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  1. Spys and sideswitchers are the biggest myths in the game.
  2. I just re-upped after 1-2 years off. When I log into a empty town i get frame rates that bounce from about 60+ to 8-9 rapidly over and over. My movement is choppy .. pretty much unplayable. Any ideas what could be going on? BL
  3. Just started playing again. Experianced player who knows how to kill stuff .... Looking for a Brit squad that operates with decent numbers during early afternoons eastern usa time..2pm + few hrs. Send me a pm if interested, or if you have a set of big cans BL
  4. uh moron i posted in here first.
  5. Getting a big mouth now eh tough guy....
  6. Alot of people quit the game.
  7. Never been impressed with 6th Army. This is more a product of a French side that is in disarray.......
  8. Great stuff as always Blownup! dude you are such a ham. S!