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  1. 7 wins.
  2. I've just remembered that I had a similar issue with the mouse for the proper game when i went to Windows 7. I have now changed the compatability mode run as Vista SP2. However, I'm assuming the server is down at the moment as I'm getting the message 'unable to log in to the patch server'.
  3. My bad! It is the correct online version I'm launching as it is 1.30.5 or something. However, my mouse doesn't want to work with it! The cursor is frozen after i have logged in! Any ideas?
  4. Ok thanks guys. I've now downloaded and have had a look around off line, looks very promising. However, is the beta available to play online as whenever I click on the Playgate icon it is launcing the current campaign in 1.30!
  5. I'm keen to take part in the open beta but I don't know if I'm a premium subscriber. All I know is that I pay by direct debit on a monthly basis. Can someone tell me what constitutes a premium subscriber?
  6. Hmm, very strange. Thanks for your effort to resolve this but I promise you that the max/native res for my monitor is 1440 x 900! The conflict is certainly with one of the MS Office 2007 Enterprise apps that I have now left out as I can now play the game fine. I'm suspecting Groove but that is just a hunch. As per my previous post, I'll try through a process of elimanation asap to determine and will let you know.
  7. Sorry Kc, this is an issue with 1.30.2
  8. A little update to let you know that I'm on the verge of solving this! MS Office 2007 Enterprise version full install includes all of the following: Access Groove InfoPath OneNote Outlook Power Point Publisher Visio Viewer Word Shared Features Office Tools I have now decided to try a custom install leaving out the following as I either don't need or don't know what they are!: Groove InfoPath OneNote Outlook Visio Viewer Basically one or more of the above that I have chosen not to install is causing the conflict! I am now able to play the game with the remainder of the MS Office 2007 apps installed. When I get the chance and through a process of elimination, I shall determine which app(s) causes the conflict and let you know.
  9. Hi GOPHUR, thanks for looking at this. I do have a ticket number which should provide you with access to my system specs etc as I submitted a netcheck.txt when I raised this ticket. The number is 42754. I must also tell you that I have just installed MS Office 2007 again and I'm once more presented with the issue! I have disabled all startup entries relative to MS Office 2007 but this has not provided a solution. I can't remember if I have already explained but my version of MS Office 2007 is an Enterprise version, as to whether this makes any difference - I don't know? I appreciate that a few extra days have been added to my account but it looks like that I am going to have to uninstall MS Office 2007 again so that I can play the game and until a solution can be found. Priorities eh! Oh, I should add that I'm able to log in with my password and can get as far as clicking on 'Play' after selecting 'campaign open'.
  10. CRS you have a problem! I have uninstalled Microsoft Office 2007 and WW2 Online now works perfectly. There is obviously something that Microsoft office 2007 installs that this game doesn't like! I think you need need to look at this because I don't think it is acceptable to have to sacrifice MS Office 2007 so you can play the game! I really hope that you can find a solution.