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  1. I'm with you delems but I don't make decisions, you need @XOOM
  2. This would require a huge amount of code changes, we just don't have the time even if we wanted to. You could potentially save the unit for your friend by not cancelling the reserve on the unit until your friend was ready to quickly reserve it for themself. Its not guaranteed to work but it should have a high chance.
  3. I like it as an idea, how much work is involved to make it work, I'm not sure. Variety like this would be good though.
  4. Of course, it's never going to add detail, it can only use what data is already in the image but it could still improve things until we can get an artist to create new textures.
  5. There are some very good ideas in this thread, good stuff.
  6. Dotsie used to be awesome with the ATR's on both sides, he'd spend hours on the training server learning kill spots and angles.
  7. Warping is a bit gamey but it does make for some good inf fights. I'm not against making it easier, I've had to try to explain how to do it do many times over the years. I'm actually working in the area of code responsible right now whilst I'm working on Overstock in 1.36 I'd have to think about how we could make it easier and whether it would be possible without effecting other features such as rtb or Overstock. Another Dev is working on improving the Mobile spawn tick box (don't tell anyone, it's a secret) so it could possibly tie in with that, maybe on the screen where your unit is reserved there could be a button to spawn straight back in again via the depot not the FMS. I'm just thinking out loud, I'm not saying that we are going to do it.
  8. Warping isn't actually a feature, it's a side effect of the way the code was written regarding rtb-ing and reserving your unit so you can spawn back in with it.
  9. We would be able to stop them being placed within X distance of a capture building but that requires coder time and we're flat out on other things at the moment.
  10. Parts of this game use ODE for the physics, I'd like to use it for more physics simulation but whether that will ever happen I don't know.
  11. I could understand this attitude if the people developing this game were being paid but when they are devoting their spare time to this project, doing their best to listen to the majority and improve things, then your attitude has to change. Comments like this make me think f it, I'll use my spare time for something else. Merry Christmas.
  12. Updating our physics simulation is yet another thing that I'd love to have the time to do.
  13. There's been a lot of discussion within CRS about how the country percentages are going to be maintained, Im not sure whether a final decision has been made yet. There's been ideas about the system trying to keep the percentages within the required ranges when towns are captured. There's also the idea of giving HC a certain amount of time to make a change, if HC are forced to flip a country then I wouldn't expect the longer trickle timer to apply, that wouldnt seem fair. Be assured that CRS are giving everything about this plenty of thought, we won't do anything that favours one side more than another.