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  1. Add 11th Hussars to the list of interested parties.
  2. Why not just remove the APC/Trucks altogether? It makes being so far apart pointless. If you want the Allies to get there first, why not just give them a small head start on foot? 2 invisible /msp positions, so the enemy can't camp the FB with a 251 or ... yeah. Remove the truck/apc and just setup 2 spawn /msp's 1km either side and hey presto.
  3. I have 7200 at home and 5400 at work, the difference is unreal. I heard the same about the raptors, noise is a factor as I tend to play late at night when the wife has gone to bed
  4. Sounds like he's going to be dealing with sticky keys
  5. Well for the 2nd & 4th points you could be looking at loss of connectivity, do you play off a wireless network, or a cabled network? Run the program wwiiol_netcheck.bat which is in your c:\program files\crs\battleground europe\ directory It will test your connection to the servers, it creates a text file called, netcheck.txt, you can post that in here. wwiiol is pretty intensive when it comes to bandwidth, so having other things downloading in the background will cause you some bother, as will TS if you have limited bandwidth. Point 1 is probably related to you missing packets with regards player updates, I get this on occasions, is your map really slow and clunky when moving around? Point 3 not sure on that one tbh sorry. If you are getting a reset crash, check for the log files in the above directory, the files are called. ww2errinfo.log & ww2error.log Post those in this thread, any CRS bod will understand them.
  6. That looks pretty good for the price as well. Never had an ATI before, reviews seem favourable as well.
  7. Looks good, cheaper than buying direct from dell. Have to question whether it's one that has been RTB (2nd hand), but yeah, looks pretty good and you get 3 year warranty on it + 4gig. £1,193 @ Dell that 1530 you priced from ebay igor, good saving that.
  8. It can if you download the full latest patch (as posted by Bloo). Although for 30 quids if you phone dell they'll install that instead of vista.
  9. Added some reviews for that XPS system, 40 fps in CoD4, 20 fps in Crysis, although Crysis is a graphically superior game environment. Crysis review (bad language aware link, but funny)
  10. Hi, If it was myself, I'd contemplate a Dell XPS, but you've got to be careful on the gfx card you get as that is where these Dell's start to fail, I've looked at the Sony Viao in your price range and it has the gfx card that you don't want (8600M GS), you must get a GT, this is your price bracket. If you could squeeze another £200 you'd get a better machine, but that goes as standard I guess. For your pocket you're looking at the XPS M1530 The 8600M GT is better than the GS or G version of that card, however it's not at the top of the range any more, so don't be expecting huge FPS in game, 2 gig memory and 250gb HD If I was you I would put just a few extra quid towards it get the next processor up 2.2ghz and the next battery up as well for reliablity, unless you are going to be using it powered up all the time then don't bother. Basic comes to £779, with other processor £849, this includes delivery. They're on special till end of month. Reviews
  11. How much you looking to spend, because that'll be the over riding factor.
  12. Hardly, was associated with the plot to assassinate Hitler and out of respect was given the choice of humiliation or cyanide pill, got a state funeral I believe, or something close to it. Still, a fine tanker >>>> incidently the forums for tankers are over there.
  13. It does work, I had the same problem, I tried uploading one jpg it wouldn't work (size and stuff all correct), grabbed another image, uploaded that, then reuploaded what I wanted and it worked. Couldn't explain it tbh.
  14. Sounds like the game is pushing your graphics card to melting point. Go to your mobo driver website and find a GPU Temperature Tester. I'm betting your GPU has shut it self down a little which will induce lag (buffered graphic processing) to cool it down. Alternatively open your PC case and fire a desk fan at it. Can also clean your PC, get a mini hoover and clear out the dust from fans especially around the heatsink of the graphics card etc.
  15. < FREE If that can't get rid then you best nuke it from orbit.
  16. Is it wireless?
  17. Post your DX-Diag, also when it crashes, an error log file gets created, post that too.
  18. Nice photo's utinni, why such a low resolution though? Considering the 400D can get upto 3000x
  19. Enjoyed that, commentary was pretty good, the Allies where holding the line against a lot of atg/armour. Grats to thesarg for taking out those 4 pieces of armour. Grats to Mike as well for greentagging it to the building, that was pretty funny.
  20. haha, woot! I'll do it tomorrow, I'm off in 40mins.
  21. Download irfanview and get the irfanview plugins, better than wmp
  22. If this game was real he'd not have been able to drive a tank, he'd have been shipped off to some cold store, or behind lines for recuperation!
  23. You as in general the Axis, not you as in you the you, should have made that clearer sorry.