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  1. It shouldn't take that long, it's a relatively small install.
  2. He was just talking about on a mac.
  3. I agree with you, the FMS is better than what we had but it's certainly not perfect. It would be good to brainstorm some ideas about how it could be re-worked. I remember talk about daisy-chaining a string of FMS's from the FB to the town, if the forward most FMS was over run (maybe an area capture rather than blowing it up) then that FMS would close and the next one in the string would open.
  4. Great discussion, it's good to hear peoples opinions, it gets the mind thinking about how things may play out.
  5. We care hugely about this game and it's customers, if we didn't we wouldn't be sacrificing time that could be spent with our family in order to keep this thing going and moving forward, all of the coders for this game right now are volunteers, we can't magic more time to fix this problem any quicker than we are. It's unfortunate that some of us have family and work commitments that have come up over the last week or so. We're simply doing our best, we can't do more than that. Thanks for trying the game.
  6. I haven't seen any talk about. I can't actually decide if it would be a bad thing to allow, it could make for some interesting maps.
  7. This is one reason why dynamic mission target is needed.
  8. I'd like to have this ability too.
  9. It'll be the same as it is now but of course it's all open to change in the future.
  10. One thing that you must know @godviniis that the people keeping this game going and keeping it moving forward are volunteers, we give up a few hours a day of our spare time to work on this. As a programmer yourself I'm sure you can imagine what it's like to work with code that's been around for 15 years plus, it's been modified and added to by many different people. The current volunteers are working to understand just how everything ties together and we're doing a bloody good job at that on the whole. No one on the team suffered from this bug so we had no idea it could happen.
  11. There will be a patch coming very soon to fix this, sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. The PC side is a good way to being done, we are waiting for our mac dev to do what needs doing on that side. There's so many things to do but we each can only do one at a time.
  13. This! Rest in Peace JAMMYMAN
  14. I think there is an option somewhere to turn it on and off, Im not near my computer to take look to point you any closer
  15. Both Unity and Unreal use PhysX for their physics but they limit what parameters you can change for the physics objects which is why games made with them tend to 'feel' the same.
  16. When you are so underpop that you can barely get out of any spawn point without being mowed down then the game stops being fun, that's how it's been a lot for me lately on the Allied side. Something has to be done about it otherwise we are just losing more and more players.
  17. It would be cool if the radio room became a command room, where the operator got a special map with the position of every friendly unit within a certain range and as said above the status of cp's within the town. The commander could have other cool tools to help organise a town defence, ah we can all dream.
  18. The extra coding would obviously push 1.36 further back, we want to get a first generation into play and then we can look into the possibility of updates as you are suggesting.
  19. Yeah don't get one with on-board graphics only and I would recommend getting one with at least 8gb of RAM.
  20. I challenge anyone to watch that and not end up laughing along with it! Very funny lol
  21. I'm happy if I finish my gaming session with the feeling that I helped my side as best I could.
  22. Have you thought about joining the volunteer CRS team?
  23. No AI should be able to 'see' through things that players can't in my opinion.
  24. I know that you have a great passion for this game, as do many of us but why do you feel that you know better than Xoom and the rest of the senior CRS members, they all want what's best for the game, they all want more players. They do indeed listen to everyone's ideas and opinions (not just those that are currently playing) but no changes are made unless that group of CRS members agree that it's a good move. They don't listen to a couple of loud people on the forum and just change things willy nilly, ideas are brought up and discussed in great detail before anything changes. Everything CRS does is in their opinion the best course for the game, it may not be the same course that you would take but that doesn't make it wrong. You will probably disregard everything I've just written but I felt I needed to say it anyway.
  25. I agree, we really should have an icon for friendly FMS's