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  1. WWIIOL Community to the rescue! Man, I lub you guys.
  2. THAT is one SWEET system. Tad expensive - you could build it yourself for much cheaper, but if you are looking for a name brand with warranty, etc, then you cant go wrong with that rig. Of course, if you keep your 20" LCD Monitor, you can drop the price below your $3500.00. UberMan P.S. Dont drop any ram (as suggested in an earlier post). I would get a cheaper video card before doing that.
  3. Boing. Lost this one...
  4. I'll check when I get home tonight. Incidentally, twice I have tried to update using MSI LiveUpdate, and twice been forced to use the emergency recovery disk (that I thankfully created). I wont try it again. It did work for me ONCE, the first time... UberMan
  5. Yes, me. Same Mobo: MSI K8T Neo-FIS2R running an Athlon 64 3000+. Got an ATI X800XL 256 card. I CTD randomly within minutes of spawning. Harddrive is recently defragged, but I havent done any tweaking in a while. I will do that and try again.... UberMan