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  1. There's no switch, it would require code changes.
  2. It saddens me just how many people see the other side as not only the enemy in game but their enemy in life, I wish more people would realise that we are one big community of WWIIOL fans. If you've never tried the other side for at least a campaign, please do, not only will you see that the grass isn't greener over there but the players are human too!
  3. I've been wanting/needing more chat channels for years, it was usually the Help channel that I sacrificed.
  4. Good, because I'm fed up with you killing me! lol
  5. It's funny that you should be talking about this, I stumbled upon the error in the maths last week.
  6. Why did they leave, what didn't they like?
  7. I'm reserve HC and I'd really like to automatically be hcoff by default. I agree with kilemall though, in the long run more work is needed.
  8. ATG's are my favourite weapon in game, the rocking that affects all of them is annoying as is the gun moving way off target after shooting. I'd love to hear from people that have used them in real life, did they constantly move after being fired?
  9. I suggest screenshot and send to Xoom. If you enjoy the game, why unsub?
  10. I'm with you delems but I don't make decisions, you need @XOOM
  11. This would require a huge amount of code changes, we just don't have the time even if we wanted to. You could potentially save the unit for your friend by not cancelling the reserve on the unit until your friend was ready to quickly reserve it for themself. Its not guaranteed to work but it should have a high chance.
  12. I like it as an idea, how much work is involved to make it work, I'm not sure. Variety like this would be good though.
  13. Of course, it's never going to add detail, it can only use what data is already in the image but it could still improve things until we can get an artist to create new textures.
  14. There are some very good ideas in this thread, good stuff.