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  1. The version that old CRS was working on is still in the code and still works if enabled by a dev, I stumbled across it once when I was working on the code for map related stuff, it needs more work though, it looks pretty ugly.
  2. It's not as simple as that, that would just create an arc where only one point was at the distance you specify, the rest of the arc would get further and further away.
  3. All of that stuff takes a considerable amount of time for a developer to change, they are all flat out with huge workloads so I very much doubt any of it has been changed.
  4. We changed nothing with regard to creating missions, as far as the code is concerned a Garrison is the same as a Brigade, I don't know where this extra step in creating a mission is coming from. I do agree though that mission creation needs to be far simpler in the new UI.
  5. What do you think changed in the mission creation process @dre21?
  6. That's great news DOC
  7. Nice one Dandare, you are a credit to the game not only in your killing ability but leading the troops too
  8. Such sad news Rest in Peace.
  9. Keep the ideas coming, we do read them.
  10. It's actually hard to tell how difficult something will be until you delve really deep into the code.
  11. The forum is a disheartening place for us CRS volunteers most of the time, we're putting so much time and effort into fixing and improving things behind the scenes, we all wish we had more time to do even more for all of you. We are nearly all players that fell in love with this game and cant bear the thought of it no longer existing. Please stick with us if you can, we're tackling problems one step at a time.
  12. May I ask what forced you away?
  13. Admittedly I don't get to play many online multiplayer games nowadays but every single one that I have played over the years has some sort of wait time between every match/spawn. Why is it not excepted here when the sides are imbalanced?
  14. Love the video!
  15. The bugs and features that require coders like me, generally take a lot of time to investigate and fix, I only get a couple of hours some evenings after my child is in bed, therefore things take weeks or in some cases months to complete. I wish I had more time to fix/add more things quicker but I don't. All the volunteer coders put in as much time as they can. Just remember that there is also a Production team that fix bugs and add features too so half of the work is done by them.