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  1. On 11/11/2019 at 7:07 PM, delems said:


    Pretty sure we can easily test the range on FMS?   Limit it to no further than origin to target distance.

    Then no MS behind towns anymore.


    It's not as simple as that, that would just create an arc where only one point was at the distance you specify, the rest of the arc would get further and further away.

  2. 18 hours ago, kgarner said:

    ..... iono......... when you play this game for 12 hours a day for some months you start to get a pretty good feel for things

    .... Like how the mp40 dispersion spread is at least 30% more than the last campaign?

    .... or how a smaller % of OP player numbers trigger higher sd and cap timers since last week?

    ..... or many months ago a p3h could kill a mattys gunner no problem at 800M....... now only within 3 to 400 M maybe

    But alas

    conspiracy theories abound!

    All of that stuff takes a considerable amount of time for a developer to change, they are all flat out with huge workloads so I very much doubt any of it has been changed.

  3. The forum is a disheartening place for us CRS volunteers most of the time, we're putting so much time and effort into fixing and improving things behind the scenes, we all wish we had more time to do even more for all of you.

    We are nearly all players that fell in love with this game and cant bear the thought of it no longer existing.

    Please stick with us if you can, we're tackling problems one step at a time.

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  4. 5 hours ago, theegenthc said:

    I had to grab some popcorn while reading this thread :)

    People play video games for entertainment and when it turns into a job you start to dislike it.

    This pretty much summed up High Command, Running a Squad and trying to get players to actually do stuff properly at critical moments. Sure sometimes things went great with little effort and other times you basically were left doing all the dirty work to get the job done because nobody would do it because there was no one else or they were off doing something not as important as the most important thing needing to be done at that very moment to slowly bit by bit win a Campaign. All for the entertainment of the playerbase. Nobody knows the effort put in unless you actually did it for the enjoyment of others. Nothing is more fulfilling.

    The worse aspect has always been the lack of players, when you have enough this game is great like 15+ years ago when you barely have anyone online it's not worth playing at all.

    "You reap what you sow" comes to mind.

    ~ Me along with many others were forced to leave a game we loved. The question is, was it for the better? 


    May I ask what forced you away?

  5. 3 hours ago, ian77 said:

    I wish we could have real bugs/problems fixed rather than just making attacking and sustaining an AO that much harder.  Or the dozens of new towns we have never fought in and probably will never fight in. The god-awful spawnlists from "The Hardest Campaign Ever" that seems to have lost us so many players.

    How about fixing the engine audio bug?

    The satchel audio/no explosion at FB audio bug?

    The UI to make setting missions easier?

    The audit of Air Craft damage models?

    Spawn in green button bug?

    Supposedly we have a great physics engine but a 232 or opel when it collides with a tiger will send the tiger spinning off the road!!  A tracked tank bounces up and down uncontrollably!


    Any chance of these being "fixed"?


    If you want to help the flyboys how about the rain/grey skies and fish bowl? I don't fly but I hear lots of complaints from fliers about these - very few requests (none actually) to be able to bomb the Veh Spawn at an FB.

    I know the RATS are volunteers and god love them for it, but we seem to be fixing things that dont need fixing, and ignoring long term bugs.


    S! Ian 

    The bugs and features that require coders like me, generally take a lot of time to investigate and fix, I only get a couple of hours some evenings after my child is in bed, therefore things take weeks or in some cases months to complete. I wish I had more time to fix/add more things quicker but I don't. All the volunteer coders put in as much time as they can.

    Just remember that there is also a Production team that fix bugs and add features too so half of the work is done by them.

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  6. 14 hours ago, Kilemall said:

    So would setting the mission to Resupply take care of that?

    No, the Resupply mission thing isn't needed for Garrisons (I'm not sure that it's needed at all for anything)

    When I originally coded Garrison overstock I allowed it from mobile spawns and from linked depots but it was deemed way too easy, so restrictions were put in. 

  7. I've always thought that you should be able to set a fallback by simply clicking the brigade and clicking a set fallback button, why the old rats coded it the way they did I'm not sure.

    Do real armies send their troops to a fallback location and then back to the front line so they know where to go.

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  8. Reading some of the comments in here makes it hard for me not to swear. 

    Remember we are all volunteers doing our best to keep this game moving  forward, believe it or not we have jobs, we have families, we have lives away from here.

    Step up, join us, help test things or even create models, textures or fix bugs in the code.

    It's so easy to just sit in the forum complaining about everything, put yourself in the volunteers position and think about how he or she might feel reading your comments after giving up their own time.

    Everyone has an opinion on how x y z should work, should the game be changed just to make you happy?

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  9. It saddens me just how many people see the other side as not only the enemy in game but their enemy in life, I wish more people would realise that we are one big community of WWIIOL fans.

    If you've never tried the other side for at least a campaign, please do, not only will you see that the grass isn't greener over there but the players are human too!

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