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  1. run in vista compatability mode
  2. I swear by these, got some £55 steelseries headset and they were terrible :s
  3. you guys recruiting pilots still?
  4. can those hardbooks really withstand getting shot ? it sounds like gfx/sound drivers to me, specially as its happening in the movies aswell, problem is, lappie drivers are hard to come by , not a helpful post sorry
  5. ive got a circa 44 British para helmet, although it has no protection on ears, it is a very nice fit and gives your senses plenty of room, whilst feeling safe
  6. video i just made has some spelling mistakes in it etc but who cares:o its about 15 minutes of the best para drop ive been in includes me landing on a german
  7. I Can for you mail me
  8. Thx for the help guys
  9. does the game keep chat logs anywhere??? i was talking to someone and he invited me to email him about his team but i think i wrote he email down his name was like caligula (this is the bit i spelt wrong) help on either subject is appriciated
  10. ahh thanks alot
  11. Hi guys, i can never find a straight answer on this never in my books or on the net its regarding the issue of 1911's to troops did anyone get issued it??? as far as i know enlisted men would buy them same as NCO's and then officers would either get a pistol or Carbine can anyone help? thx in advance
  12. ^^^^ like that u mean retard
  13. unfortunatley no, i think they all do it, if you turn sound off the drop aint so bad
  14. Right then guys here it is!! its a really old movie from the early days and well, it pwns all!!
  15. Dont want to take this forum off topic, but close combat 2 was the best /me runs on topic i think Panzer elite, m1a2 abrams and that T-72 Bulkans Game are the only real ones out there