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  1. This was the nudge i needed to unsub guys i havent played in a quite a while but didnt mind supporting you guys on a month to month basis but being forced to sign up for a plan or pay more when i was only helping keep the game goin is more than i can do,, its been real.
  2. when i oc'ed mine i read of people going as high as 1.5v and up but i never dared to, highest i went was 1.45xxv ish but it didnt help anything past about 1.4, i ended up clocking down to 3.6 with 1.325v the diffence between 3.6 ghz and 3.8ghz wasnt worth the huge v jump to make it stable imho. *edit i have the 550 x2 unlocked to a x4 which is generally supposed to need about 1.45v to run the extra cores but mine didnt even oc'ed to 3.6ghz
  3. what about the vid card temps? i have noticed on the last few nvidia cards i have used that the fans are set low so as a fix i used rivatuna (sp) to set the fans higher on bootup.
  4. exact same thing just happened to me,,
  5. do a registry sweep and clean the old left over files out it worked for me i had same problem.
  6. A quick point, i manually uninstalled everything before downloading the new version and when i began to install it i kept getting and error that it could not install because it couldnt locate the playgate uninstall program after several tries i eventually did a registry sweep and cleaned out some left over files and that did the trick.
  7. checked sticky keys and they arnt enabled, i uninstalled wmp in the windows remove programs but i dont think you can fully uninstall it in windows xp home but while uninstalled if i press the key the box come up to install it again, im at a total loss its a silly but most annoying little problem tommorrow ill hook another keyboard up to try it. biff.
  8. hey gnasche, thanks for your reply but i checked the properties and it says there are no shortcut keys assigned so i tryed to make one and still nothing changed also i dont have it set to quick launch its always off at startup or any other time unless i turn it on. the how to create a shortcut key even says "Press the keyboard combination that you want to use to start the program. The shortcut combination must consist of one character (a letter, number, or symbol) plus at least two of the following three keys: CTRL, ALT, and SHIFT." which seems odd seeing as its just my left ctrl key!! maybe my keyboards fried, anyway thanks again for the reply. biff.
  9. ok this isnt exactly game related but its getting me killed too often, for some reason unknown to me my "left ctrl" key decided to somehow map itself to my windows media player now everytime i find myself in a sticky situation and am fiddling for my key bam up pops my windows media player anyother key on the board no biggie but this one is right there in the way, ive looked at the windows media player options but cant find anywhere where i can change this or in any of my keyboard settings. ive uninstalled my keyboard and windows media player and reinstalled them without any luck, i know someone out there knows exactly the simple fix for this heh, biff.