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  1. Clean the dust from heatsink/fan, remove heatsink and reapply thermal paste, manually incease fan speed, cut down on the overclock. Possibilities are endless. The only way I manage to get things to happen like you describe is to overclock my vid card (usually ram) beyond reason.
  2. Pointless to buy new vid card if you have a processor that is unable to feed it. As Indo wrote, this game is cpu limited (zooming on trees being the sole exception). Go with Amd and you might be able to upgrade cpu, mobo and ram in one go.
  4. Thats a ripoff build made to rob people who dont know any better of their money what you posted chokk.
  5. Thats the biggest letdown for me. I thought 5850 prices will have to come down. And they dont need to
  6. 70dB fan noise. Also if you really really want to have the fastest graphics there is, then its a no brainer: 5970. And it uses less power then the 480;)
  7. Ahwulf does this apply to pc as well? Do I understand it correctly that the ATI crap big town performance and nVidia zoomed view performance are being worked on?
  8. Oh so the legendary thermi isnt vaporware after all. Just too little, too hot and too late... Yields on that 500mm2 fattie must be excellent for sure.
  9. Jesus people this has been here so many times and you all give him the wrong answers.... Let me look in my magic ball... You have a nvidia card and once you installed this (179.48) driver all was well. P.S. You may try newer drivers as well but this one is almost guaranteed to work.
  10. Same thing. Going by sound only I would say my GPU fan went straight to 100% when looking through binos.
  11. Yes and not only that, relatively lowly card like my Radeon 4830 is outperforming chimaeras 4870x2 which is just plain wrong. Needless to say ATI cards are being comprehensively beaten by just about any nVidia card. Edit: Out of curiosity, why would you write "still not performing up to snuff"? My understanding was that they never were.
  12. Just turn off the alerts in settings and wait for 1.31. Been reported since 1.30 open beta but nothing had been done about it.
  13. Asus motherboard + Ati card (4xxx series though) + fresh W7 64 install = rock solid game for me. Sorry mitch.