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  1. I was also curious what affect an SSD has on WWIIOL aside from faster load times, assuming any. I read an article about people using SSD for WoT and due to the ability to read data from the SSD faster it improved FPS by roughly 10-/+. Granted all the maps are downloaded to your SSD in WoT. I don't know what read/write would be taking place in WWIIOL except screen shots.
  2. I briefly heard about this somewhere else. The competition is badly needed. Reports on some of AMD's latest CPU's are that they are incredibly hot, even with water cooling. I use a Cryorig H5 cooler and it keeps the 6600k at 42c under load which was the idle temp of the Phenom II 940.
  3. I had a Phenom II 940 x4 that was overclocked to 3.4ghz and despite everything being on low settings the game often had very low FPS. I had 4gb of memory and a GTX 660(currently still run this card). At the most I averaged 60-70 frames and often stuttered in heavy fights, dropping to 25FPS. The CPU often had a single core maxed out. Today my I5-6600k at 3.5ghz has no stutters and WWIIOL has not used more than a 40% load. The only real difference has been the CPU. Were talking roughly the same speeds but the FPS difference in game during a heavy battle has tipped largely to this Intel CPU. I'll admit I don't know much about CPU architecture and I don't want to turn this into an AMD vs. Intel thread but speed for speed this Intel, though it is my first ever, has far superior performance for a single core.
  4. There is a program you can download called CPU-Z that will tell you your CPU, Memory, etc. and the speed and timings at which it is operating. It is a very small download and lightweight program that uses 4.6mb of memory when running, not that you would constantly have it running since it is only meant to give quick info.
  5. Serious question, are there any motherboards not made in China? I've owned several different brands and can't recall one that wasn't made there.
  6. I just got a Gigabyte z170X gaming 3 motherboard, Intel I5 6600k, and 8gb of Hyper X memory. I am still running an older GTX 660 graphics card because I can't decide on which card to go with. On low settings I have hit 245FPS and on high settings I have never dipped below 55 during the hottest fights. Going with the new skylake build has been the best decision I could have made. I have always owned AMD boards/cpu's but they don't compare to this I5 6600k in single core performance. I also finally switched over to use an SSD, yeah I'm a little late on that change. They are incredibly fast though. I can boot WWIIOL in roughly 5 secs when it would take 30+ with my old HDD.
  7. This is my first post on the "too much armor" topics I've read. I for one am completely against CRS reducing the armor list. I've found many times I couldn't get a tank because the player population was so high. Nevertheless, I don't believe anything good comes from CRS regulating. I think the players need to get their heads out of their arses and do something about it themselves instead of whining for CRS to do something. Bomb the factories, camp the vehicle spawns, SAP them, ATR them, ZOOK them, etc. There are so many ways to reduce supply in this game but it is simply easier to whine about it on the forums. It is because of players whining for CRS to do something that the player population dropped so much in the past. The power is in your own hands to do something about it.
  8. I DO use it but not all the time because I am not much for small talk. I love team speak for heavy fighting. If the fight dies off and players start the small talk and I can't focus on the fight then I tend to log off TS so I am not distracted from the fight. Some like to just chit chat and sometimes I don't mind listening to humor but other times I simply have to close it and do my own thing if the rest of the squad isn't really organized on the same attack. It is a very useful tool and for some it is just a nice way to talk to friends. I wish more would use it.
  9. I'm looking to upgrade my PC so I need some suggestions. Current system: Foxconn A79A-S motherboard AMD Phenom II 940 (OC to 3.4ghz) 6 GB OCZ ram GTX 660 PSU: Cooler master 750w Windows 7 I've never had much of a buffer with my FPS in game. With a light fight I might get 50-60 but when the fighting gets heavy I am lucky to stay above 25 fps. This is with GFX card and game settings on low. I only play WWIIOL and I know CPU speed is very important. I was hoping to switch over to Intel. Due to my budget I need to use what hardware I can such as the PSU and GFX card. For now I would like to get an Intel motherboard, CPU, and Ram. Since the game is very CPU intensive the motherboard and CPU are critical at this point. I need suggestions on components that are a good bang for the buck. I know very little about Intel since I've always used AMD, hence the post.
  10. I just resubbed my account. I also paid for two others that have decided to return to the game under this offer. I noticed it says the next billing date will be July 6th which doesn't account for the free month. When will this be adjusted to show on the accounts page?
  11. Sometimes it is worse than others. In a minor case I can reload the game and it works. Switching brigades and then changing back might get me spawned in. But during bad times when a ton of players are complaining about it, I sometimes find nothing works except a server restart. The whole network or connection to this game is fubar. For any new players that read this, not it wasn't always like this. Hopefully it will not stay this way either.
  12. What processor are you using? Is this a new build? You said you only had 2GB of ram. This alone wouldn't be an issue but if your processor is below specs it may not load. Given the motherboard your using and graphic card I'm assuming your processor is probably fast enough. I had a problem in the past where if I had triple buffering enabled at the same time verticle sync was enabled the game would not load at all. So you might try turning off verticle sync just to rule it out. Otherwise I'd question the video driver.
  13. I believe this PC has a Logisys 650w power supply. Come to think of it, the PSU is a few years old now so it might be worth checking out. I will probably pull it out and use a multimeter to see how much power it is putting out and maybe pull the cover and see if any capacitors are blown or swollen. I've soldered a few in some LCD tv's in the past so if that is the case I should be able to fix it without having to get a new PSU.
  14. I am having a problem with one of my PC's. It is getting a BSOD at random times. It happens whether I am playing the game or not, though it is more likely to do it under the load of the game. First I started getting a BSOD at random times. I ran Memtest for about 8 hours and it came up with zero errors on both sticks of ram (2x2gb). I ran Seagate diagnostics test from both the windows environment and from a boot up disc. It said the hard drive was fine. So I used the Windows disc to check for any start up errors so it could repair them if needed. Well it said Windows could not find any startup problems. I replaced the SATA cable also, but that didn't help. The computer does boot up fine and sometimes it will run for hours with no problems and then just randomly crash. Anyway, due to the chances it could still be the hard drive, I replaced it with another one. It ran fine for a while and then started doing it again with the other hard drive. Again, the 2nd drive tested good also. I thought maybe the graphic card was doing it, so I swapped it with another graphic card which came from a fully functional PC with no problems. But still it crashes. The temps are fine. The motherboard temps stay at about 29-32c. The CPU stays around 36-46c depending on whether the game is running. The graphics card stays about 36-50 depending on what I'm doing. Nothing is overclocked on this PC. I am at a loss and not sure what else to check. This PC's specs are similar to the other comptuers I have in the house and they are running fine. Specs for this PC: Asus M3A32-MVP Phenom BE 2.7ghz 4GB Corsair XMS Vista 64
  15. I have had the same problem for a long time. I can't figure it out either. When I hear an opel or ET, it is often the opposite direction of what I'm hearing. I usually have to turn my head in game and listen for sounds that way. It seems to be more accurate then.