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  1. Nevermind, found it in system settings. Total macnoob here. //G
  2. The headset works fine in Os X but in WW2Online the option to select sound source says "That option is not available in your configuration" and it defaults to the internal speakers, which sucks naturally. Help... //G
  3. Try change from hardware to software? //G
  4. I can warmly recommend Verdun France. You can still see the pockmarked face of the battlefield. They are doing excavations and still find remains and weapons. There is a huge mausoleum there with the remains of 250.000 (!) unidentified soldiers, regardless of nationality. The huge fields of white crosses surrounding the mausoleum are awe inspiring. //G
  5. There is a program called Throttlewatch. Start up, go play WW2OL and alt-tab out to check it. ANY throttling and you need to fix your cooling system. //G
  6. I reformatted my computer today and connected to the FTP server to re-download the Battleground Europe install file. I am getting around 10 KB/s from it. That means 6 hours download time. It is not my internet connection as I get high speeds from other US servers that I have tried. Perhaps a European mirror could be arranged? //G
  7. New Forceware 100 drivers are ok on the Vista. Sadly my computer is reaching 2 years soon so it is not chugging along as nicely as it used too. Compared to XP you lose roughly 10-15% framerate in WW2OL. //G
  8. I managed to get WWII OL running on Vista. You have to download the latest drivers for Nvidia Forceware 100 Vista (if you have that brand) to get it to work reasonably. Still I get lags and stutter and roughly 50% of my XP framerate. Also my game refuses to load with the SSE2 executable. Unchecking that and the game loads fine. Certain that this problem will be remedied by CRS as Vista becomes more common. //G
  9. Infantry in groups. Wish this game could feature some sort of squad system. Not the trial o lemmings we have now
  10. Follow this
  11. Filmed today in three consecutive missions. /G
  12. I just think its the "old" desktop icon monster. The playgate.exe windows shortcut. The new one should work fine... So the tip for any returners would be to save cfml and uninstall and re-install rather than patch the old-game. /G
  13. Do you have a FN key on your keyboard? Some keyboards have "function" keys that change the behavior on the keyboard if pressed. I have had one stuck once and that completely screwed up my keyboard layout. Do you have a USB or PS2 keyboard? /G