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  1. I reinstalled FULL version after getting home seemed to be ok but on the first screen it just hangs and you cant click to select what side you are on just frozen. have unsubbed until this matter is resolved.
  2. you wont get money back as you agree to no refunds on agreeing to play the game. I'm stopping my sub until this matter is resolved and there's nothing stopping you doing that.
  3. see this post http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=276945 regarding registry issue. wow it just gets better and better and better
  4. I have had to retreat on the issue to go to work, but will try it again when I get home tonight. If that fails I will uninstall and reinstall the package. question though am I able to save or export my keymappings? Don't fancy having to resetup all those keys and joystick combi's.
  5. showing campaign up but once launches black screen and drops to desktop! greeeeeaatttt!
  6. exactly the same message I have here. showing both servers - campaign and training offline.