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  1. That's game programming for you, you fix one thing and it can have an unforeseen effect on something else.
  2. Does this only happen with this game or could it be a problem with your system?
  3. The in game 'detect controllers' button isn't working in the current version. That doesn't explain the problem that you are having though, the game should detect the controllers as it starts. Can you be sure that this problem started after the last patch or could it have been a couple of patches ago?
  4. Great! Sorry for the inconvenience this caused.
  5. Try going to your mouse properties in Windows and make sure 'Display pointer trails' is NOT ticked. @Kilemall @playtime
  6. Sorry you guys are having this problem. could one of you try copying the mfc140u.dll into the game folder where the .exe is? Don't download it from a website!
  7. Oh yes, you are probably correct.
  8. If the sub really is a months pay in some TZ3 countries then maybe that needs looking into?
  9. Damn thats awful news :-( Rest in peace keysie.
  10. lol That made me nearly choke on my pizza!
  11. I DO use TeamSpeak. Comms is so much easier and faster with it, I can communicate and shoot at the same time! Chatting with people during the moments of no action is great too and often funny. I've mapped a button to mute TeamSpeak audio if I need to, I sometimes do that when listening for footsteps. I've also mapped buttons to raise and lower the TeamSpeak audio, I tend to turn TS volume up when I'm in a vehicle. I use the Overlay that comes with it, so if I don't recognise a voice I can see the name of the person that is talking. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  12. More chat channels would be great. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for re-posting them for us bb. It was great to see buck using his years of 13th inf squad experience and even using the great bob1724's phrase, "sap as one" Great videos, I miss buck.
  14. His base spec PC is more than enough for this game, it really does just require a graphics card but the knock on is that it may mean a bigger case and PSU. Sent from my MotoG3 using Tapatalk
  15. It's hard because only you know what level card you really want and how much you want to pay. I use this site and just choose the highest ranking I can afford and is compatible with my system. Maybe you should just go for the 2Gb version of the one you posted.