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  1. Thank you
  2. Heard about this game while playing Chain of Command by 2am, forgot what group I was with but remember RangerX who was our CO. I pre ordered the game and waited till it showed at 11am that morning. Took me a full 24 hours to get the download on that dial-up connection and that big 32Mb vid card I had. I played till 2003 and another game came out and I bailed on this one. Came back once a year to check it out but never hung around for more then a few months. Found myself pvping in every game I played and kept saying this was the ultimate pvp battle, so I came back earlier this year. I have been back now for 3 months and have enjoyed every day of it. Great community and am glad to be back.
  3. Sign up Paden for 47th Division (Calais Area) Infantry