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  1. It would be cool if the radio room became a command room, where the operator got a special map with the position of every friendly unit within a certain range and as said above the status of cp's within the town. The commander could have other cool tools to help organise a town defence, ah we can all dream.
  2. The extra coding would obviously push 1.36 further back, we want to get a first generation into play and then we can look into the possibility of updates as you are suggesting.
  3. Yeah don't get one with on-board graphics only and I would recommend getting one with at least 8gb of RAM.
  4. I challenge anyone to watch that and not end up laughing along with it! Very funny lol
  5. I'm happy if I finish my gaming session with the feeling that I helped my side as best I could.
  6. Have you thought about joining the volunteer CRS team?
  7. No AI should be able to 'see' through things that players can't in my opinion.
  8. I know that you have a great passion for this game, as do many of us but why do you feel that you know better than Xoom and the rest of the senior CRS members, they all want what's best for the game, they all want more players. They do indeed listen to everyone's ideas and opinions (not just those that are currently playing) but no changes are made unless that group of CRS members agree that it's a good move. They don't listen to a couple of loud people on the forum and just change things willy nilly, ideas are brought up and discussed in great detail before anything changes. Everything CRS does is in their opinion the best course for the game, it may not be the same course that you would take but that doesn't make it wrong. You will probably disregard everything I've just written but I felt I needed to say it anyway.
  9. I agree, we really should have an icon for friendly FMS's
  10. Welcome back! I was on last night for the first time in ages, Maca was on, not sure who else still plays.
  11. Does it happen when you spawn in on a raised part of the terrain such as a berm?
  12. If only you could see how much hard work is going on behind the scenes, it's like the old saying about watching a duck gliding across the water and not seeing it's legs paddling away like crazy underneath.
  13. There currently isn't any force being applied, the rag doll just crumples into a heap.
  14. I want to add some force from collisions with moving vehicles and force from being shot to the ragdolls but there are just too many more important jobs to be done :-(
  15. You get access to the units in the list under Medium Armour Pack.