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  1. Started playing in Fall of 2008, original gamertag was freeland. Played off and on throughout the years with a few months between. Spent some time in the Axis HC as an infantry and then FJ officer. Last I played was in September of 2013. I've been running with Windhund for quite some time now. Axis for life.
  2. Just an FYI, this topic would go into the barracks or maybe a misc topic thread, not the Community Support. Comm. Support is for computer issues with the game As for your question, I believe it's not updated because they've no one who currently works to write it. It's a volunteer program through CRS, if I'm right.
  3. I'm sure his response would simply be laughter. Epic thread btw!
  4. 20 fps? ur lucky, i only get a single number FPS and i dont know wat to do to get it up, last night it messed me up tryn to kill a ET. ne ideas on wat to do?
  5. i was just wonderin how i could lower my not sure wat all to change and i dont wanna screw ne thing up ne suggestions?