day, same problems) Music Off Ambient Off It also might be a driver conflict within the x-fi board itself but I haven't played with those settings. P-
  14. Not posting can be caused by a few different things. A bad board, bad memory, and a bad CPU can all make the board fail to post. Does it beep? Or do you turn it on and it just doesn't do anything at all? If you have more than 1 RAM DIMM I'd pull one out, try booting, swap them, try again. Your CPU could be fried, though that isn't very common. Can you borrow a friends CPU? Or yank one from another machine? By a cheap one of the same socket model online? P-
  15. Interesting, especially if you click on the image of the AudioMax card. Probably the best thing to do is Google 'onboard motherboard audio performance' and read a few of the technology review/reports. Typically, on-board audio systems suck CPU cycles for their audio processing capabilities, which will in-turn directly impact your FPS, YMMV from system to system. My personal preference, especially with a game like this that uses a lot of 3D audio and a lot of audio channels is to get a dedicated PCI audio board, I've had great luck with my X-Fi. The problem with the board you're thinking of is it seems to only have 1 PCI slot, so not sure if you want to use it that way. P-
  16. Hahaha...cowbell, damn BOC Anyway, my rig does 180FPS+ out in the open field, 200+ in the open air, and in battles I'm ranging anywhere from 40-95 or so FPS -- the game can be very unpredictable on FPS. For example, the other day I was in Breda and at one point while walking over a blown out building I dropped down to 30, of course, I couldn't 'see' any logical reason for this as there weren't many polys requiring rendering, so who knows!?! But, overall I get great performance. My system: E6600 Intel dual-core OC'd to 3.5Ghz 2GB Corsair TWINX C6400 @ 1200Mhz (5-5-5-15) EVGA 680i SLI Motherboard EVGA 8800GTX 2x Raptor 74GB in RAID-0 1x WD Caviar 300GB (Backup drive) X-Fi Audio Board Enermax 720W PSU Antec 900 Case Swiftech Water Cooling (CPU -> GFX -> NB -> Pump -> Radiator) Right now, I think the only thing worth waiting for is if you want a higher end video card -- the new NVIDIA chips are coming on the market so sometime we should be seeing a 9 series set of cards. Intel just dropped the chip prices back in July and outside of some minor tweaks I don't know of much on the horizon. You could go with quad-core, but that won't really do much for performance, there's a lot of stuff out there that needs to be compiled with threading to take advantage of multiple cores, but it's not as simple as toggling a bit, it requires extensive re-programming to know where threads can be used -- long and short of it, will be some time I think before we see WWIIOL really taking advantage of threading. P- P-
  17. You know how many polygons it takes to make a perfect sphere?!?! hahahaa... Anyway, that's interesting I wonder how they're implementing the pixel shaders. I'll have to see what performance hit I get when I get home. P-
  18. I think your unscientific result is correct. Somewhere the other day someone said if you go look at the range adjustments for tank optics it's more obvious because the ring is clipped at the top where it shows the distance, though I haven't looked at this myself, this would mean that the aspect ratio is being maintained by 'zooming' up the window and then clipping areas that fell out of the view plane. P-
  19. Typically this is caused by graphics drivers. What kind of card? P-
  20. Yes, that's correct that's why I said the performance gain was nominal. It's really about splitting individual processes across the 2 cores that gives the better performance. but a dual-core vs. a quad-core should have exact same performance if they are identical otherwise. I will add though that turning on both cores in the task manager for WWII seems to get rid of some stutters as well as give me a few extra FPS, maybe 5 or so. I'm wondering if some of the libraries that CRS licenses are thread optimized, as certainly the app itself isn't. P-
  21. When was the last time you re-installed XP? Do you install a lot of apps under XP? Etc..... I find XP sometimes gets unstable after I've installed/uninstalled, plugged in new devices, etc.... over time the OS can get bloated with stuff and start slowing and acting funny. * Do you have virtual memory on? how much? * Do you overclock your system at all? The 'new' error is caused by memory leaks, that is when programmers write code and grab memory for objects and don't release the memory back when the object isn't in use anymore. Over time, while playing, the application memory keeps growing until it uses up all available resource, it goes for that next shiny new chunk of object memory and it does an assertion and find there isn't any left so it bombs out. P-
  22. Chieftom -- Couple of quick things to consider: A) Single core, dual core, quad core -- little performance difference because the game isn't optimized to really take advantage of multi-core technology. I got a big FPS increase going from 2.4Ghz to 3.5Ghz on my dual core E6600, much more than I got switching from an older 6800 to an 8800GTX If you switch from 1920x1200 to 1600x1200 and you get nominal at best FPS increase then it's most likely bottle-necking at the CPU -- Try turning on AA higher and/or AF, see what performance hits those make. If the hits are only a few FPS then it's most likely the CPU that's choking. Anyhow, game is awesome in 1920x1200...that's for sure ;-) P-
  23. I think you can still use the settings application to fix this? P-
  24. Well, off the top of my head I think I have AA 4x and AF 4x, but I can confirm later when I get home. Keep in mind I said 60fps 'average', that might seem low, but like everyone here there are some things in this game that a Cray for whatever reason still stutter. Xanthus is mentioning peak numbers -- my 8800GTX and 3.5GHz dual core will get upwards 180fps+ if everything is calm, even hit 230-300fps in a plane sometimes. A busy spawn bldg, with folks spawning in and running out I get around 70-90fps. A real crazy day 40fps will hit the low point, and the occasional blip in the 30's. Keep in mind though that this game, as much as I love it and have played it now in my 5th year has some serious optimization issues in some areas. One city you get great FPS and other you get crappy FPS, who knows why?! Sometimes staring at a blank wall will achieve 130fps, other times on 50fps!? YMMV...At the end of the day though, for me, I saw the biggest improvement from clocking up my CPU from 2.4 -> 3.5 Ghz, that easily added 20-30fps onto my game. P-