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  1. It was the "Adaptive Anti-Aliasing" that caused my problem.
  2. Fixed it Disabled my "Catalyst A.I." and my "Adaptive Anti-Aliasing" on my vid card. I also turned on my "triple buffering" and "Wait for vertical refresh". I think it was the A.I. that did it. I saw in another post that people would lock up on the game map. Turning the A.I. off fixed the lock up. I will turn my Adaptive Anti-Aliasing and the others back on and see how it works. Also as a side note when I turned vert-sync on in game I could not load the game. It would show the load screen and CTD as soon as it loaded. Only way to fix that was uninstall and reinstall.
  3. I have an AMD Athlon II X4620 Quad core with a ATI Radeon HD 4600 vid card running win7. I get 60+ FPS looking everywhere but at a town. I have changed every setting in the game and nothing. I get the same effect online and off. Zooming in also makes my FPS drop. Anyone have any ideas? My 5 year old rig got better FPS.
  4. Yeah sounds about right. I remember reading or seeing somewhere that the average WWII grut on a 4 year tour who lived through it only saw like 6 mounths of actual combat time total. In Nam the same guy would see a year and a half or something like that. It was a big difference.
  5. No there are no mothballed horses. It is actualy cheaper to use cars then it is horses (well maybe not with gas prices now lol). I think there was a movie about this. I never saw it but it was about the thousands of horses the army was going to get rid of after WWII. They had Thousands and were going to kill them I think and a man either bought them or bought some or something like that. Like I said I never saw it and never really wanted to.
  6. I got a quetsion for Major Lindermann. Ask him if he knows of any tanks killed or penetrated by fighter planes bullets. I really hope you would ask him this so maybe we can put to rest the question always in the motor pool and hanger. I'm sorry if he looks at you like your from mars when you ask him.
  7. What about field conversions. What kind did they usually do to their tank's? Also what about paint. I have heard that they sometimes ended up with odd colors cause paint was hard to find and sometimes would rub mud on their tanks to help cover up the paint.
  8. Tzulscha great post. Does the Maj. have any "reality is stranger then fiction stories"? I thought Tigers had shipping treads and combat treads. Did they every change them, when and why? Tell the Major he has my respect for going through hell and sharing with us all his knowledge.
  9. Look find someone who paints cars. That would be your best bet. My advise would be to strip the paint off and any rust should be taken down to the metal. After that a coat of sealer, then a coat of epoxy primer, and then your final coat of paint. You will have to move the tank to a paint booth cause you can't paint outside. This is not like painting your house and it will be more time and money then you think. Just so you know it cost about $3,000 to paint a car. A tank is bigger then a car so maybe around $4,000 to $5,000 maybe more. I saw these guys with paint brushes painting a tank at a local VFW. I just shook my head. A year later the rust was back.
  10. Yeah I rolled back and even tried my original drivers still nothing. Wish it was as simple as that next thing is just to wipe the game and try to reinstall it.
  11. Yeah my system is only 6 mounths old and have firewall, spayware, and all that happy crap. only have WWIIONLINE and 2 other games on it and have all newest drivers. I even defrag my harddrive when I need to and still crapy FPS. Again this all started with the last patch I was getting great FPS before.
  12. I have BAD lag. My FPS are in the single digits since last patch. I have: AMD Athlon 2.8 Radeon 9600 256 MB 512 DDR RAM (I know I could use another 512) CRS just got their money so I guess I'm stuck for another mounth. If this doesn't get better I'm out. Can anyone tell me WTF is up with my FPS?