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  1. Welcome back.
  2. This type of thing caused my death a couple of days ago, raydr pulled up behind the hulk of a previous tank that I'd killed with my atg, I couldn't shoot him because of the hulk but he could and did shoot me because the hulk wasn't even there on his computer. I must put a bug report in for this.
  3. You can get good looking fire with a shader but to do it fire properly where it would hurt if you walked into it etc. It would require a lot of dev time.
  4. The forced despawn information is pinned to the top of this forum section and the mfc issue fix is just a few posts below this one.
  5. I'll check whether there is a ticket for it 'cos it annoys me too.
  6. Personally I think fb's with no associated ao should just require 4 charges on each, I find it so boring blowing cold fb's now, having an FB ews system could make for some awesome battles, something to assist the underpop side would be needed as well though.
  7. Interesting food for thought, thanks for taking the time to write it, it'll be interesting to hear what other people say.
  8. Have you read this @Di11on?
  9. I'd be happy if the damn fms check box remembered your setting!
  10. All good ideas, if only we had more Devs.
  11. I like the idea, I think we need more things like this that can be destroyed, repaired or captured. The more things we have to keep players amused, the better.
  12. I'm not a pilot, What is 'the fishbowl haze' ? Is that where the game stops rendering, do pilots feel it's too close or what is the problem?
  13. It would be great if the crew crumpled into a ragdoll heap on the floor when dead but as with everything it's a matter of someone finding the time to do it.
  14. Some work has been done on bringing emotes back but there's more work to be done.
  15. This is the funniest post I've read in ages, thank you. lol