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  1. Hmmm...6000 seems low to me on 3DMark05 --- because our systems arent' that different. I'd expect more around the 8k range. Just a random thought, when you right click on the little nvidia logo in the taksbar and look at the image settings, they are all marked as "Application Controlled" correct? You're not sneakily selecting 4x AA or 16x AS?? I'd imagine your removal and reinstallation would have fixed that though. Another test you might do is switch from 32 to 16 color and see what impact that has on your frame-rates as well. Some other things to check: - What's the power rating on your PSU? - You have the power plugged in directly to the card? I think the GTX requires 2 seperate power plugs. My GT requires two seprate 'independent' PSU plugs. - After all these checks, it might come down to 2 things, either something might be faulty on the GTX card, or your mobo bios either isn't supporting the card correctly or has some incorrect settings. For example, my Asus board required a bios update to correctly support the 7900GT board. P-
  2. I've been following this thread and I'm not sure still what the right answer is for you. But, in 3DMark06 your total score was 3600ish? Can you run 3DMark05 as well? I get about 5300 on 3DMark06 and 9880 on 3DMark05 -- I have a 7900GT that I"ve overclocked to a GTX (650/1600), I've also overclocked my 4200 to 2.67Ghz which skews my results -- I'd imagine on 3DMark05 you'd get around 8000 or so. I would think in 3DMark06 you'd hit somewhere around 4000-4500 given your current setup. So you might not be that far off. P-
  3. Oh yea, widescreen rocks, adds a new level of realism to the game, but it takes some serious horsepower from your graphics card. Here's my rig, I get about 40-60fps in town now at 1920x1200 with no AA and LOD ticked, also No Lock to Refresh (Sometimes get tearing, but better than the step downs associated with locking) You have to edit the config file and manually change to 1920x1200x32(or x16), do this after you set all your settings, as re-opening the settings panel can reset the resolutions. My System Specs (w/ some gorry details): CPU: AMD 64 x2 4200+ 2.2Ghz (Overclocked to 2.67Ghz / Zalman cooled / running at 1.375v on the core -- 34© idle 47© load at 28© ambient -- it overclocks well so I might take it to 2.8Ghz) MOBO: Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe -- new board, I really like it so far, no complaints. MEM: 2GB of Corsair 4x512MB at 2-3-3-6 timings running at 221(442Mhz DDR -- That's at a 187Mhz base memory clock because of the CPU overclock / No matter what timings or voltage it was unstable using 1:1 [200Mhz] which would've required a 486Mhz memory speed). GFX: Nvidia 7900GT SLI [Only 1 board though] (Overclocked to 650Mhz Core / 1700Mhz Memory w/ Zalman GPU cooler -- great board, and 650Mhz makes it a 7900GTX for $200 dollars less -- The cooler keeps it at around 36© at idle, up to around 62© load with the overclock) HD: 74GB Raptor Main drive / 250GB Maxtor secondary MON: Samsung 244T 1920x1200 6ms 500cd/m and 1000:1 contrast (This monitor is amazing, color quality is spectacular out of the box) AUDIO: I have an older Catalina card, it works, I wear headphones all the time anyhow OS: Windows XP Pro Gaming Devices: Nostromo N52 [A must have], Saitek EVO, G5 Logitech Laser Mouse, CH Pro Pedals, and Track IR Pro 3. At stock speed on both the CPU and the 7900GT I couldn't run in 1920x1200 I had to move down to 1600x1200 -- I was getting around 10fps in city, and when I spawned into a camped AB (damn allies) I was at 7fps at best. The overclocking fixed all that :-D I highly recommend the 244T, tho pricey, at 500cd/m you have to actually turn down the brightness sometimes. I get no lag or ghosting, some earlier buyers of the 244t complained of lagginess, I haven't experienced any but I just got it about 3 weeks back and it was stamped as manufactured in June '06 -- so maybe it's updated. P-
  4. I had similar stutter problems, very annoying, especially in flight. Remembered I had set water shader update for every 3 seconds, and that was about how often I was getting it when it happened. Turned shaders off and everything seems to be working fine. P-
  5. I did a major upgrade of my system this weekend. During the upgrade I decided to defrag the partition that I use exclusively for virtual memory (4GB partition). So I turned virtual memory off and then forgot to turn it back on. I was surprised at how low my FPS were after the upgrade, matter of fact I was really astonished. Then when I realized I had forgotten to turn back on the VM I was then amazed how much this impacted overall game performance: System: MB: A8N32-SLI Deluxe (Replaced MSI Neo2 Platinum -- non-SLI) MEM: 2GB 400DDR PC3200 CORSAIR DUAL CHANNEL GFX: PNY 7900GT (not OC'd yet) (Replaced BFG 6800GT OC) CPU: AMD 64 X2 4200+ (not OC'd) Zalman CNPS9500 AM2 CPU Cooler MON: Samsung 244T (Yea Baby!!) 24" Widescreen 1920x1200 HDS: Raptor 74GB (main drive) -- Maxtor 200GB (2nd backup drive) I run the game at 1600x1200 -- Even with the 7900GT the 1920x1200 demands with WWII OL are to high, forcing FPS way down. 32 vs. 16 bit has minimal impact. No Anti-Aliasing on either. Frame rates with VM on: Over 80 FPS (MAX) / 15 FPS (MIN) in City -- Avg. 45 FPS I keep No Lock to Refresh ticked, as this has big hit on FPS changes Frame rates with VM off: At best 30 FPS (MAX) / 3 FPS (MIN) in City -- Avg. 15 FPS (Yuck!!) -- Game is unplayable in the AB when it's busy -- mostly 3-7 FPS. This really surprised me, given the memory and CPU -- Maybe there's something down in the config settings, because for almost evey other game I run this has zero to minimal impact. P-
  6. Well, after playing for 3 years without any controller issues, I've stumbled on one with the replacement of my mouse. After yanking the wire out of my mx500 logitech mouse (nothing like rolling over the mouse cord with your chair while playing agressively.) I went out to purchase a new mouse. I picked up the G5 Laser Gaming Mouse from Logitech. It's a nice mouse with a good set of features. My Setup: * Track IR 3 * Saitek Cyborg EVO * CH Pro Pedals * N52 Gaming Pad * And, now the G5 Laser Mouse System: AMD64 X2 4200+ w/ 2GB RAM and Nvidia 6800, WinXP Pro THE PROBLEM: My G5 Laser Mouse seems to be interefering with my Saitek stick being recognized when starting up the game. XP sees all the controllers in the 'Game Controllers' Panel -- I can check input on all the properties settings for all my devices. But, when I'm in the Keymapper settings for the game it sees the CH Pedals, N52, Track IR, and Mouse - but doesn't see the Saitek controller. I've tried all sorts of things, like trying different USB ports, but to no avail. Also, it doesn't seem to be an issue in any other games I have. MY INTERIM FIX: I found, that if I unplug the mouse from the USB port, then start the game, and after the game fully loads, plug the mouse back in, that the game sees all my controllers -- and the mouse seems to work fine. So it appears to be some sort of conflict when the devices are being loaded by the game during start-up. My challenge with this method is my Mouse USB isn't iin any form of an easy-to-reach setup. Any ideas on a solid fix (rather than unplugging the mouse)? Something I'm overlooking? A settings tweak, maybe in the registry???? Any help, greatly appreciated. Thanks P-
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