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  1. This game doesn't use the gpu nor video card ram in any special ways, when this game was written it wasn't really something that was available.
  2. As I asked before and scking asked too, what is the full path to the file? Do you have some special character in your Windows user name that the game is not liking? Is it reading your convergence properly when offline, I must have missed that part?
  3. It's a bit hard to follow but it seems like the game is saving the xml just fine but it's not reading the settings back when you start the game? Then it re-saves the file with everything set back to default.
  4. pbveteran is right in the sense that you have to optimise the calculations that you are doing, if you know 100% that a unit is going to be killed because it is within X distance of the explosion then there is no need to waste processing power throwing frags at it, that doesn't mean that you can't throw frags at the infantry behind it. As a coder you have to optimise things, you don't have endless processing power, you try to optimise in such a way that things appear to the gamer to be working exactly as they should. I'm not saying that we aren't already doing this btw. :-)
  5. Convergence is actually saved in the wwiiol.xml file, that is the file that for some reason isn't being either saved or read or both. Can you open the wwiiol.xml file in any text editor and see whether it has any entries like the following. <value name="convergence.12869" type="long" value="250"/> Then spawn in offline and reset convergence to some random value, close the game down, open the wwiiol.xml file in a text editor again and see if there are any new convergence entries or an existing entry with the new value that you chose above. If nothing has changed then for some reason the game doesn't have access to the wwiiol.xml file.
  6. I've just checked my /..Documents/Battleground Europe folder and it's set to the same as yours @nkelleySo that probably isn't the problem. What is your full path to the Battleground Europe folder, does it contain any special characters?
  7. Btw in programming you have to 'kludge' things to make them appear as near to real life as you can, you can't possibly try to simulate things exactly as they are, computers aren't powerful enough. It's all very well throwing a bazillian frags around but if takes your computer even a 10th of a second to process then it isn't much good for a game.
  8. Did you miss the last part of what I wrote @merlin51? lol
  9. To be fair pbveteran isn't wrong, if you know HE would %100 kill within a certain radius then just kill everything within it, if HE would badly wound anything within a certain radius then do that, then you just throw frags at anything outside of that, it would save on the calculations . One problem could be how you calculate for people behind cover though.
  10. My personal opinion is that software like this should not be allowed. If it changes the way things are displayed on your screen then it could make it easier for you to see enemies.
  11. Sounds like it could be a Windows problem to me. Have you tried searching on the net for the read only issue.
  12. We're flat out on more important things but I too really hope we can schedule this in very soon!
  13. Did you make sure that read only is NOT checked for the folder?
  14. As merlin said, make sure that the folder isn't set to read only.
  15. It could make for a pretty cool strategy type game but it would be a huge amount of work.