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  1. I get message saying 'couldn't open executable'. Any suggestions?
  2. Auto update failed for me also. Used the link above and now downloading. However, a miserable 65 KB/sec and I on 20mb broadband
  3. I'm not sure if this is still a valid workaround but try running game as administrator.
  4. Have a look here: I've had the same problem. Not totally resolved but I'm almost there.
  5. I must add that my version of MS Office 2007 is the enterprise version which is simply a solution that allows employees of employers who have an agreement with Microsoft to purchase the application at a reduced cost.
  6. Sorry frito, if I can just point you to my previous post!
  7. CRS you have a problem! I have uninstalled Microsoft Office 2007 and WW2 Online now works perfectly. There is obviously something that Microsoft office 2007 installs that this game doesn't like! I think you need need to look at this because I don't think it is acceptable to have to sacrifice MS Office 2007 so you can play the game! I really hope that you can find a solution.
  8. Do you know how your friend resolved the issue? Is it a case of simply uninstalling Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable? Also, I was wondering if installing all of the latest Microsoft security updates could have caused this problem? Is totally driving me nuts not being able to fix this and I'm no numpty when it comes to computers or at least I don't think I am! My better half is out on her works Xmas party tonight and I need to play damn it!
  9. Taken from the PlayGATE.0.log file: I [Thu 1/01 00:57.00.936 PlayerLogon.cpp:176] Login request "yozz76" I [Thu 1/01 00:57.01.343 PlayerLogon.cpp:183] Login reply [n] Am I banned for some reason unbeknown to me? This is driving me crazy. I have faith in this community to help me find a solution. I've not had a problem getting in game since I joined just over 12 months ago, this issue seems to be just out of the blue!
  10. Hi Rubbish, Offline modes work perfectly ok. I'm totally stumped as to why I can't connect online. Only thing that has changed with my PC since I was last able to log in is that I have installed Microsoft Office 2007.
  11. I've now uninstalled and reinstalled and I'm still getting the same problem. Do you mind if I cry?
  12. Have tried for quite some time to get in game tonight. Accepts my password and shows campaign and training as open. However, when I click play for either it just goes straight back to my desktop! Anyone got any ideas? I suspect I may end up having to reinstall?
  13. Gutted that I can't take part in this. Would love to have all those planes to aim at but it is my daughter's birthday and I have promised to take her shopping followed by somewhere special for a meal.
  14. Fearny, Overclockers are doing this PC for £500 at the moment. If you could stretch to it I think you'll struggle to find a better system for the price mate. Ooops, please ignore. hadn't realised you had already spotted it!
  15. Hey fearny, I'm sure you will be able to answer this one for me? When server is back up will I simply need to uninstall the whole game from my PC and then download from website and install again? The way I'm reading things is that it won't be an auto update?