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  1. Nice one Dandare, you are a credit to the game not only in your killing ability but leading the troops too
  2. Such sad news Rest in Peace.
  3. Keep the ideas coming, we do read them.
  4. It's actually hard to tell how difficult something will be until you delve really deep into the code.
  5. The forum is a disheartening place for us CRS volunteers most of the time, we're putting so much time and effort into fixing and improving things behind the scenes, we all wish we had more time to do even more for all of you. We are nearly all players that fell in love with this game and cant bear the thought of it no longer existing. Please stick with us if you can, we're tackling problems one step at a time.
  6. May I ask what forced you away?
  7. Admittedly I don't get to play many online multiplayer games nowadays but every single one that I have played over the years has some sort of wait time between every match/spawn. Why is it not excepted here when the sides are imbalanced?
  8. Love the video!
  9. The bugs and features that require coders like me, generally take a lot of time to investigate and fix, I only get a couple of hours some evenings after my child is in bed, therefore things take weeks or in some cases months to complete. I wish I had more time to fix/add more things quicker but I don't. All the volunteer coders put in as much time as they can. Just remember that there is also a Production team that fix bugs and add features too so half of the work is done by them.
  10. There should be a little tweek to the satchel placing code coming in an update soon, if it passes QA without any problems. If that doesnt help in this situation I'll be after more details so I can take a closer look at what's happening.
  11. No, the Resupply mission thing isn't needed for Garrisons (I'm not sure that it's needed at all for anything) When I originally coded Garrison overstock I allowed it from mobile spawns and from linked depots but it was deemed way too easy, so restrictions were put in.
  12. They go back to their origin Garrison.
  13. It's not neccessarily that we disagree or don't want to do these things, we simply don't have the volunteers to do everything immediately. We also have to work out how stuff works before we can even begin.
  14. I've always thought that you should be able to set a fallback by simply clicking the brigade and clicking a set fallback button, why the old rats coded it the way they did I'm not sure. Do real armies send their troops to a fallback location and then back to the front line so they know where to go.
  15. On my laptop I had to change the way the FN key worked in the bios.